Fashion Recap 2012

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As we near the end of 2012 (and possibly the end of the world according to the Mayans), I thought I’d recap some fashion highlights from the past year at LHJ.

Back in the February issue, we shot one of the most beautiful closets I’ve ever seen to give you some timeless organizing tips. One of my favorites is the 5 things every woman should have in her wardrobe.

For March, we traveled to LA to shoot spring’s stripes on Beth Behrs from the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls. Stripes have proven to have staying power – we’re still seeing lots of them into 2013. And Beth has staying power, too! When our story was on the newsstands, her show won a People’s Choice award for Best New Comedy. We were all smitten with Beth and her un-diva-like behavior (she stood on a plastic bag in the dirty kitchen of a diner to change clothes between shots!) and she loved all the pretty clothes, including this Kate Spade dress.

In April, we told you More is More when it comes to jewelry…

…and in May, we gave you all of our tips for packing a travel bag.

June’s issue featured the best clothes to compliment your faux tan. Secret from the shoot: This is the product we slathered all over the model in Joshua Tree to give her that amazing glow!

July brought our silliest story to date. I mean, would you wear this to mow the lawn? Hopefully, you liked our sense of humor!

In our August issue, we were back to accessories again (can you tell we’re obsessed?). My favorite shot was this one of the newest mini bag from Coach. It was inspired by one of my favorite photos ever – this one from street style blogger, Tommy Ton for

For our September issue, we chose a dark, moody feel to shoot fall favorites on Stana Katic from the TV show, Castle.  For more on the creepy mansion we shot at, check this out.

November brought a Real Women, Real Style story including our very own Senior Designer,  Cathie Yun.

And to round out the year, we decided to keep it really inexpensive for our December feature. Each piece is under $100 (and probably on sale right now)! This is the story you need right now to pick up some last minute holiday party clothes.

I hope you had as much fun reading along with us this year, as we did producing all these great stories. Make sure you order a subscription to LHJ so you don’t miss a single moment from 2013. Click here for a special rate: A whole year for only $5.99!

Happy New Year!

Photographs top to bottom by Seth Smoot, Brigitte Sire, Plamen Petcov (2), layout via LHJ, Tom Corbett (2), Terry Doyle, Tommy Ton for, Brooke Nipar (3), and Marko Dashev.

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