Carrie Ann Inaba’s Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Blog: Week Nine

November 20, 2012 at 12:55 pm , by

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I can’t believe we’re already in the semi-finals. We only have one more week left until we crown our Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars season 15 champion! It’s been quite a battle for everyone who’s still in the game and all of the competitors deserve recognition for their hard work. Getting this far was no easy task and it will be a big (and probably quite emotional) double elimination tonight. I’m quite certain that no one had any idea how competitive this season would be, or for that matter, how challenging. It’s been quite a unique experience for all of us. We’ve done things never seen before in the history of our show and that’s been quite a treat.

The dancers and choreographers did outstanding work this season. No one knew they would be choreographing Big Top Jazz, Knight Rider Bhangra, Surfing Flamenco, Espionage Lindy Hop or Caveman Hustle. (Some of those categories are quite puzzling, wouldn’t you say?) It’s been a whacky, unpredictable and entertaining season. Our producers really pushed the envelope this season with new challenges and we owe them a round of applause for really thinking creatively and outside the box. I think our production value has increased over the seasons and I’d like to acknowledge our incredible crew. They are such a wonderful group of top-notch quality professionals and it’s a joy and an honor to work with them all. I’ve worked with some of these camera operators, electricians, audio techs and stage managers for over 18 years, on various shows that I’ve choreographed or danced on, and I’ll tell you without any doubt, we have some of the industry’s finest working on our show.

But on to tonight’s performances…in my opinion, the best numbers of the night were Shawn and Derek’s Knight Rider Bhangra, Apollo and Karina’s Rumba, and Melissa and Tony’s Argentine Tango. And all three judges agreed on those performances! They were all so completely different but attained perfection in their own right. I’m hearing a lot of rumblings on twitter about how certain couples were “robbed” and that usually happens around this time. We get a lot of social media posts where people rant and rave about the unfairness of it all and sometimes it makes no sense. The reasoning behind their rants are often incoherent but I will give them credit for being such loyal fans. The fans of our show are fiercely passionate about who they are rooting for and I appreciate it. I don’t always appreciate the crazy name-calling and threatening language, but I appreciate the passion, because that’s what keeps our show so popular.


I think Kelly and Val had the most challenging combination for the first round. Surfer Flamenco really just didn’t seem to go together. Surfing is happy, light and upbeat. Flamenco is a proud dance of storytelling and passion and the movements are very specific. Sure, there are certain variations with the style of Flamenco dancing but overall, everyone is familiar with it because there are elements of it in the Paso Doble, a dance we all know pretty well after 15 seasons. But the Paso and Flamenco are not the same dance. I give them creative credit for doing the dance in the water at the end, but I think it was what hindered them from executing the Flamenco movements in the long run. I’m sad that it didn’t come together the way they’d hoped, but that’s what competition is all about. Luck plays a large role—right next to hard work and diligence. They did a fantastic Rumba and I think the audience loved seeing them finally come together as a couple in the dance of love. It was like a fairy tale ending to a romance that everyone has watched throughout the season. I don’t know if they are really a couple…I don’t get involved in their personal lives. But there’s no denying the incredible chemistry they share and the magic they create on the dance floor. They may be at the bottom of the leader board with Emmitt and Cheryl, but not by much, and one never knows what will happen when we mix in the audience vote.

I wish everyone good luck tomorrow night and I also want to send out a prayer to the late, great Michael Jackson for bringing us such incredible music and inspiration over the years. He really had a powerful influence on my generation of dancers and choreographers and he continues to inspire us with his music and iconic moves. RIP Michael Jackson, you continue to live on in our heart of hearts.

10 Responses to “Carrie Ann Inaba’s Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Blog: Week Nine”

  1. What a season this has been.. Not sure who I would pick, pbly either Shawn or Kelly for the winner. Michael Jackson’s music will live forever because of the dances that generate from it

  2. Don’t know how you could call Apollo and Karina’s rumba better than Kelly and Val’s but who can figure you out. I used to think you were one of the fairer judges but this season you have played favorites very obviously…Whoever wins, they’ve worked hard…But you can’t give Shawn and Derek a 10 for that mess of a barely there trio Samba and call someone else out when their entertainment value was just as equal. I hope you find a little consistency between seasons because I no longer value what you say. You probably could care less what I think and that’s fine, but I needed to vent!

  3. You constantly give Shawn 10′s and never have given Kelly one. Apollo mess up and he still gets a high score. i think its time for DWTS to get other judges or guest judges because you clearly are hating. Lots of those dancers have dancing background,but Kelly don’t and she really works hard,BUT we constantly hear you do a back ass praise sometimes to her, while foaming at the mouth wtaching Apollo. Its time to bring in new judges. I would love to see you go threw a season of DWTS.

  4. For me this has been the best season of DWTS ever! I’ve wanted to see the past best dancers compete for a few seasons now and it’s been as good and entertaining as I expected. Thx for fulfilling my dream!! I think the judges are pretty much fair. I don’t think the public uses it’s head when voting for obviously bad dancers, causing really good dancers to be eliminated. The show is supposed to be about dancing. For that matter why did the producers bring back Bristol and the Bay Watch gal?? Sorry, can’t remember her name. There are other previous contestants who are so much better dancers. When you do this again, please take dancing abilities into consideration!
    Love, love, love the show in spite of my complaints….Love your sense of humor, Carrie Ann!!

  5. Well Well Carrieman.. you have shown your biase all season.. why you have to go about Kelly and Val personal lives.. ist that your reason to insult Kelly every chance you get and give her low scores.. you were very unfair, you already pick who you want to win.. DWTS need new Judges I think your head is swelling too much you are so not Simon.. When Kelly wins EGG IN YOUR FACE

  6. The scores from the judges doesn’t matter. It’s all about the votes from us. That is decisive. So just vote a lot for your favorite!

  7. If they were scored on not doing the dance, how come Shaw wasn’t scored the same way when she didn’t do the samba, the bias the judges show toward Kelly is obvious and your excuse makes no sense

  8. The problem is Carrie Ann, you froth at the mouth for the married guys and Shawn no matter how badly they perform and you are always hard on Kelly no matter how well she performs. You will give her a compliment but there is always a “but” at the end of it. Melissa is good but she has a dance background.Shawn is good but she has the gymnastic perfect lines background. I like
    Shawn a lot but they constantly break the rules and you say you don’t care because you were entertained and give them 10′s. The only other person you treated the way you treat Kelly is Bristol. Remember the “in your face”
    comment you made to her for breaking a rule? But with Shawn it’s 10, 10,10,. Just be fair and consistent that’s all people are saying. Everyone
    notices your bias. And you know darn well Val and Kelly are not in a relationship since her boyfriend is in the audience practically every week. Do you even have ball room experience? thought you were a fly girl.

  9. Hi, I do not agree with most of what everyone has been saying; however, I also don’t understand the way you all judge. I don’t see any bias, but I cannot for the life of me understand why in the world would you invite Kirstie and Bristol back?!?!?! They are awful.

    Also, I was taught ballroom dancing when I was three and am told I am not too bad but nothing I see these dancers do (except for jive and cha-cha) resemble what I was taught – especially rhumba and tango.

    Thanks for “listening”. By the way, have yoou gotten married yet?

  10. I do not know what ur attitude has been all this season against Kelly and Val, u and Len did everything u could to keep them out of the finals, give me a break Appollos rumba was better than Kelly’s I do not think so. U r not a fair judge we all know Len is not but u have shown everyone you wanted Mellissa or Shawn thru this whole season. Kelly is an excellent dancer all shawn does is acrobats and u fools fall for it. I’m sure tonight will be no different they will get all tens, and Kelly will get hmmmmm let me think THE SHAFT ONCE AGAIN.