You Deserve This: Win a Necklace from Moon and Lola

October 1, 2012 at 9:00 am , by

There’s truly no gift better than something personalized — whether you’re the giver or the receiver. And we’re especially loving this modern take on the monogrammed necklace. Moon and Lola has designed an acrylic laser-cut pendant that’s available in 23 different colors. We’re partial to the green, tortoise and antique gold but don’t let us sway you —  pick out your own!

And you could be one of the 10 lucky winners but you can’t win if you don’t enter! To enter to win a necklace from Moon and Lola,  just leave a comment below.

Good luck!

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316 Responses to “You Deserve This: Win a Necklace from Moon and Lola”

  1. Cool necklace – I’d love to win one and love aqua or purple!!!

  2. any shade of blue would be fantastic to wear with all my outfits!

  3. I would love to win this and give it to my daughter in ANY color!!!

  4. Why is it that the women get all the good stuff?
    The magazines for women have better articals that are useful than most of the men’s. Well maybe Playboy has some good “articals”. You know you might need to know how to wire up a stero system with a dozen speakers and have it set on a record mode for just a perticulas TV show.
    But all and all the Lady’s Home Journal has some stuff you can use. Not everything but once in a while I read something interesting.

  5. Such a cool update on a great classic! And what a great gift! Christmas will be here before we know it!

  6. My initials would look good !

  7. This would be a good accessory to add pop & color to an outfit.

  8. I like the sculptural look of the piece. It’s like a unique piece of art. Very modern interpretation of a monogram. Love it!

  9. I love necklaces, and I like the green one.

  10. Blue or antique gold are both great colors. It gives a fresh look to any outfit.

  11. LOVE this classic and very cool necklace!

  12. For many, many years I never had the occasion to wear jewelry, due to my job. But, about 6 years ago I got back into church and went nuts buying dresses, heels & jewelry. This would make a beautiful piece to add to my collections. Unfortunately, I’m never lucky enough to win stuff. Oh well…
    Love your magazine!! Keep up the great work!

  13. Love the necklace. I wish you had pictures of th e different colors.

  14. What a unique necklace, would love to own one

  15. Very unique necklace. Would love to give it to my daughter.


  17. Love monogram anything! I would totally get this in grey – my new favorite neutral!

  18. <3 this! What a statement piece!

  19. Love the various font styles and colors….the statement necklace for this season.

  20. Great bold look.

  21. I would love to get this necklace made with the initials of my soon-to-come baby – due in just a few weeks!

  22. great necklace i would love to win one for my little girl she wanted a necklace like this but i couldn’t buy it plz let me win it plz it does not matter what color it is just plz think about her when u pick

  23. This would be a perfect gift for my sixteen year old daughter. She would go nuts!

  24. Nice contest…this is a different necklace with a lot of appeal…I’m wishing myself luck!!

  25. What a unique look – I think it would be awesome in tortoise to wear with fall sweaters.

  26. I would love to give this necklace to my oldest daughter. I knew she would love it the minute I saw it, and the LHJ pictured her intitials -Awesome! Her favorite color is turquiose. Thanks.

  27. I would love to win the necklace!!

  28. Love at first sight! I basically NEED one of these.

  29. My granddaughter would love one in pink or yellow!

  30. I love this necklace!

  31. Pick me! I love it!

  32. I really like this necklace. Has a chinese feel to it.

  33. I’ve been wanting this necklace for months. I hope I win!!!!

  34. Love this modern take on a monogrammed necklace!

  35. I so love the necklace ,Lola and moon good job 2 u

  36. Beautiful necklace!!! would love to have one!

  37. I love personalized items!

  38. I would love to win one of Moon and Lola’s gorgeous necklaces. Love them all!

  39. Love all of your merchandise! Coming to Raleigh this Friday and definitely coming to check out your store. Monogrammed neckave is awesome!!!

  40. So love the monograms and all the color choices. I would have one in every color if I could!!!!!!

  41. would love to win this!!

  42. I would love to win a clear or navy block monogram necklace!

  43. These necklaces are so so fabulous! Please let one be mine :)

  44. Ohhhhh you know you’re from North Carolina when you monogram everything! I’m in love with these monogramed necklaes from M&L!

  45. Love Moon and Lola and this necklace!!

  46. Love Moon & Lola…Love this necklace…would be thrilled to win. I have a different necklace from them & I get a million compliments every time I wear it. I work below their Downtown Apex, NC store, it is so hard not to give them my every paycheck.

  47. I would LOVE to have this necklace!! Please pick me! :)

  48. I love Moon and Lola and would LOVE to win a necklace!!!!!! ;)

  49. Love M&L!

  50. I would love to win this necklace. I love Moon and Lola.

  51. I love these necklaces! I would LOVE anything in purple!!

  52. I love Moon and Lola jewelry and would really love to win one of the necklaces! :D

  53. I do love monograms! If I would monogram everything I own, I probably would :)

  54. I want mine in red!

  55. I’ve been dying to get one of these…been eyeballing them for months. I absolutely love them, so sophisticated and classy. The tortoise or fushia are gorgeous colors.

  56. Love this necklace, would love to win one!

  57. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I’ve been lusting after this necklace for MONTHS !! <3 it!!

  58. I love Moon and Lola! I was saving for a gold one and had to use the money toward replacing the tires on my car. What an unsatisfying purchase that was! Pick me please! :)

  59. I love these!! I want to win!!

  60. This is fabulous! They have super cute jewelry!

  61. I love this necklace, have been eyeballing it for months, but something always comes up when I have the funds to buy it!! They are so elegant and classy, and I loooove that it is personalized. The fushia, purple, and tortoise are so pretty.

  62. Love, Love, Love, this necklace!!!!

  63. Would love this with my daughters initials.

  64. I would love this with my daughters initials.

  65. I love Moon & Lola and would love to win one of their gorgeous necklaces!

  66. There isn’t one piece of jewelry in their line that I do not like. Would love another necklace!!!

  67. Gorgeous! & I love this blog!

  68. Great blog. Great necklace. Doesn’t get much better! I would love one! :)

  69. Thanks for the chance!

  70. Moon and Lola is the best. Every time I wear a piece of their jewelery I receive compliments! Love how the earings are nice and light weight. I recommend Moon and Lola to anyone!

  71. Love this necklace in any color!! Fingers crossed!

  72. I would LOVE Love LOVE to win a necklace from this super cute company! I would be just over the moon happy, I have admired moon & Lola for quite sometime but just have had such a hard time deciding which style and color I would want most. Soooo e best thing ever would be to win a piece that the designer would like to showcase! I sure do hope I win! Thanks!

  73. Do you know how much my cute factor would soar in this necklace? Forget great lashes…..I need this amazing necklace!

  74. Would love to win! Pahleaseeeeee!

  75. I would like to gift myself for my honeymoon trip!

  76. I love this necklace, and it would be amazing to win it :) I have another necklace from Moon and Lola and always get compliments when I wear it, I would love to add this one to my monogram necklace collection!

  77. Ahhhh! I’ve been wanting one of these monogram necklaces forever. They are classic and whimsical!

  78. my daughter loves the one she got as a gift….now it’s my turn!! these necklaces are brilliant!

  79. I have wanted on of these classic monogram necklaces forever! Of course, my favorite magazine is offering this contest. Go Ladies Home Journal and Moon and Lola!!!

  80. I would love to win one of these necklaces! So cute & stylish!

  81. I absolutely loveeee these necklaces! They are so cute.

  82. I have been wanting a Moon & Lola necklace but $ always goes to needs over wants. I luv the orange color + the colors LHJ suggests! I so hope I win!!

  83. I’ve been looking at these for quite a while and would love one in memory of my nephew.

  84. Really great design, just love this necklace.

  85. Would love to win this for my daughter!

  86. I would love to win this necklace, since splurging on myself is not usually in the budget!

  87. This necklace is awesome. It is very creative and I would love this piece of art…

  88. Looks like an awesome necklace.

  89. I liked the look of the necklace the first time I saw it. Would love to win one!!

  90. what a beautiful necklace.

  91. My best friend told me about these necklaces & said they were really hot right now. Since I have two daughters-in-law, I guess the necklace would have to be for me if I was lucky enough to win! The tortoise color would be great. Thanks for the chance!

  92. I would love to win a pink or antique gold one! Being from the South, we will put our monogram on anything!

  93. LOVE it!!

  94. Great gift for my daughter who loves everything monogrammed!

  95. absolutely love it.

  96. I have never had anything monogrammed and will wear it proudly. I too am partial to purple. thank you.

  97. Great necklace for a casual look. I would love one.

  98. It’s a beautiful necklace and I’d like to win it.

  99. Antique Gold

  100. My first name lends itself to this necklace. I would like to see it in blue.

  101. My sister is pregnant, and she loved this monogrammed necklace, Her favorite color is pink! do you have them in pink?

  102. Love it, my grandmother had one just like this when I was growing up, I always wanted one, her favorite color is blue! Would love to have a matching one to hers.

  103. love the antique!

  104. I haven’t not bought any monogram items since I got married. I would love to have this.

  105. unique!

  106. I love this necklace! I think it’d look great in tortoiseshell or hot pink!

  107. Pick ME! Pick ME! Pick ME! Pleeeeeeze!

  108. I would love to win this beautiful necklace!

  109. I would love to win this for my daughter. She would just love it!

  110. Looks awesome,thinking aqua or hot pink

  111. I love anything with monogramming on it and I really love this necklace. Would love it in either Black or Red, my favorite colors. I think white would be a beautiful color as well!! Hope I win!!

  112. I would love to win one of these new modern personalized necklaces.

  113. Beautiful! Classic and modern at the same time!

  114. I think the necklace is very nice . I’m sure whoever
    wins it will love and enjoy wearing it.

  115. What an awesome necklace! It would be perfect for me since I just returned to my original name! Love it!

  116. I would LOVE to win this necklace!!!! It’s sooo gorg!

  117. My daughter loves her monogram — this would be a great addition to her Christmas stocking!!

  118. Very nice necklace.

  119. A great personalised jewellery.I would love to get it in antique gold shade.Interesting and a different concept.also, stylish too

  120. I love Moon and Lola and this necklace is just as described — modern and beautiful!

  121. I LOVE the more modern design on the classic monogram! Also totally digging the Shop’s name “Moon and Lola” -super sweet. Antique gold for me please :)

  122. What a unique, colorful necklace.

  123. Great idea, I have always had something monogramed
    growing up, from a charm bracklet and even a ring,
    this is so retro!!! I’m loving it already!
    antique gold would be stunning.

  124. Beautiful necklace! Even more beautiful with my initials!

  125. Yes, please! Love anything monogram!

  126. Love it! Just saw it in this month’s issue-happy to see the contest on Twitter.

  127. I love it! My favorite is the turquoise!

  128. I love this monogrammed necklace. I’m already envisioning what mine will look like! Hope I get lucky!

  129. I love this jade green initial necklace.

  130. As a new mom, I’d love a treat for me :)

  131. I’m in Nursing school, and with so many “uniform requirements”, I would LOVE to have such a unique “legal”, gorgeous necklace to retain some of my individuality…Of course, I think you would have a surge of orders from my classmates! Ha!!! Good luck to me.

  132. The letter font modernizes the feel of the classic monogram, and the chain amps up the volume! I want one!

  133. Amazing pieces. Exciting contest. Great idea!

  134. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  135. AbFab! Classic, contemporary, gorgeous.

  136. would love to win ! would be a great christmas gift for my daughter !! thank you!!

  137. Wow ~ Love ~ Classic ~ Good Luck Charm

  138. OOOH, pretty!

  139. I would love to win this!

  140. Would love to win this. It is an elegant piece!!!!

  141. Very cute…

  142. would love to have it

  143. Very cool! Would make a nice gift!

  144. Absolutely LOVE it.

  145. Such a classic idea. This is a beautiful necklace.

  146. I so need one of these!!!

  147. Would love to have a necklace in turquoise , love the piece a lot ,very cool ….

  148. I would be honored to have any color! This tired mommy hasn’t gotten a gift in years, ok, other than my two adorable toddlers. Thanks!

  149. What a beautiful design! I would use my sons’ initials for the letters, I think.

  150. I would love to wear this.

  151. very cool , I love Turquiose would make a nice gift for this new mommy but would love it in my sons intials and would need two for a close friend that adopted her baby to us so we could be parents …

  152. Sooo cute!!

  153. it’s beautiful…my moms name is Lola and I would love to give this to her…I want one to

  154. Really cute.. Would be so pretty in purple or light pink. :-)

  155. I would love the tortoise color; it’s such a smart design.

  156. Would love to win this for my niece for xmas!!!!

  157. My daughter’s 16th birthday is November 17th. What a great present this would make!

  158. I would love to win this! A really pretty design.

  159. What a gorgeous necklace! the green and gold combination! is also a favorite of mine! love, love, love Moon! what a great gift ! WOW! lovely!


  161. Gorgeous!

  162. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I win this and I love the green!

  163. I would love this necklace.

  164. Wow! This is certainly a unique piece of jewellery! It sort of has a retro look and feel about it! I love it!

  165. love different stuff this fits the bill

  166. Really cool necklace! Would be sharp in black!


  168. Would love this, classy not flashy.

  169. beautiful…make perfect gift for future daughter in-law

  170. What a perfect necklace for my daughter!

  171. It’s beautiful!

  172. Hope to win! Love it.

  173. My 15 year old niece would love this necklace!

  174. Such an unusual necklace

  175. I love personalized items!

  176. I would LOVE one of these necklaces, I would love even more to get matching ones for my sister and I!!!!!

  177. I love the necklace. So different, yet retro. I’d really like to wear one and show it off! PLEASE pick me!

  178. Fun and Fabulous! I luv accessories! :) LHJ and M & L are the best! :)

  179. I saw this in the November LHJ issue and instantly loved it!

  180. I love THESE! I have seen them before but with a hubby overseas and me recently unemployed there is no way this fits into my budget..I would love to have in any style or color!!Very classy but yet with a modern touch!

  181. Its a beautiful jade like necklace. I love the green color.

  182. Omg! I would LOVEEEEE to win! I really want to display my new initials after my wedding.. would absolutely wear at the reception! :)

  183. please please pleaseeee pick me! I want one of these so badly!

  184. All so many great colors and styles! I would proud wear my everyday!

  185. What a beautiful necklace. I would love to win it.

  186. Chics love jewelry!

  187. I had a monogram necklace as a teenager and loved it. I don’t know what happened to it. I would love to have another with my married initials.

  188. Love the monogrammed initials idea

  189. Great looking necklace!

  190. I love this necklace!

  191. This is very cool – I’ve never had a monogram and would love this one! Please pick me :)

    Thanks in advance, and I love LHJ!

  192. My daughter would love this as a gift, she loves jewelry!

  193. EVERYTHING in the South is monogrammed, and my UNC daughter would LOVE to have this necklace in pink! I am eyeing the 14kt gold one in script for me!

  194. Very pretty!

  195. After waiting 35 years for one son and 36 years for another to find a wife – I have two new daughter-in-laws this year!!! I would love to win one (or two ???) necklaces to give to one of them. I’ve been shopping enough with both of them to know their styles and know either one would love one of these monogrammed necklaces; and, who knows, might help me not be one of the dreaded “mother-in-laws”!!!

  196. Very classic. Would love to own one.

  197. I love your monogram jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. initals look awesome for this round monogram…I want it! I’ll have to tell Santa to put one in my stocking if I don’t win!

  199. The Irish in me calls to this beautiful piece! If lucky?

  200. I absolutely love this retro monogram….it’s a classic and would go with everything I own ;)

    Please choose me!

    Thanks so much in advance.

    Hugs Sharon

  201. I love this for my daughter in lawp

  202. Woul love for daughter in law

  203. Love this and would really love to win! Thanks!!

  204. Love this monogram necklace

  205. modern and classic- my favorite combination!

  206. Please please please pick me, I have been wanting one for months! Hope it looks ok with just two letters, my parents didn’t give me a middle name.

  207. My 9 month old will love to chew on this when I wear it!!

  208. Monograms are so special and elegant. I like the idea of passing it down through generations. This necklace is unique and modern…not your average monogram!

  209. A new twist on a classic. love the update!

  210. What a fun necklace! My daughter and I have same initials, so we could share, maybe.:)

  211. Very cool!! Pick me!!!

  212. Would love to give one of these to my wife. It would be a great gift to a wonderful wife and mother.

  213. This is my first time reading LHJ, and how lucky that I found a great contest and cool giveaway like this! I hope I’m a winner!

  214. Always enjoy reading LHJ. First time entering contest though.
    I would love to win something with my initials since my grand-
    Children call me G.G.

  215. What a sharp looking necklace. Thanks for an opportunity.

  216. love to win the necklace

  217. Would love to win one! Would be a great way to add some bold colors this winter with staples like brown or black! Especially, for a teacher’s wardrobe!

  218. I like nothing better than jewelery. This necklace is classy and expensive looking. Can visualize my initials

  219. What a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  220. I love this necklace in every color and every size! I wish there was a store in Charlotte, NC.

  221. A great necklace to dress down with jeans for the weekend, or dress up with a classic suit at work. Plus, who doesn’t love a little retro with a twist !!

  222. Unique and beautiful!!

  223. I don’t usually go for much jewelry, especially bigger pieces, but this really caught my eye- love it! Very classy…

  224. cool retro monogram

  225. Would love to win the necklace. I need more casual necklaces but still has style!

  226. Such a cool looking necklace!

  227. These are a few of my favorite things…a must have on my list!

  228. What a fun gift idea!

  229. Hi…my husband has gotten me several monogram necklaces thru the years AND I love them all!!! This one would be “special” to add to my collection and I would be proud to wear it!!!

  230. My initials are bad. Would love to wear them around my neck.

  231. I have never had a monogram necklace. Would love to own one.

  232. Love the oe in green

  233. This necklace is so cool and I am feeling lucky!

  234. very different looking

  235. Moon and Lola monograms are gorgeous and elegant! I want one so badly!!!! I <3 M&L

  236. Would love to have this necklace in either gold or green! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of them.

  237. Nice twist on a classic piece! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  238. I would love this necklace in gold!!

  239. How GORGEOUS! Fingers crossed, I’d love to give this necklace to my sister.

  240. How classic . . . can wear with everything. I would love to win this one.

  241. This looks like a really unique necklace that would be fun to keep or give as a gift. Can you say “Merry Christmas”?!?

  242. Love Love Love this cool initial necklace in the block letter design! Winning this piece would be so AWESOME!!!

  243. What a great gift for my sister!

  244. I would wear this with all my outfits! Pink or black would be gorgeous!! :-)

  245. What a gorgeous necklace ! And jewelry is SUCH a weakness of mine !!

  246. This is a neat necklace. I don’t have any monogrammed jewelry so this would be a great start.

  247. What a great necklace to surprise my daughter with
    Love it!!!!!!

  248. This necklace is so unique. Would really look good in the colors red or royal blue. This would be the first monogrammed necklace for me.

  249. Very unique pattern, very interesting, would be a pleasure to wear it!!

  250. what a nice giveaway…

  251. I love the look of this necklace! I do not have anything monogrammed and would love to have this great statement piece of jewelry!

  252. Very unique. Would love to have in red or blue

  253. Have been wanting to see Moon and Lola up close and personal; winning one of their necklaces would be the icing on the cake!

  254. nice necklace

  255. enter me in the necklace giveaway please.

  256. I would love to give this to my friend who is a fashion horse.

  257. Like nothing I would have ever thought I have or would have thought I would like! Great comment accessory!! Would LOVE it !


  259. Monogramed items remind me of the “Preppy” 1980′s.
    I would love to own this piece!

  260. This is an item that’s actually been on my “list” for awhile, so I’d love to win it. SO cute!

  261. This necklace will become a classic. Just lovely.

  262. Happy Thursday! I am better known as a jewelry queen! Love awesome unique pieces and this is truly on that fit into my wardrobe!!! I would do like purple, turquoise colors!!!!

  263. I’d love to give my daughter one of these necklaces as a gift.

  264. I love this necklace! I am not very good with accessories, but I think could make this work! Please pick me!

  265. I’m a jewelry fanatic and would love this necklace in any color!

  266. Can’t afford anything new would love to win something new like this necklace

  267. Jade is a cool feeling stone where it touches your skin and the color of this piece is awesome.

  268. Cute pop of color!

  269. Add my initials and away we go!

  270. This necklace is so nice. Would love to have in desperate need of a necklace!!!

  271. I have my fingers crossed!

  272. This necklace is really unique and I would like something in a blue tone

  273. My granddaughter in college will love this! She can pick out her color.

  274. Green is the perfect Color for one initial from me & 2 granddaughters! LOVE IT, what a treasure it could be

  275. Beautiful necklace! Would look great with my brocade jacket.

  276. I have the perfect initials for thid necklace…JCM……hope I win!

  277. I love to win ,any color would be great.

  278. Wow! I would be over the Moon for sure Lola or Betty or Donna or Susie to wind this necklace. And… What a great coclor the green would be to go turtle watching on the island… Smiles…

  279. Most beautiful piece of jewelry! Unique!

  280. How awesome!

  281. I love this necklace and would be thrilled to win!!

  282. I could see Carrie Bradshaw wearing this :-)

  283. Single mom raising a handicapped son– would love to wear a cool, hip necklace to lift my spirits.

  284. Interesting necklace, it reminds me of my grandma.

  285. Nice!

  286. I like things that are odd or different, its a cute necklace.

  287. Love this in any color!!!

  288. This is beautiful my niece would love it.

  289. What a new, yet classic, way to add interest to any outfit!

  290. I would love to win the Moon and Lola necklace in turquise. Thank you

  291. Very cute – this would be a great gift for my teen granddaughter.

  292. what would my initials look like on my neck?

  293. Would love to win this initials necklace love red if it is available…

  294. I think I would be a good candidate to win this necklace because I am such a big fan of Mariska’s.
    I watch svu all the time and even when they have it on for hours at a time. It would be a honor and priviledge to wear this necklace. Thank you for considering me.

  295. Would Love to win!

  296. I don’t own a single thing monogrammed. Would love this in any color.

  297. How fun! I never had anything monogrammed before.

  298. Very Cute ! I love the color!

  299. nice

  300. Not only is this necklace unique, it is beautiful! I love unique pieces.

  301. Love it! Want it!

  302. I’d never heard of Moon and Lola before but they are certainly on my radar now. Beautiful piece!

  303. This necklace is gorgeous in green! Would love to have it.

  304. Beautiful piece with classical simplicity and bold color. Would love to own this with my grandmothers monagram, so she can always be close to my heart.

  305. Tres cool. Would even be cooler to win

  306. Love monogrammed jewelry and this one is different.

  307. Love this necklace. It’s different, and pretty. It kind of reminds me of a disc that you put in old 45 record.

  308. This is so unusall and I love it.

  309. A very unique necklace, I love it.

  310. So gorgeous, would love this for my daughter.

  311. i guess this is where how i enter the contest. i would love the necklace. have been considering buying it!

  312. I enjoy the colors for a monogrammed necklace. It would be a nice gift for my Daughter. I’m excited about this.

  313. Great prize! Love the neat monogrammed necklace! It would make a nice addition to my jewelry. Thanks

  314. very unique

  315. It would go with some of my new green clothes!

  316. Love, love, love the monogram necklace. It would look great on me.