Carrie Ann Inaba’s Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Blog: Week Seven

November 6, 2012 at 1:09 pm , by

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Last night we saw some really fantastic dances that were unlike any dances we’ve seen on the show before. The dance fusion was a tremendous challenge for our pros and their partners; you could see the trouble they were having with it in the rehearsal packages. I was impressed with how they handled the challenge and it was interesting to see how each couple made different choices as to how they were going to set the frame for their merging of the dances. Some did the half and half split, splitting the routine into two different dance styles. Some did a little bit of in and out—they would do a few counts of eight for each style of dance and then revert back and forth as needed. Emmitt and Cheryl did this but it didn’t work for him. Shawn and Mark did the same thing and it totally worked. Some of them blended, some of them separated the styles, but they all did some really cool choreography and transitions that deserve a great deal of respect. These challenges are no joke and this season is really pushing our pros and celebrities to the limit.

I was once again impressed with Apolo. I think he really stepped outside of his comfort zone when he took of his jacket during the Paso part of his dance. It had a huge impact. He’s a fierce competitor and I think he developed a strategy that’s working. He is definitely gaining momentum and it’s exciting. I’m also very impressed with Shawn who dances just as well with either Mark or Derek. It’s not easy to match work so perfectly with someone you haven’t been dancing with for the last seven weeks, but she’s a trooper and a perfectionist. I hope she hasn’t peaked too early, which can happen. As for Emmitt and Cheryl, the crowd goes wild for them every time. It’s nice to see but I think he needs to up his game. Kirstie and Maks also need to push themselves if they want to survive. I applaud her for collecting goods on behalf of the Sandy victims in New York. It didn’t help her dancing much, but it proves that she’s a good person with a big heart. Melissa had a great night tonight and I am really beginning to see her star quality come out. She and Tony have a really relaxed approach with each other but push themselves choreographically speaking which is good. She was spot on. And Gilles, well… he’s’ got to fix those T-Rex arms if he wants the mirror ball trophy.

There is no elimination this week so next week it will be crucial to vote for your favorite. And I must remind you all to get out and vote today. It’s a big election and a lot is at stake so follow your heart, know your facts and vote. It’s a wonderful privilege to have this right so I hope you will all take advantage of it.

I’m keeping it short because after everything that has happened this week (Sandy) and that will happen after the election tomorrow, I would like to remind us all to stay focused on humanity as a whole and how we are meant to help each other out in times of need. Give generously to those in need, whether it’s to the people who were displaced or the animal companions who also have lost their homes. Go to the various websites and give back. Call and check on your relatives. Donate food, blankets, clothing, dog food, cat food, anything. Some people have lost everything. Let’s help them put their lives back together.

4 Responses to “Carrie Ann Inaba’s Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Blog: Week Seven”

  1. I kind of feel bad for always harping on about Apolo but I’ve been so agitated with how you judges have treated him and Karina this season. The overwhelming consensus from fans (and not just Apolo/Karina fans, but fans of DWTS) is that the judges have been throwing him and Karina under the bus for some reason. Because otherwise some of the low scores he’s gotten make absolutely no sense. Exactly what is it you judges are looking for?

    Last night everyone raved about his “pacho” and had nothing negative to say yet at the end of the night he was tied for second last for his individual dance. Really? Apolo’s technically ambitious, high energy performance was only 1 point better than Kirstie for you? And *only* .5 better than Emmitt and Cheryl’s basic as hell routine? At least you called them out somewhat, I don’t know what the other two were thinking scoring his dance higher than Apolo’s. I don’t care how “charming” Emmitt is, with the exception of Kirstie, his dancing is just not on par with the others. And unlike Kirstie, he actually have the athleticism and stamina to handle more complex choreography, so what’s his excuse? I guess as long as the judges continue to overscore and overpraise his mediocre routines, Cheryl doesn’t feel the need to change her strategy.

    What an insult to those couples who’ve been giving it their all week after week and not just relying on the judge’s good favor and/or fan base. As a fan of Apolo and Karina it’s hard not to feel discouraged. To me, he’s the best male celeb this season but with the way this season has gone, I worry he’ll be eliminated in the next coming weeks. What a shame if that happens, at the end of the day, no one can control how people vote but he and Karina at least deserve better treatment from the judges (and the show – what’s up with the jeopardy/fake bottom two stuff?) than they have gotten.

  2. You praised Apolo in your blog but why did he only get 9s then? Is it because he went first? How about the judges just score the dance for once. If the dance is amazing, then give it good scores! Anyway it’s not even that 9s are bad, the problem was that the other couples were so over-scored that in comparison, Apolo was underscored! If he set the baseline to start off the show, then none of the other couples except for Shawn and maaaaaybeee Melissa should have been higher. But nope, he ended up near the bottom despite having one of the best dances of the night! The scores for all the couples are way too close together this season – why are the judges so reluctant to hand out anything lower than 8s? Even Kirstie was surprised, she knew her dance sucked! And I was ready to throw something at the TV when I saw Len & Bruno’s scores for Emmitt. I would have given his dance 8s (which btw, means Kirstie should have had 7-7.5). I just don’t get what the judges see in him. His dances have been nothing but forgettable this season. Seriously, all his Latin dances look like the same moves over and over yet the judges can’t stop drooling over how fun he is. Meanwhile Apolo and Karina are working 10x as hard to come up with exciting, intricate routines every week and they never get the credit they deserve. Oh sure the judges say nice things but how comes their scores don’t match the comments? The judges pointed out flaws in Kelly and Gilles’ dances this week yet they still tied or got better scores?! Uggggh so sick of all the shenanigans this season!!

  3. Agree with the comments about Apolo being hosed by the judges. By my count, his quickstep, foxtrot, samba (seriously CA?) and fusion dance all deserved higher than what they got. What’s the point of all the effusive praise if you’re just going to low ball him? If there’s a reason he’s not getting all 10s then give him and Karina constructive criticism so they can work on whatever they need to. Although really, whatever criticisms you might have will probably be too nitpicky because to my eyes, he along with Shawn have been the true standouts this season. Please take off your blinders for Gilles and Emmitt because you’re overlooking a fantastic dancer in Apolo. Do the judges really not see that he’s the best male dancer this season? Or are the three of you playing mind games to screw him and Karina & their fans?

  4. So the show’s ditch Apolo strategy has changed from blame Karina to heap words of praise on Apolo, THEN lowball him? Wow, clever.