365 Days of Inspiration: How to Start Your 365 Project

December 21, 2012 at 12:26 pm , by

Have you heard of 365 projects? In our February issue we featured 8 amazing women who decided to to do something creative every day. It’s definitely a commitment, but whether it’s snapping a photo or knitting a cup cozy, the effort is totally worth it. If you’re looking to start your own 365 project in the new year (and you totally should!) here are tips for choosing your idea and sticking with it:

  • Choose your project. You could go two ways: Pick something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do and get better at it day by day. Or choose something you absolutely love. Taking a photo (either with a digital camera or—even easier—a smart phone and a service like Instagram) is popular. But other women knit, illustrate or draw, write poems, write letters—we even talked to one woman who vowed to enter an online contest every day. (Hey, it’s not creative but she has a way better chance of winning some free loot than the rest of us.)
  • Start today! Don’t wait for January 1, the first of the month, a Monday, or a full moon… it doesn’t matter how the 365 days shake out on the calendar, what’s important is the practice of actually doing something small every day. Taking that time for yourself—to be creative, to reflect, to capture life’s everyday magic—is what makes a 365 project so satisfying.
  • But, don’t kill yourself if you goof! 365 days is a lot of days. You might get sick and skip a day, or any number of other things could pop up in your busy daily life. It’s ok. Just start again tomorrow instead of giving up completely. Or take a tip from one of the women we featured who knit a few cup cozies early if she knew she was going to be busy or away. It totally counts!
  • Make it public. Start a quick Tumblr or blog to share your project with the world and keep yourself accountable. Even if you don’t want to put your project out there on the web, tell your friends and family. They can help keep you motivated, and will probably want to know what the heck you’re up to anyhow. Even better, start a 365 club and get friends and family involved. You don’t even have to do the same project to give each other support and encouragement, and at the end of the year you’ll have even more great memories.
  • Check the web for inspiration, ideas, and people who’ve been successful. For instance, these specific photo-taking tips from daily photo service Photojojo are super-handy.
  • Last but not least, share your project with us! If you start a 365 project and share it with us (just leave a link or info in the comments), we may feature you here!

Photo by Meredith Winn, whose 365 photo project is featured in our story.

10 Responses to “365 Days of Inspiration: How to Start Your 365 Project”

  1. Looking forward to my many days of inspiration. My husband of 30 years just had a heart attack and has no history of heart disease for three generations in his family from our research. Everyday I am inspired to LIVE because we are getting a second chance. We are talking now about what we are going to do with the rest of our lives and look forward to checking LHG pages to get inspiration and information. Keep up the great work we need you!!!

  2. I am working on my 365 days of artistic creativity. I am revising my website, planning to add a blog and a store and I am spending time each day working on fine art and craft items to sell in my online shop! My current project is a secret scheduled to be revealed in Late February if all goes as planned! March at the latest! I will be reavealing the secret project in my blog and will be promoting a giveaway. The blog will be online in mid-February. Watch for it!

  3. I am an aspiring writer. I’ve taken creative writing courses at my local community arts center and also online, but it’s hard to find the time to actually sit down and do it. So my 365 project is going to be to write something every single day, and no, the grocery list doesn’t count! Neither does updating my status on facebook…maybe by the end of the year I’ll have a collection of personal essays. Will keep you posted!

  4. My 365 Day of artistic creativity. I am going to make ornaments all year for a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE, which I have not have for years and this year 2013 I AM GETTING A REAL TREE and making ALL Prim Ornies for it!! All handmade ones by me, myself & I. Gotta get going errr started :O)

  5. I am going to start today…I was motivated by the new 100 Decorating ideas under $100 I just got today. I adore Shabby Chic….so here goes…something creative everyday no matter what it is!!! Including learning how to blog…

  6. I decided to work on one organization project per day for the next year. Ok I’m “cheating” a bit and giving myself weekends off. I’ve also started a blog to record my projects. Here’s to new things.

  7. Not sure if this counts, but on Thanksgiving 2012 I started my “walking for a year” project. I walk every day for 30 minutes (except on Sunday) and then blog about my thoughts, feelings and all the crazy things that pop up in life. I started this 365 day project because I love to write & share my thoughts, but also because I wanted to (finally) get in shape.

  8. My project is called On the Seventh Day I Grouted. I started on July 30, 2012. I make a 4″ x 4″ mosaic each day Monday through Friday and then on Sunday I grout the 6 mosaics I created that week. I post a picture each day and write about my inspiration or other thoughts about the mosaic

    At the end of the year I plan to give some of the mosaics away and sell others and donate the money to organizations that promote creativity.

  9. This is my blog, a 365 project that combines shunt surgery for AC recovery & just daily creating. I deal with my headaches and whatnot through art/creating. It’s the best therapy I have found….


  10. I started my 365 project on January 1 this year. I’m using one central theme and any type of media.