Featured Book Club – New York City

September 28, 2012 at 2:27 pm , by

Book club at its most basic is already a great time – diving into a delicious read over wine and snacks with good friends (with breaks in between for gabbing about other things, of course). But if you’re ready to take your meetings to the next level, take a note from this club in New York City. These gals truly value their book club friendships and know how to have fun. Plus, they have matching T-shirts! Adorable!

Is there anything special you do for each meeting or on occasion?
“We meet at a different member’s apartment each month. Whoever is hosting sends out an email with suggestions for snacks and wine for other the members to bring. Wine and cheese (and dessert!) are a must!

Also, once a year, we have book club mixer—when each member is allowed to bring a guest (boy or girl) to our meeting. That’s twice the attendance, twice the wine, and twice the opinions! It’s always a lively one!  We also have an annual book club sleepover. We don’t exactly discuss a book (okay, we don’t at all), but we all get together, play games, and have an old-fashioned slumber party at a member’s apartment. Another highlight of being in the club!” - Jillian Wohlfarth

What’s your favorite book you’ve read together and why?
“Some of my personal favorites (because of the books themselves and our discussions of them) include The Dive from Clausen’s Pier, Bel Canto, Amy and Isabelle, The Dogs of Babel, and Zeitoun. I love when girls leave a meeting thinking differently about a book after our discussion.”- Jennifer Director

“We’ve had a lot good ones through the years, but I have to say my favorite book was Zeitoun by Dave Eggers. It’s about a family that survives Hurricane Katrina. I actually didn’t have time to read the book in time for our meeting, but was so moved by our discussion that I went out and bought it the next day!” – Danielle Rabin

Everyone’s super busy these days. Why is it important to you to make time to read and then get together?
 “This group of girls has become more than just a book club – we’re friends. I like having something to keep me on top of reading and enjoy our good conversations about the books we read, but I also count on book club as a place to share and celebrate/vent about life updates, learn from everyone else who are far more versed in pop culture than me, give advice, and laugh.” – Katie Dunn

“That’s just it. We’re all so busy. So it’s so important to make time for friends and stimulating discussion. My girlfriends are my biggest support system and release in the city, and knowing that I get to see them, chat, and learn from (and about them) once a month is a must. I look forward to book club every month, it’s always so bolstering. We’re lucky to have girls from all different industries, relationship statuses, families, etc. — so our book discussions are always full of great perspectives and insights. It’s also really nice to take focus off of work and enjoy some personal reading time. Book club ensures that I make pleasure reading a priority.” - Jillian Wohlfarth

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