Back to School Shopping for Grownups

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I haven’t technically had a first day of school in 10 years but that doesn’t stop me from going back to school shopping. I like to come back from Labor Day with some fresh new clothes, which in elementary school was maybe a new white t-shirt, black leggings and maybe a new multiples outfit, if I was lucky. But it’s important even for adults to start a new season off right. Here’s my grownup shopping list for “back to school” season.

Uniform:  It’s always good to have some great go-to pieces that create a stylish look. For me, I always fall back on skinny jeans and a blazer. This year, I’m going to continue my collegiate look but update the black blazer I’ve had for 9 years with a new navy one. Grabbing a dress or two is never a bad idea too, because they work for September when it’s still warm out and with tights all fall long. Think about getting some trendy pieces to mix in with your basics (check out our September fashion story for some ideas).

Staples:  Don’t forget the little things you use every day. You know, pencils, pens and erasers… or in our case: bras, undies, tights and socks. Now’s the time to stock up for the season.

Book Bag: As someone who does not usually rock a backpack except for a sweet photo op (yes I know my back would prefer it), I’m big fan of a classic brown leather bag. But these colorful bags are fun too and make me want to happily skip to class.

Shoes: Although strappy pumps and studded slippers are on my list, it’s this season’s sensible yet cool flat ankle boots that have me doodling hearts and stars.

Accessories: Spiked edgy jewelry, colorful and crystal mixed pieces and anything art deco-esque will keep you at the cool table at lunch.

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