Stretches for Women Who Sit on Their Butts All Day

August 1, 2012 at 9:06 am , by

Let’s take a quick break from the sitting-will-kill-us-all stories* and deal with the fact that spending most of the day on your butt is just plain uncomfortable. It’s brutal on your lower back, which you’ve probably already learned the hard way. But that’s not the only body part that suffers when you’re sedentary. Here’s how to soothe some of the achiest areas.

Sore spot #1: Your hip flexors and hamstrings
Sitting creates tension in your hips and the back of your thighs (ouch), which can pull your back out of alignment (mega-ouch.)

The fixes
Hips: Kneeling hip flexor stretch
Hamstrings: Hamstring stretch series
Both: Happy Baby

Sore Spot #2: Your (entire) back
Unless you’re one of the rare people with flawless posture, you probably hunch over your desk while you work. The result: a weak, overstretched back that’s practically begging for an injury. To protect yourself, focus on strengthening your upper and lower back.

The fixes
Lower back: Superwoman
Upper back: Shoulder blade squeeze

Sore spot #3: Your chest
The other consequence of serial slouching? Tight pecs and rounded shoulders, which give you that not at all coveted “hunchback” look (technical term: kyphosis.)

The fixes
Standing chest opener
Cobra pose

* Why is too much sitting dangerous to your health? This piece sums it up.