You Deserve This: Win a Coach Clutch

January 1, 2013 at 12:01 pm , by

Who wouldn’t want to win a bag from Coach? This iconic brand is featuring a number of coral pieces this season but this little white-trimmed clutch is the one that really caught our eye. The poppy shade is just the right thing to add a little fun to your spring look. And here’s the best part: we’re giving away two of them!

You could be one of the lucky winners but you can’t win if you don’t enter! To enter to win this clutch from Coach, just leave a comment below. Good luck!

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1,259 Responses to “You Deserve This: Win a Coach Clutch”

  1. This bag would give a great pop of color to any outfit.

  2. Love this bag! My bestie got a Coach purse for Christmas and I am so jealous. haha

  3. CUTE clutch, great COLOR. I would love to have as stated before would add color to any outfit!!!!!!!

  4. Love this clutch! What a great color!

  5. This clutch is amazing and would definetely add a great pop of color to any woman’s wardrobe! This would especially bring some life to my mostly dark wardrobe!

  6. LOVE, LOVE this Coach clutch. I have wanted a Coach bag for years, but haven’t been able to swing it thus far. I would love to win this, it would be an awesome start to this new year!

  7. I am trying to pare down my material needs I have carried a bag with everything but the kitchen sink for years. Never used even 1/3 of what was in there. 2013 less is more. This is a cute, fun pop of color and its size would force me to carry only necessities. Love Coach!!!

  8. Love that color for Spring!

  9. That coral is amazing! I love to use purses as a pop of color in my outfits :)

  10. So cute.. gorgeous color.. great accessory!

  11. Who wouldn’t want to win a bag from Coach?

  12. Very cute and I love Coach brand! Thank you.

  13. great color! reminds me of spring

  14. I love this pop of color!!

  15. I would love to win this!!

  16. Love the color of this clutch! It would be fun to add this to my wardrobe.

  17. I rarely if ever look at purse maker label, I look at style and appeal to me. This has a color and design that totally screams to be carried everywhere.

  18. Always wanted to own a coach bag. Perfect match for me!

  19. I would love this clutch, I haven’t had one since the 80′s and it wasn’t a Coach then!

  20. Love the color.

  21. Spring is definetly here when I carry this happy color! This will make everyone smile!

  22. I’ve longed to own a Coach handbag for many years. This is a beautiful pop of color for any season!

  23. What a bright color!

  24. oooh my cousin and best friend would be so jealous!! But they both have Coach bags and I don’t.

  25. Wow! Takes me back to retro!

  26. Love the color – especially to warm and brighten a drab winter day!

  27. That color plus the wrist strap make it so stylish!

  28. Who wouldn’t love a Coach?

  29. Won’t I be the envy of all carring my smart coral clutch by Coach!

  30. coach colors and styles are smart looking and fun

  31. Luv it! Who wouldn’t love something by Coach? Such a great color and just the right size.

  32. You gotta love a chance to win a quality bag in a stylish color from a trusted publisher!

  33. How fun! I love it!

  34. perfect to go with my hot pink opi nail polish! i have never owned a coach bag before. would be my dream to finally have one :-)

  35. I love the happy color. Coach is synonomous with quality and I know the purse would last and last. It’s the perfet size for day trips, museums, and the theatre. Would love to have it adorn my arm.

  36. Love Coach. Love the clutch. Love to have this!

  37. Love the color and the shape of the bag!

  38. super cute coach bag! would be a great addition to my budding spring wardrobe

  39. Love Coach! I have a purse that I have owned for nearly 20 years. It’s like a security blanket.

  40. I have always loved this color, would pair beautifully with same nail polish. Will also give me a great reason to clean out my poppy coach bag. I cant believe

  41. How Cute!!! I need a clutch that would be prefect for traveling!

  42. I have been looking for the perfect clutch for the past year. I think this is perfect.

  43. This pop of color will bring out any outfit. Very nice. Good luck everyone!

  44. Cute clutch and color

  45. Would love to own this as my husband is poor and cannot afford this!!! Please let me win for valentines day!!!

  46. I would love to win this clutch!

  47. Perfect size, perfect color – love it!

  48. Very 60′s. I like it!

  49. This would add some joy to the New Year. 2012 has been overwhelming. Congestive heart failure for my husband, dissolved his job of 5 years, just to mention a couple of things. I have never owned a Coach, but I admire them all the time when I shop. I think the color alone is awesome, but to be able to wear it on my wrist would be amazing!!!!
    By the way, in the Feb. LHJ is says to refer to page 114 for entry details. Well, the magazine only went to page 104!! I thought it looked thinner.

  50. This bag is really cute! I would love to win it. It would be my first Coach purse ever!!!

  51. If I win this amazing clutch my daughter will be borrowing it (indefinitely)!

  52. Love the coral Coach clutch! What a sweet splash of spring in the black and white winter. I am called a purse-o-holic by my husband, and this throws me off the deep end!

  53. i would love this for my daughter, it would make a great “JUST BECAUSE” gift for her; thanks for the chance to win it

  54. How perfect is this Coach clutch! Perfect color, perfect size! Very smart!

  55. Really cute! Why not me to win this?

  56. I love this little bag. I do not own a coach bag and would love to own this one.

  57. This is so cute and would be a perfect grab and go clutch for my hip and cool grandma!

  58. How bright and cheerful

  59. I love LHJ and Coach!

  60. I’ve always wanted to have a bag from Coach. This would be a great first piece for me. :)

  61. Cutest clutch I’ve ever seen! And my favorite color, too!

  62. I think the coach clutch is just what I need to give me that spring-is-back feeling!

  63. I just want one!

  64. Very classic! I seem to gravitate toward that style. I would love to carry it.

  65. Too cute, love it!!

  66. I love this clutch. The coral color works for any time of the year and would be a great addition to any wardrobe. I hope to win it!

  67. Very classic! I seem to gravitate toward that style. It makes me smile.

  68. So pretty! Pick me! Pick me!

  69. I love that you could take this clutch frrom jeans to dressy in an instant. It’s Coachalicious!

  70. Why Me???? A Coach for A Queen!!!!

  71. Love Coach, style never goes out. It’s the perfect size and shape for the active women. Would love to own this bag for my daily life.

  72. I’ve had the blahs, this purse would be a much needed pick me up!!

  73. I love coach bags. They last forever.

  74. This Coach bag makes me smile. The color, the contrast trim, and the shape are very cute. Beauty makes me happy!

  75. This would be perfect for my daughter!

  76. I’ve never owned a Coach and this would be perfect for my first one!

  77. Wow, what a cute and chic clutch. The color makes me smile!

  78. Awesome clutch! Stylish n from such a prestigious brand

  79. Very sporty! Love it

  80. Refreshingly non-traditional handbag color.

  81. This would keep me looking young and fashionable at any age. I’m a young 69!

  82. So cute. Love the color. I would carry this instead of a big bag most of the time.

  83. the color of this clutch is amazing!!

  84. This would be a great way for me to start out 2013…by owning a coach!

  85. this is a super cute and different clutch. a real statement piece.

  86. a really cute purse. I’d love to have it.

  87. Fabulous , stylish purse! Wish I had one , never had a coach bag,

  88. This is really cute, love the punch of color, would love to win this! Makes winter a little brighter.

  89. Would love to add to my collection!

  90. Love this bag! It’s cute and flirty and gives you an idea about the owner’s personality

  91. Very Cute! It’s the perfect pop of color for spring! :)

  92. Bought Coach for years, would love to add this color.

  93. Adorable bag! Would love to have this!

  94. I would love to win this coach gag! It’s adorable and chic!

  95. Nice! My daughter would love this!

  96. Gorgeous! Love the color and love COACH!

  97. have never had a Coach purse – would love to change that

  98. I’m a HUGE fan of coral!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. My husband is trying to get me to be more girly and buy more clothes and bags. This would make him very happy ;)

  100. That color is luscious! Such a fun, pretty bag!

  101. perfect for spring

  102. Adorable I would love to have this!

  103. This color is great!

  104. I love the color of this clutch. The lines are also simple yet sophisticated. I could see it with a dress up or dress down outfit.

  105. What better way to welcome spring than with a poppy popping kicking color. I love it!

  106. Have always wanted to own a Coach, but the kids come first…maybe one day……………….

  107. nice. the color is awesome

  108. This clutch is beautiful and I want it! Coach ROCKS!

  109. perfect color – wouldn’t spend the money to buy this for myself, but would be a wonderful prize to win!!

  110. I love the color.

  111. Love this color!

  112. So Pretty, I would LOVE to win this ♥

  113. What a fun color!

  114. What a fun color…I would love to have that !

  115. So cute! I’d love one.

  116. OMG my daughter would absolutely love this :)

  117. Beautiful Coach Clutch! Very versital, could wear all year around.

  118. I would love to win this coach purse. The color is absolutely perfect and it is so cute!

  119. I love this color! A perfect clutch for me!

  120. Would love to own one of those! Great color!

  121. LOVE COACH!!!

  122. It’s so darling. I have an outfit it would be perfect for.

  123. My daughter in law loves anything “coach.” What a great suprise for her!

  124. It would be fun to match nails,shoes and clothes to this bag! Maybe even hair.

  125. Love the pop of color

  126. What a wonderful color! I would love to win this purse.

  127. Love this Coach bag, the color is wonderful and just right for Spring.

  128. I can’t help but smile when I see this happy colored Coach clutch!

  129. Great clutch and beautiful color. If I win this I will use it with pride :D

  130. Love it, love it, love it. Love the color, size and style….

  131. Love the color!!

  132. Coach is the best! Love this clutch!

  133. 4 daughters which one will I choose??

  134. What fun! Would love to win one.

  135. Such an awesome clutch! I would love to add this item to my wardrobe to help spice it up!

  136. I would absolutely love to win this coach bag!!! I’ve never owned one before. This bag is adorable. Love the color of it. I have a shirt it would go perfect with!!!

  137. This is my favorite color – a great color not only to compliment clothing, but a great tan, as well!

  138. Beautiful! I love the color and need to use more of it in my wardrobe.I would love to win it !

  139. Perfect for spring!

  140. I’d be very proud to carry this, love the color, just what need for a cold bleak day!!

  141. This clutch would be stunning with my white capris, a coral colored top and my turquoise jewelery.

  142. Perfect clutch for spring and to go with your Easter Bonnet!

  143. I’d love to win this. Beautiful!

  144. Love ….Love …Love ….. <3 <3 <3 !!!


  146. This Coach would be carried proudly by this Coach lover. I would love to have this color.

  147. love the color

  148. Great color! Would love to win it :)

  149. My friend loves this color – what a gift it would be!

  150. Love the cluth! As a breast cancer survivor, I get tired of pink! This is not true pink but a great orange pink. Certainly would brighten up my wardrobe!

  151. Love the Coach Clutch. Would love to have it.

  152. This purse might help me survive until spring – LOVE!

  153. very cute bag

  154. Love the color!

  155. Love this clutch,great color!

  156. This is gorgeous! It would make me so happy!

  157. Would love to own a coach bag. Have never been able to afford one on my own. The color is so great too!

  158. Such a cute purse. I could really trade this for my mom bag right now!! Love it!

  159. This is so pretty! Looks like Spring!

  160. What a happy pop of color!

  161. T
    This Coach clutch is lovely. Would make a lovely addition on my shoulder.

  162. I would love to win this bag, so cute and great color. It would be an honor to win this, I am a true Coach lover and its also a great vacay piece, esp on cruise, lol………..

  163. Beautiful clutch!

  164. I’d have to fight my two teenage daughters from stealing this from me if I’d win it! I’d love to win it!! Thanks for the opportunity. LOVE COACH!! <3

  165. love this! perfect size too!

  166. I love it! Gorgeous color and style! You can build a wardrobe around this piece!

  167. Beautiful. Very cheery.

  168. I love the color!!

  169. Love it love it love it. Never own a clutch before. this is perfect!

  170. What a great cheery color Coach purse to break up a long cold winter!

  171. Fabulous color to brighten any day!

  172. I would love the beautiful Coach Clutch. Fantastic color and would very good on my shoulder.

  173. I think a recent grad with student loans to pay pack deserves a little fashion break! This bag is so pretty i need it in my life!!!

  174. The color alone is amazing. What a great way to start planning a wardrobe for spring.

  175. This color is beautiful….and being that its a “COACH” makes that much more amazing as a win. Love it and love LHJ!

  176. I am in the process of hunting a job. This would make my personal appearence look great. The color of Coach Clutch is great to go with anything.

  177. I love this clutch! I do not have one so this would be great…

  178. What a beautiful shade for for spring and summer! Coach bags are a great investment.

  179. That is so cute. How springy/summery would that make any outfit look.

  180. This color is awesome but I really love the fringe the best. Double exterior pockets are such a great feature for phones and keys!
    Thank you LHJ for this opportunity, I Love Coach bags.
    *Fingers Crossed*

  181. There is something to be said about starting your day with some eye catching color, and a longstanding brand behind it.

  182. I want this so badly! I have not bought a new purse in years! This would be a treat!

  183. Beautiful clutch! With Coach quality, I am sure it would last a lifetime….

  184. funny colors

  185. This is such a great color! And it is such a cute design. Hope I win!

  186. Not the typical coach. Very cute.

  187. I love it!I would love to win this clutch,because I don’t have one.

  188. Sooo cute!

  189. CUTE! Great, fun colors for Spring!

  190. What a cute clutch! The color is perfect for spring!

  191. I just started back to work after being out for almost two years and the only pocketbook I have is hand-held and so heavy that when I walk the three blocks to and from the parking lot to my office building, my back and my arms hurt – so I am going to pare down what I carry with me to work everyday and that would be a great way to start. Plus since I have to (slowly) put together a new wardrobe, that color would be a wonderful way on which to build one.

  192. I love it!I would love to win this clutch,because I don’t have one!Great color too!

  193. cute clutch,love the color;)

  194. With times such as these, we often don’t get the opputunity to treat ourselves with amazing things such as a great bag. I certainly would be honored to own a coach bag and winning one would be even better! Ty for this opportunity.

  195. Beautiful Color, makes me think of springtime!!!

  196. Love this color!

  197. Super bright and so in style right now :D

  198. LOVE the color as its my kids’ high school colors and will rock this out and about at all events! And it’s my bday month! Would love to win this from LHJ!! Thanks for opportunity to win!

  199. Love the color and what a great size!

  200. Must, Must, Must have! What a gorgeous bag to brighten any cold, snowy New England day! I SO hope I win this!!!

  201. Love this clutch. The color is amazing. Perfect for brightening up the winter days.

  202. Love the color; it brightens the day and finishes the outfit!

  203. Love this clutch! Definitely would be great for our beach vacation this summer!!!!

  204. Need it, love it,want it!

  205. Hope, Hope to win this after many Coach purchases!! Love this color and would be perfect for Spring!!?

  206. This would be beautiful teamed with a creme outfit..

  207. I love this color! This would be the perfect compliment to spring and summer outfits!

  208. I think this Coach bag would go with everything all year round!

  209. LOve this color,brings me back to my hello Kitty loving youth!!

  210. will look great on my shoulder. Love the Coach bags. Beautiful color

  211. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Coach! My absolute favorite handbags!!!

  212. Love it! A special treat to a mom of 7 kiddos!

  213. Loving the bright color! Would make a fun addition to my purse collection!

  214. Love the color!!!!

  215. What a beautiful color for a grandma that would put a spring her step!

  216. Love, love, love it!♥

  217. I am tired of carrying basic colors of bags. I love color in handbags.

  218. Great color for Spring.

  219. Just the perfect little bag with a perfect pop of color to brighten any outfit any day!!!!!

  220. Most often I wear jeans and this clutch would be a great way to dress up the look.

  221. An looking for a job. Coach Clutch, fabulous color, would look great with my outfits.

  222. Ooh – it’s gorgeous! I would love to win!

  223. I received a new Coach purse for Christmas & my daughter was so jealous, I would love to win this for her! It is just her style!

  224. I haven’t won any thing in a long time. I love the look of this clutch purse and would love to have one. Will be waiting to heard. Thanks for the chance.
    Thank you for the chance. This would be a great way to pass it forward.

  225. I think the color is awesome I have an outfit it would match that I am planning to wear to my nieces wedding.

  226. What a beautiful clutch! It would be lovely with a Spring wardrobe!

  227. awesome!!!!

  228. I have never seen anything in this color that i have really liked…..until now.

  229. Love it! Great color, great clutch :)

  230. I would love to be the lucky winner of this beautiful clutch!!!

  231. Love the color – very pretty.

  232. Have my fingers crossed! Beautiful bag!

  233. Absolutely LOVE the color! Would love to have this little beauty in my clutches!

  234. I would love, love, love to win this adorable clutch! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  235. Cute clutch!! Would look nice carrying to work or play!!

  236. Great bag! I would love to have it!

  237. Love this bag, I need it for spring!

  238. Would love to win this bag, my tired old wardrobe needs a splash of color & style!

  239. Love this clutch! Cute color, great for Spring!!

  240. Beautiful pop of color to accent any wardrobe,Coach classic leather means a quality handbag with classic style!!!

  241. Love the color. Thank you.

  242. What a great clutch! Would love to share it with my daughters.

  243. Love it! Another great purse from Coach.

  244. Makes me think of spring already.

  245. Great color and size! Love it!

  246. This would make a great 21st Birthday gift for my daughter!

  247. I can always use another Coach clutch and the color is just popping fabulous

  248. Love the color. It would look great hanging off my wrist!

  249. I love it! A fantastic clutch!

  250. Love this to just grab and go!

  251. This purse would make me go out and buy a new out fit to go with the purse. I love to shop anyway and a new outfit with a free purse would be GREAT.

  252. What a wonderful way to brighten the grey drab days of winter, that clutch and it’s fantastic color would drive away any doldrums!

  253. How fun! I love the color!

  254. Beautiful color!

  255. I love Coach and that gorgeous bright poppy color – it’s so perfect to bring to spring and summer events!

  256. Beautiful color!!

  257. So cute! I would love to have this Coach clutch.

  258. Handy little bag to carry. Add some color to your wardrobe, too. Nice.

  259. This would be great to win, because I can think of a few outfits I would wear with this.

  260. What an awesome colored accessory. Would go great with my new outlook this year!

  261. This would be great to win. What a great pop of color. It says fun and classy all in one.

  262. This is beautiful and awesome to win, love the color, would be great for a date out :)

  263. No more winter blues! Spring ahead with coral!

  264. My granddaughter is 14 and loves Coach. I would love to win it for her.

  265. No more winter blues! Spring ahead to coral!

  266. I would like to win this clutch to give to a friend who would absolutely love it!

  267. Would love to win this beautiful is so springish.

  268. Lovely purse, and the color is so beautiful!

  269. Really like the color, would love to have one.

  270. never had a Coach bag…

  271. The Perfect clutch with perfect color ‘year round Pink’ to brighten your outfits in 2013. Coach has outdone themselves again. Super for spring dates and all year. Thanks Coach for another awesome design, and LHJ FOR showing us this lovely purse. Pink is the go to color 2013…lovely!

  272. Plain and Simple, I NEED A COACH!

  273. I have two Coach Bags, purchased by my husband, with accessories,
    about ten years, ago.
    I love the workmanship and the patina on my two purses,
    and, I, especially, love the new coral clutch, color and style, as the
    fashionista would say “It’s The Bomb”.

  274. Truly a lovely bag

  275. I love the pop of color. Coach is a big fav of mine

  276. I would love this handbag; it looks perfect for spring!!!

  277. This is a great color to perk everyone up this winter.

  278. Certainly would love to win this adorable Coach clutch. Great style and quality with Coach brand.

  279. I love Coach. I like the color.

  280. What a beautiful way to welcome Spring! Love the coral color of this clutch. It is a sign that warm weather is on the way!

  281. I want to gift this adorable pink coach to my college granddaughter. She would love it!!!

  282. This would be THE PERFECT GIFT for my daughter.

  283. Would love to win this Coach bag. It would compliment my Easter outfit. Beautiful spring color.

  284. Love the color! Also like the size.

  285. The bag is unique, just like me….

  286. Totally beautiful. Makes me feel all springy even in cold Denver. Almost bronco color!!

  287. What a great piece to start off the new year!

  288. Sooo cute and love the color!

  289. cute…would make a nice addition to my daughters collection…!!!

  290. I love Coach! And what a fabulous, bright color!!!

  291. Love love, love!

  292. This clutch would be the inspiration for my spring wardrobe

  293. I love the color and style of this Coach purse.
    The color is perfect for any day of the week and for work or vacation. It’s good all year long.
    I love the style because most clutches do not have a wrist strap and outside pockets.
    The size is just right(not too small or big).
    The white trim really makes it pop & look modern.
    I have never been able to own a Coach purse(known for quality, style, & durability)and this would make the perfect starter one!

  294. Beautiful!

  295. I would love to win this!

  296. What can I say–I’m a sucker for a red purse!!

  297. This clutch would def put a smile only mom–it’s a beautiful color that woud help put a smile on her after the rough month we have had as a family!:)

  298. love coach ,love lhj,,,so i guess you both have my heart….plus i want this

  299. cute clutch, what’s it like to own a coach ??!!

  300. I love the color! I don’t have anything like it at all!

  301. It’s a Coach, what else can you say……and a Beautiful color as well, please make my day!!!

  302. Oh, it’s so pretty!

  303. I was into coral before coral was trendy;-)

  304. A great “love” reminder…Valentine’s Day, Spring, Summer, anytime <3

  305. What an upbeat color for all seasons!

  306. This is such a hot color. I would love to win it!

  307. this is sooooo chic! love, love!

  308. I love coach bags. It be nice to win it.

  309. I would love this clutch. A VERY bright spot in my life!

  310. Love the color! Pick me!

  311. Very cute! I love Coach!!!

  312. Love this bag by Coach. If I dont’ win it, I hope a deserving person will! Thanks for the offer, Coach and LHJ

  313. Have never had a COACH. Love it. If I don’t win it, I hope a deserving person does. Thanks Coach and LHJ

  314. What a dynamic color combo. Love this bag.


  316. Most of my wardrobe is black or brown. I really need that pop of color. I am also a great fan of the classics and that coach is perfect. Please.

  317. wld love this bag, its realy cute!

  318. This clutch would make all my clothes look smashing! Love Coach bags.

  319. I love this clutch! it is soo cute! plus I don’t have any girly purses so i want it really bad.

  320. This little clutch is just perfect!

  321. A perfect little clutch. Nice color too. I would love to win it.

  322. Would love to own a Coach, just has never been able to fit in this to be divorced income.

  323. This little clutch is adorable. Would love to have it.

  324. First I thought I’d give it to my daughter but then decided I wanted it for me!!!

  325. great color great for spring or winter whites

  326. What a great way to start spring, with a beautiful, eye catching color bag! It is fabulous!! Thanks

  327. Too ctue! Would love to add this my fashion arsenal!

  328. This clutch would bring a little touch of Spring during the gray days of Winter!

  329. Love this color! Hope I win.

  330. This would be very versatile and come in very handy when running errands with the kids!

  331. It is my birthday next week..seriously…skip the cake and give me the clutch!! Making my wish early :~)

  332. Love the color , a pop of spring

  333. I love this clutch the color is truly amazing! Thank s for allowing someone to win it.

  334. This would be a great going out or everyday bag!

  335. I really, really, really would love love this. I love a little pop of color.

  336. love it ! I would love to win this for my 1st coach purse.

  337. Please let me win this clutch! Love your magazine, by the way!

  338. Love the clutch and the color would add such a splash for spring.

  339. I’ve got the perfect outfit for this! Please??

  340. I have plans for this beautiful Coach bag!

  341. Would love to win this awesome clutch.

  342. Beautiful spring color, would love to pair it with a beautiful spring outfit!!!

  343. What a lovely bag! I would LOVE to own it. I have never owned such a luxurious bag!

  344. Would LOVE to win this lovely bag!

  345. Love the color, would love to have one.


  347. Would be nice to win this Coach.

  348. It would be wonderful to win the neon Poppy colored Coach clutch. Our wildflower poppies are all orange colored – it’s time for a change!

  349. Gorgeous, yummy, and it needs to be with me.

  350. Can’t afford Coach anything, so this cute red one would be amazing

  351. Lovely color – just adorable!

  352. Would love the clutch to add color for spring..

  353. Do second comments make winning more possible..if so, here is the comment…love Coach

  354. Love to own a real coach!!

  355. I could use a little “brightness” in my life about now; and this Coach clutch would be perfect!!

  356. That is so cute, I’d love to win one for my daughters’ to share.

  357. My relatives my friends, all own Coach products. I have never owned a Coach bag and I want one. They are Unique.

  358. That cute little pop of color would look great with any outfit.

  359. I love this purse. I hope I win it.

  360. Reminds me of a cute little clutch I carried to church in the 60s, but, of course, not the price!
    So feminine!!!

  361. Wow! I looove the “Pop” of color! Wouls be a great accessory to a ton of outfits!

  362. What a cute clutch! The color is so gorgeous and feminine!

  363. Cute clutch!

  364. Never owned a Coach. Pink is my favorite color. Will definitely put this on my upcoming birthday wish list. How could this clutch not make any girl happy?

  365. What a pretty clutch. I would enjoy using it!

  366. I love coach purses. My granddaughters love them too as I have gotten them one for Christmas before. Pink is the favorite color of one and mine too.

  367. Love this clutch. Spring must have :)

  368. This makes me excited for spring! Cute!

  369. Wow! A Coach bag, in such a vibrant color! I would be very thankful if i win this bag!! Love Love Love Coach bag.

  370. What a lovely color and style. Truly timeless.

  371. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE!Coach is my favorite!

  372. <3 Coach Clutch <3
    Coral is one of my favorite colors (#ff3366). Cute clutch… would be perfect for a "light" bag day.

  373. I would love to give this beautiful coach pink clutch a new home around my wrist. I just love coach!

  374. I love coach and it will be that perfect punch for my spring time wardrobe. Loving that color’!!!!!!

  375. Very cute… my daughter will try to talk me out of it!

  376. wow! lots of people want this clutch and SO DO I!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  377. What a blessing it would be to own this lovely clutch!

  378. I would love this clutch. I am a hospice nurse. It would be great to put important documents and items in this clutch and out it in my nursing bag. Then when work is finished I can use it as my purse.

  379. I have a few coach purses but nothing like this colorful clutch. Would love to own this.

  380. This is a super cute purse, I’m loving the smaller purses now.

  381. Cute purse!!! Love the smaller purses.

  382. This purse is really cute and it is a perfect size for me.

  383. I need a smaller purse to take to chemotheraphy sessions that will fit well into my small backpack.

  384. I always feel special with a beautiful COACH purse!!!!

  385. Love it!

  386. Very cute clutch! Have never splurged on a Coach before, but this one requires a second look :)

  387. BEAUTIFUL coach purse. Definitely the finest so far! I’m in love! <3

  388. Love the look – what fun!, The white trim really makes it pop.

  389. I am a 52 year granny. I have never owned a clutch. Much less anything by COACH, But this bag is just too cute and WOW! Its pink ( my absolute fave) I think I’d feel 30 years younger and very very happy to own this absolutely gorgeous bag! GO PINK! It rules.

  390. beautiful color

  391. In love with and feel overwhelming happy when looking at this clutch!

  392. HI, Id just like to show (especially my daughter-in-law!) that us more mature women like to be in the know also! and how better than a Coach bag?

  393. Love this flashy little clutch! What a fabulous color! This would be the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe!

  394. This clutch is fabulous! I especially love the size.

  395. My daughter got a Coach purse years ago. Such great quality products. I love this little clutch. Let’s make my daughter jealous!!

  396. awesome spring accessory!!!

  397. I would love this clutch for spring. What a great color!

  398. Great color for my college grad daughter.

  399. Love the color of the clutch. Would be a pop of color to any outfit come spring.

  400. This has my metropolitan daughter written all over it. She loves color blocking and Coach!

  401. My life needs to be simple thus I need a Coach that will help my purse organized so this clutch will do!!!

  402. I love Coach bags. They are my favorite.

  403. a really cute purse!

  404. I love the size and color of the purse. Maybe I could downsize with this purse.

  405. I love the color. I usually stick with black or brown, this would break me out of that.

  406. Great spring color!

  407. A good friend could really use a pick me up and this bag is perfect!

  408. Would love to own a Coach purse!

  409. I love Coach purses! They are made so well and never wear out. I would not think of buying any other brand purse. Each year Coach gets better and better and the colors do too.!

  410. fabulous!

  411. Love the color and the detailing!

  412. would love to win my first coach purse! Thanks for the chance.

  413. Clutches are this year’s handbag and accessory. This is a great color and who does not love Coach!

  414. coach is my favorite brand

  415. A very cute, simply bag. I love the duo-pockets. Thank you, Kathy

  416. Yes. I do deserve to win this cute clutch. I was going to go to the Coach outlet in Concord, NC, but I will wait. Thank you LHJ!

  417. Coach is my all time favorite handbag and this one looks like it would be a great spring/summer clutch…


  419. I want that! Too cute! I love Coach!

  420. Love Coach! Love the bag. Love the color. Hope I win!


  422. This could add a great pop of color to an outfit – thanks for the giveaway!

  423. Wonderful color for Spring and summer.

  424. What a handing little clutch! It would be easy to find in my bag or work well all by itself for quick trips.

  425. My son gave me a Coach purse for Christmas that I love! This would look so cute in it! Thanks!

  426. . . . Pretty in Pink! . . . . and made by Coach . . . a win win

  427. My best friend and I both love coach purses, bags and keychains. I would love to win this and give it to my BFF. Can’t you just imagine her surprise?

  428. Wish me luck

  429. OMG! What a fabulous little bag.. Coach Ida’s been my favorite brand for years.

  430. Wow this is unique, love the tassel. Want to win of course! Coral is defnitely in, says spring to me! Love! :)

  431. Wonderful little bag in a perfect color- just the thing I need to bring joy to the new Me!

  432. My wife would love this coach bag!

  433. I love the color, and the cute small size. I would love to have this bag!

  434. I love the color and the size.

  435. This would be great to carry for my son’s graduation and by godgaughter’wedding this spring.

  436. I love this bag! The color would definitely add some much needed “pop” to my wardrobe!

  437. Loving the new Coach bags, especially this one!

  438. What a cute clutch, I love the color, it would look reat with lots of outfits, I’d love to win, thanks for the chance!!

  439. Would love to win this Coach clutch!!

  440. This would be a wonderful addition to my purse for this spring! Love the colors, love the design and to put a cherry on top of all that it’s COACH!!!

  441. Bold statement color bag, perfect for the spring & wardrobe. A gem!

  442. After all these years, still dreaming of Coach,luv it,luv it

  443. I love this purse!

  444. I love this clutch! I have never been able to afford anything by Coach before, but the color is absolutely wonderful! It reminds me of happiness and beautiful Spring flowers! I would love carrying it around with me on a day or a night out! Thank you for the giveaway!! :)

  445. This is a perfect size and color for 2013. I would love to own this stunning beauty.

  446. fun and makes me think SPRING!

  447. I have been keeping my eye on the lookout for a new clutch and knew I would know it when I saw it and THIS IS IT!! Love-Love-Love…would use it every day. I now grab my old clutch out of my bag when I go into a store to’s so much easier than lugging around a big bag. My fingers are crossed:)

  448. Great clutch!!! How great would this look with a summer tan!!!

  449. this would be a perfect addition to my spring fashions….

  450. love the color love the bag. love, love, love, it.

  451. Coral is a unique color. When I was a little girl in the 60′s, I remember coral was a popular color, and my mother wore it in a very pretty dress, nail polish, and lipstick. I really liked it. Now I see it’s popular again. I would LOVE to win the Coach clutch!

  452. I would love to win the Coach clutch!

  453. I would love to win this beautiful pink, Coach clutch to pop in my sunscreen and head for the beach!

  454. I love Coach!

  455. what a lovely give away ! i love coach products!

  456. I can’t afford to buy this bag so maybe I can win it! It’s fabulous!

  457. My Boss, Mary Beth, who is a Coach “Baggie “, would love for me to win this clutch for her. She may even take me to lunch!

  458. I will love to share this site with my friends. BTW I everything about it is so creative!

  459. What a fun color! Hope I win :)

  460. What a fashion statement this beautiful Coach bag would be, even for a Grandma of 13!

  461. Great bag. Great color. Great Style. GREAT price.
    I love it on my wrist. ; -()

  462. Not my taste, but it would make a great gift for my niece or daughter. Fun give-a-way

  463. Love the color and absolutely love the bag!!! Would make a beautiful bag for Easter Sunday!!!

  464. Love!

  465. Ooooh – to be stylin’ with coach! Yes!

  466. I would love to win this for my sweet Mom’s 86th birthday! ! She is an amazing person and this would be a great gift!

  467. Love this color! It’s MY color for spring and summer and this cute little clutch would be the perfect accessory to all the other coral pieces I have in my closet.

  468. Love this color! It’s MY color for spring and summer and this cute little clutch would be the perfect accessory to all the other pieces I have in my closet.

  469. Wow. At a time I can really use this. Would be great if I won it!!

  470. Pick me! Pick me!

  471. I was in New York on many occasions in the past few months and stayed in a hotel right by the Coach store on Fifth Avenue. I loved looking at their window displays! Love their bags and shoes. Would love to have this!!

  472. Just had my breath taken away by this beautiful Coach clutch. Coach just isn’t a bag, its inspiration, for a date, a new look or even just out on the town! Amazing piece of art work!

  473. I can’t buy things like this any more so I need to win it. Love the shape and color.


  475. The perfect addition to my drab wardrobe!

  476. From drab to FAB with one little clutch!

  477. Looks like it would be perfect for many occasions.

  478. I had a sad xmas..I want a cluch

  479. Love the color and would go perfectly with my new coat.

  480. will never be able to buy one, it would be a great blessing to win one.

  481. I love this Coach purse! I have wanted a Coach bag for years, but haven’t been able to afford it. I would love to win this, it would be an awesome start to this new year!

  482. Wow, that’s a pretty clutch!


  484. Splendid! This lovely clutch & my personality will be like music to a dance floor!

  485. This bag is super cute!!

  486. I love the clutch and I would love to win it!!

  487. I want to win!

  488. Whew, scrolled down to find the comment box.
    Would love to win this clutch. It’s adorable!

  489. just the right size, great spring color!

  490. My favorite color and what a way to brighten up any day!

  491. I love it! Warm and sunny…makes me smile

  492. Cute bag. Love the size & color.

  493. Would like one very much.

  494. I love coach bags they last forever.I would love to have this pretty clutch in my wardrobe. I would use it often…

  495. I just bought my first Coach bag last year, and LOVE it – such great quality. I will never buy anything else, and this clutch is the perfect touch of color for spring in Phoenix!

  496. Nice bag, beautiful color!

  497. Love the clutch and the magazine.

  498. I would love to have a Coach bag, and this one would be perfect.

  499. OMG what a pretty clutch & by Coach even better.
    What pretty color for spring. Love to win it!!!

  500. I love Coach I have carried nothing but Coach bags forever. Would be so grateful to win one.

  501. what girl wouldn’t want a coach bag, especially a small one like this.

  502. Would love to win this Coach clutch – I love the color

  503. what a great pop of color!!!!

  504. Coach bags are fabulous and this one is a stand-out! Great color!!

  505. I have carried the same purses since I was pregnant with my daughter. If you take care of your things they last. But maybe 10 years is time for a change!

  506. This would be great to share with my daughter!

  507. Love the color and would love to win this bag

  508. Love the color!

  509. One of my all time favorite colors, I would love to win this coach purse, I cannot afford one at the $11 hr I make…thank you happy forever I Win!!!!!!

  510. Simply have to have it. It says it all for Spring!

  511. love the clutch — reminds me of poppies

  512. It would definitely make my year to receive a Coach purse. Thanks.

  513. Love Coach products! This bag looks really cute and what a great color of spring and summer.

  514. Adorable bag! Would love to have this. I know just the outfit to wear with it.

  515. This is my color! I have never owned a Coach bag before and would be just thrilled to win this!

  516. Wow, this is a gorgeous clutch with nice detail. Also love the color — it would look great with any outfit.

  517. My grandchildren love Coach..would’t they be jealous if I finally got one!! LOL

  518. Anything that is pink is a favorite for me. Add the word “Coach Clutch” and it becomes the the ultimate favorite. I would love to win it. Thanks much.

  519. This would be a brand-new for me in my collection. This would also be my first Coach bag. I also in my collection do not have this color Would look lovely with my spring and summer wardrobe.

  520. I love this bag and don’t have anything from Coach so this would be really great!

  521. Love the clutch. What woman wouldn’t love carrying it!

  522. YES! I want that clutch! Too cute!

  523. I can’t believe my favorite shade of pink is available in this pretty coach clutch! Must have!!

  524. I have never had a Coach bag. It would be spring sunshine….and I would have a big smile!

  525. I love this clutch, just what I have been looking for, even better is the color – love it.

  526. Love, love the color of the bag!!! I would love my own Coach bag!!!

  527. i neeeeedddddd this little clutch

  528. The color is awesome. I’ve been needing a clutch this size since my twins stopped needing to filll my purse with all their little things to occupy themselves. Their now eleven years old. I’ve not been able to find a clutch that I like until now.PLEASE BE MINE. Tracy G.

  529. Cute and Coral Legacy I could use. What aaddition this would be for dicussion with my BFF’s.. Just Sayin. Smiles as the Coach would Say…

  530. Love the size and bright color of this handbag, cute for Easter Spring clothes.

  531. I have never owneda coach purse and I would love to own this one.

  532. I am sooo in need of a new purse, and this one is JUST lovely, and perfect for my style!

  533. Would love to own one of these lovely handbags.

  534. I really would love to win somthing. I’m a single mom with bills on top of bills,and could use a nice treat.

  535. This would be my first Coach bag!! It would make a lovely 50th bday gift!!

  536. Dear Coach and LHJ,
    I have been saving for a new Coach handbag for almost two years, so to win a Coach clutch would be awesome!! It would be like winning the daily double- a free Coach clutch and reading my favorite magazine Ladie’s Home Journal!

  537. This u s awesome! !!! I need this purse

  538. Still trying to win that cute Coach clutch!! Love it !

  539. Love this bag especially the color.


  541. Great bag!! I love the color, it would make any outfit pop

  542. Awwwww this rocking Coach wristlet will help bring my sexy back. Love This!!!

  543. at 72 years old it is time i owned a coach bag

  544. My wardrobe consist of blue jeans. I think this color of coach bag would definitely make a statement. I love the compact size.

  545. Perfect bag for the season; hot and fresh!

  546. Perfect bag for the spring season, hot and fresh!

  547. Perfect to bring on a spring cruise!

  548. I have always wanted a Coach bag but could not afford one, and this clutch is so cute (color, shape), so this contest seemed like the perfect solution. Thanks for the opportunity!

  549. Love it, love it, love it. Who couldn’t adore this gorgeous watermelon colored clutch?

  550. My daughter would love this!

  551. Beautiful, beautiful color!

  552. Love coral & would love to wear it on my first ever Coach bag!1

  553. I would love to win this cutch! Too cute!

  554. I may be old but still like to look stylish!

  555. PLease ,, Please PLEASE and THANK YOU !!!!

  556. I would love to win this beautiful clutch from one of my favorite brands!!

  557. This color pink is the PERFECT way for me to stop traffic this spring!

  558. I really love this purse.

  559. Super shick yet everyday fashionable! Gotta Love it!

  560. What an adorable little clutch by Coach-loving the poppy color!

  561. I would love to win this coach bag and give to my daughter

  562. would love to win this so cute

  563. This bag is a classic! If I won this clutch, I would give it to my mother. She has been my strength for the past year and a half, as I am going through a gut-wrenching divorce. She is also my father’s caregiver. She deserves this and more!!!!

  564. What a awesome pop of color!!

  565. What a great spring color! Love it!

  566. Love Coach! Love this clutch! I wear a LOT of black and this would be an excellent accent of color to my outfit! Love Coach & LHJ!

  567. Love the color. Always wanted a coach purse. Great spring purse.

  568. I love this purse.

  569. I really like this bag. I’d probably wear it with all white. I love the whole Legacy collection. I like those tassels. I also like the front pockets- handy for dropping miscellaneous things like change into.

  570. Coach is Classic and Classy. Yes, the color is fab and the style chic, but a clutch is perfect for the basics, a lipstick, a phone and shades, and plastic to get you essentials while out and about. Perfect.

  571. Coach knows how to make ladies’ heads Pop!

  572. Coach is one of my favorite brands – I’d love to sport this super cute clutch around any day of the week! :)

  573. Cute….cute…..cute!!! Great brand, gorgeous color just the right size

  574. Ladies Home Journal always highlights really neat things. this Coach clutch is pretty cool.

  575. The perfect go to clutch for spring! Love it!!

  576. This would be my first Coach bag. Would love to own one that is so cute!

  577. Would be a great shot of color for my 61st birthday on feb. 14 since my kids say I need more color in my wardrobe. Thank you for the opportunity.

  578. A new Coach bag would be so sweet!

  579. We had a fire 2 days before Thanksgiving and lost almost everything. Since we have to replace so much ( we have to move into a new home and it feels like we are just starting out, lol) but since I am buying so much, I can’t replace the girls “good” bags and such. My oldest would love this bag!

  580. Adorable!!

  581. Wow! Nice! Good luck to all!! ;)

  582. Would love to have this. Its a beautiful color too. Whomever wins this Coach Clutch will be a very lucky person!

  583. This purse says, “spring” and can’t wait. Love the the bright color.

  584. I love coach bags,they last forever.

  585. It is such a happy color for spring.

  586. Sooooo cute!

  587. I love the bright color of this coach bag. It would be great to win this wonderful prize!

  588. This would be such a good pick me up color during this New England dreary winter non color days!!

  589. Would REALLY lift my spirits to win this and have this bright color to look at!

  590. This clutch would brighten up my dear Sister’s life. Her husband died recently and her birthday is coming up. I would dearly love to give this clutch to her.

  591. Single mom raising a young handicapped son–would love a fun fashion statement accessory!!

  592. I love that this bright clutch can go from day to evening so readily and having the iconic Coach trademark being more subtle, in my opinion, makes this clutch all the more classic, timeless, and elegant!

  593. I would love to win this clutch.It would bring such a pop of color to my wardrobe.

  594. This color is SOOOO made for me!! And the second part I love about it is the wide whites on it!!! I love strong outlines – this has my name ALL OVER IT!!!

  595. I like this little clutch. Would be perfect for our vacation trip this spring!

  596. I would love to win the coral Coach clutch. My daughter has bought several coach bags, but I do not have one. It’s a beautiful color for spring, and would certainly help brighten my wardrobe. Thanks for offering such a great prize!

  597. Love coach bags they are the best

  598. I would love to win this Coach clutch! It would be an adorable addition to my collection of Coach bags. What an exciting contest. Thanks!

  599. This is such a cute purse. It is exactly what I would buy.

  600. Great Summer bag! Love the color!

  601. I love that Coach is going back to a more classic look. This clutch reminds me that summer is right around the corner, even though it’s 10 degrees outside today!

  602. Have always wanted a Coach bag and this is perfect! Love the color!

  603. This color is me all the way, the vibrant brights. And all my friends would tell ya the same. They all wear black and whites, I’m always throwing some splash of color with my outfits.

  604. I would love to have this bag. It would be great for the spring once all this snow melts. This color is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of Myrtle Beach, and home.

  605. This would be such a wonderful surprise! Thanks for the opportunity.

  606. Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  607. This bag would give a great pop of color to any outfit.

  608. I want this bag

  609. Awesome! :)

  610. Very pretty color.have never owned a coach purse!!
    Would love to have one to use.

  611. A coach purse WOW. I have never owned a coach, but I would love to. I hope I win.

  612. Would love to have a Coach product. Would be lucky to win.

  613. Have never owned a Coach purse though my daughter and other members of my family have. I LOVE this purse and would love this to be my first Coach!!

  614. This cute clutch would be the perfect Spring purse for me.

  615. From tween to granny I have loved anything Coach, what a nice win this would be. Thanks for offering an amazing prize.

  616. I love this clutch!

  617. I love this bag!

  618. I need this clutch. Pick me PLEASE!!

  619. I need this. Please pick me!!

  620. Gorgeous! Love the color and love COACH!

  621. Even though I’m pushing 55, I think I could I could pull off this clutch with white jeans, a long gray tee and a denim jacket! :)

  622. I LOVE this bag! It’s so perfect for Spring! I love…love…love the color!

  623. What does Lana really want? “The One and Only Coach Handbag” Can’t imagine life without it!

  624. I would love to win this cute bag for my lovely daughter. She is a single mom and this would seriously brighten her day. Pink is her favorite color, Coach is her favorite bag. She can’t ever afford anything by Coach as she spends all her money on her sons needs.

  625. Would LOVE to win it!!!

  626. This fabulous clutch goes with everything! Love it!

  627. I’ve been dropping hints to my other half about a coach bag for valentine’s day- sadly I think winning one might be my only hope!!

  628. That color is luscious! Such a fun, pretty bag!

  629. Does it matter what I say? I just would love to win this charming and practical clutch!!!!Clare

  630. Love! Love! this sassy! clutch.

  631. Love the color!! This clutch is just what I need to do some serious flea market and outlet shopping!!! I love Coach!

  632. Coach has a great reputation. This bag would add to my wardrobe; especially since it is one of my favorite colors.

  633. I love my Coach purse and would love to have that clutch for when I just hurry out the door ,great color for spring

  634. I would love this!

  635. I love this clutch! It’s adorable.

  636. Adorable I would love to have this!

  637. First time I have entered to win anything!! Just gotta have this clutch!! Love love love it :)

  638. I would love this beautiful bag for my lovely daughter who is a single mother and deserves something this special.

  639. Love love love this clutch its too cute.

  640. clutch is so cute daughter usually buys me a purse mine is around eight years old time for a new one. perfect size

  641. This is my color and my mom’s favorite flower!! Poppy PLEASE?!!:)

  642. Really like Coach products! This color and style is very attractive! It creates an eye catching piece that anyone would love to have, including me!

  643. So cute,such a gorgeous color. It is a great purse.!

  644. This clutch is such a beautiful colour!! Thank you

  645. This clutch would add a pop of color to accentuate any outfit. Beautiful!

  646. A beauty for sure!

  647. I would love to win this clutch! Great spring accessory!!!!

  648. Just that pop of color needed in our dreary winter months.

  649. I LOVE PURSES. I cannot afford a Coach, but have always wanted one.

  650. What a great color to brighten up the winter blahs!

  651. I love LHJ and Coach! What a cute bag, I hope I am one of the lucky winners.

  652. I love this purse, I hope I win it.

  653. Great pop of color for spring!

  654. What a great promo. Thanks LHJ and Coach, you’re both the best!

  655. Love it, love it, love it! Who wouldn’t want to win this great Coach bag. Love the color and the style of it.

  656. What a way to bring a smile to my face, love it!!

  657. COACH me if you can!!!!!!

  658. What a beautiful color!!!!

  659. This a a beautiful coach clutch and this is my favorite color. I have just the shoes to accomodate it.

  660. I prefer smaller bags, like this clutch, rather than the larger bags girls carry these days. This would be a perfect bag for me.

  661. Love the color. Perfect for Spring!

  662. Love this so much! Cute coral!

  663. I would never be able to afford such a beautiful clutch…and I would appreciate it everyday,every girl needs at least one accesory they feel fits their personality…

  664. I have always adored other womens coach purses but am unable to purchase one so i would cherish this if picked to have. Thanks for offering this to all of us!

  665. This bag is so cute.

  666. Love this bag, I think itd make any boring outfit look glam!

  667. I have always wanted a Coach purse. This great clutch would certainly get noticed and definitely lift my spirits.

  668. I have loved Coach for years and this color is gorgeous, it would be a lovely addition to my collection!

  669. I love coach handbags.

  670. I love Coach purses and I would really like to win this one. The color is gorgeous!

  671. Thank you for the opportunity for the chance to win this lovely Coach purse. It is darling!

  672. I LOVE this clutch! It is beautiful!

  673. I love COACH handbags!!!! This clutch is so pretty.

  674. Need this happy bag

  675. Love it,love it.

  676. You can’t help but feel a bit brighter and sassier when you add accessories like this to your outfit! Love it!

  677. A coach purse is a symbol of quality and I would be proud to one one. Especially this one.

  678. Love this style & color!

  679. I used to avoid pink like the plague ( must have been because of those years working at Baskin Robbins), but now I revel in being a woman and wearing pink. Pink + Coach= yes, please.

  680. Such a cute bag — perfect for spring!

  681. My boss thinks I am reliable, my teens think I am boring, maybe this could be the start to being fun!

  682. Pretty bag! Nice color!

  683. Love the color for February being heart healthy.

  684. Love this clutch – especially the tassels. Would look good with boat shoes. Thanks for the sweepstakes opportunity.

  685. Cute clutch, Coach does it again! Come on spring…

  686. I love the color of this Clutch! Real pretty color for spring, which by Phil the groundhog, it’s coming!

  687. Who can’t use a pop of color at this time of the year!?!?

  688. Great new color to add to my Coach collection!

  689. I’ve just lost 40 pounds and this little clutch would help begin me on my new look.

  690. This clutch would look wonderful with all almost all I’ve never had a Coach bag before – well out of my price range even on sale so this would definitely put an air in my step!!! Love LHJ!!

  691. I would love to win this purse.

  692. This would be really cute to bring to my new job instead of my purse. I bet it would even fit in my briefcase!

  693. The color put an instant smile on my face!

  694. I am trying to make this year my “less is more” year. By doing so, I intend to stick to a plan of carrying a smaller purse so that it doesn’t aggravate my arthritic shoulders that much. This piece from Coach is the perfect accessory to help me obtain my goal. With this clutch, I would be able to carry only the necessary items – driver’s license, cell phone, credit cards and money – and not hurt my shoulders. Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to enter, LHJ!!

  695. I love the Coach clutch. Thanks for the chance to win.

  696. Love the color. I’ll be “stylin” carrying this beautiful bag!

  697. I love Coach purses. They definitely withstand everyday life!

  698. I have never owned a Coach purse. Would LOVE to win this one!

  699. Im a coach addict, it is my one area I splurge on. But with 2 boys in college my splurging days are over. Id love tow in this bag to brighten up my spring!

  700. This purse is super cute

  701. I have never owned any type Coach bag. I would love for this oneto be my first one.

  702. I do not own a coach and always wanted one. I am 66. This would be a wonderful treat for me.

  703. What a beautiful color–perfect for spring! I’ve never had a Coach bag, and this one would be a great one to start with!! ;-)

  704. LOVE this color!!! Would love to win this :)

  705. The color is unique.

  706. Coach is amazing! This clutch would look epic with my hand knit scarf and new shoes!

  707. I love it!

  708. I am a mother of 2 with another baby on the way in June. I have been put on bedrest for the NEXT 20 WEEKS. If you can imagine things are kind of crazy for our family right now but, even moreso for my beautiful and giving sister who just moved to town with her 3 boys. Not only has she managed to transition her family smoothly but, she has taken on the responsibility of caring for my two kids while I can’t get out of bed. I would LOVE to surprise her with a thank you and this purse would sure make her smile!

  709. This clutch is amazing and would definetely add a great pop of color to my wardrobe! I think this would look great with jeans and a t shirt.

  710. Love the color. What a great little bag for spring and summer.

  711. This Coach clutch would look amazing with my new Coach boots! I prefer to add to my Coach collection versus go on vacation ANY DAY =)

  712. What a fabulous purse!! This is something you would keep for a lifetime.

  713. I would love to win this coach gag! It’s adorable and chic!

  714. It would look great with my spring clothes! And to carry on my trip to Italy

  715. Coach in coral, great brandm, hot color

  716. I’m not usually a fan of the color red, but this red/pink is lovely and the clutch “cute”!

  717. love this clutch!!

  718. So cute and fun! I’d love to win!

  719. I love Coach

  720. Such a cute purse!

  721. Great prize!

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  723. would love this

  724. Love this bag

  725. I would look great with this

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  727. My daughter would love this!

  728. My wife would love this!

  729. I’d love to win this.

  730. I love the color!

  731. Groovy!

  732. This is very beautiful.

  733. Who wouldn’t want a coach clutch?

  734. I love the size of this purse, its perfect for me.

  735. my girlfriend said Win this 4me….nuff said

  736. Thanks for the chance to win. This would make a great gift for my mother.

  737. Wow… What a cute bag & the color is amazing!

  738. the only way i will have one it to win

  739. I am not able to spoil myself with a 7 yr old girl in the house. But she would claim the puppy collar for sure.

  740. Oh, that color is luscious! I’m sitting here waiting for the oh-so fun blizzard to truly start and dreaming of spring. That color helps!

  741. love it want it need it

  742. I would love to win this for my wife. She would love it.

  743. Ooolala what a fun color! Definitely going to be the it color for the spring! How delightful if you choose me :)

  744. Ooolala what a fun color! Coral is definitely the color of spring! It would be delightful to win!

  745. Beautiful color i would love to win this eye popping clutch

  746. This pops!

  747. So springy and fresh.

  748. Very cute clutch-fresh, vibrant color. Would love to win.

  749. Great color for a spring bag. My fingers are crossed

  750. I like Coach bags. This Coach clutch is cute and I love the color!

  751. I luv,luv,luv COACH!

  752. I love this bag. Thanks!

  753. Love the bright summery colors. Thanks so much.

  754. My sister would be so jealous!

  755. my granddaughter would love this, she loves anything Coach

  756. So cute; would love to win! Thanks!

  757. What a great color for Spring!

  758. Oh! I would love to win this!

  759. My daughter would be thrilled with one of these. She adores coach bags. Me too but I love giving the girls things they can’t buy.

  760. very nice

  761. I just love this little bag! Red is my absolute favorite color, so this would match my outfits beautifully!! I hope that I win..

  762. coach is great quality

  763. coach always a winner

  764. This is amazing!

  765. love it,would love to win it

  766. Looks cute, would be sweet to win.

  767. Put me in coach!

  768. Super cute bag!!! Want one big time!

  769. I love the Coach Clutch. Thanks

  770. That clutch looks yummy!

  771. Very cute!

  772. I’d love this for my daughter!

  773. Nice but would be even nicer in a different color!

  774. Nice clutch!

  775. I always need a new purse. You can never have enough purses!

  776. one of my nieces is sure to love it’s nice color and useful uses

  777. Very nice color!

  778. love the color!! thanks for the chance!

  779. bright color of the purse match my personality so it would awesome if i won.

  780. Please enter me.

  781. Great size, shape and color!

  782. This would be great for my wife!

  783. LOVE that color!!

  784. What a perfect spring bag!

  785. I love coach and l love the color. I am a purse freak.

  786. I love coach i love the color i love this

  787. would so love to win this I can never have too many purses

  788. This bag would be great to carry around this spring. Just look at the bright color. It would make any wardrobe pop.

  789. Great color, perfect for spring and summer and perfect for my summer vacation plans! Love it.

  790. This is perfect for spring/summer.

  791. Being in my late 70′s & quite happy & healthy, a lovely pink purse would not hurt at all!

  792. cute purse

  793. Would love the bag….great color!

  794. I am in this!

  795. Can’t go wrong with Coach! Thanks!

  796. retro and mod..the perfect pairing! love this clutch! reminds me of my great-grandmother’s purse/clutch collection that i used to play dress up with as a little girl. i need to win this! ;)

  797. Nice Clutch…Thanks for the opportunity.

  798. Love this clutch

  799. Love Coach my favorite purse brand

  800. this is great

  801. really nice color!

  802. Love this clutch….great color!

  803. That is a very cute clutch!

  804. I would love this clutch! Perfect for Spring!

  805. I love this! The color is great for spring/summer.

  806. I would def love to win this coach clutch!

  807. Love it! Great color, great clutch

  808. Love Coach and their products. This clutch and the color are perfect for spring.



  811. Lovely clutch, beautiful color.

  812. Coach makes the best bags!

  813. So cute!

  814. I would love to own this beautiful Clutch. I have never been fortunate enough to own one. What a good story it would make to tell people how I won it through Ladies Home Journal.

  815. Would love to win one. I’m a mother with 3 sons :) & no daughters :(

  816. excellent clutch

  817. This would be great for spring. Love the color.


  819. Great purse! Everyone deserves one! Good luck to all! Thanks for the giveaway!

  820. love it, so cute and summer ready

  821. love it!!

  822. Beautiful bag!! Love the color.

  823. this clutch is so cute! love the color – perfect for spring!

  824. Would love it such a pretty color

  825. Tres chic !!

  826. very cute love it

  827. I LOVE the color of this bag- so beautiful!

  828. I would love to get a real bag so I can stop pretending my knock-offs are the real thing!

  829. Would love to win this for my fiance!

  830. I would love to win this clutch, love the color

  831. Love this clutch! What a great color

  832. great color!

  833. I love that color.

  834. love the pockets

  835. Fab clutch! I’ve never owned a name bag before

  836. Great bag! I’ve never owned Coach before

  837. WOW! what a little cutie, the color screams spring, it says smile, and it says how cute it would be with me as I am running errands all around town. I think it is time for me to own a name brand bag, especially since it speaks volumes to me.

  838. very nice bag!

  839. I’ve always wanted a Coach. It is beautiful and the color is awesome

  840. Would love to win this!

  841. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!! Need it.

  842. Oo i love

  843. what a cute clutch! i want it! :)

  844. My mother always loved her Coach bag………….I have never had one and really would really love to win this!

  845. I love Coach bags..What an awesome prize to win

  846. What a lovely retro look – what’s old is new again. This reminds me of the look of the 50′s and the look of the 70′s. If it’s stylish and classy, it endures through time. This little gem is timeless. Thanks for running such nice sweepstakes.

  847. Super Cute!

  848. My friend would absolutely love this Coach bag. I would love to win and give to her as a gift!!

  849. I love Coach!

  850. What a great color! I would love this!

  851. Would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  852. This screams “Spring is coming” and I want to go bold!

  853. GREAT NAME,

  854. This clutch is just so cute & screams, “springtime!”

  855. One of my best friend’s fav. colors is pink! This would be a great gift for her while she goes out and has some fun!

  856. OHHHHHH Baby this is the cutest most fuschiastic clutch evvvva, i want it!!!!!!

  857. I don’t own a Coach bag, and I would like to win this one.

  858. love to win this for my wife

  859. This is a gorgeous clutch, I want it.

  860. Can’t go wrong with anything coach. Love this one as well.

  861. Beautiful bag as usual from Coach.

  862. Nice bag, would love to be the new owner!

  863. Love the color! Great for spring!

  864. I’ve never owned a Coach bag and would love to add this classy handbag to my wardrobe.

  865. Pretty for a splash of color during Spring!

  866. I would love this bag. It’s adorable!

  867. I love everything about it!! :)

  868. Very cute. I love the color.

  869. I love Coach! What a great color this clutch is! Perfect for spring and summer!!!!

  870. Great Bag to start my Coach collection. Love the bright color!

  871. Super Cute! A perfect splash of color for Spring!

  872. Love the retrospective style and color <3

  873. I love Coach purses,and this clutch is sooo cute!

  874. I love this clutch!!

  875. That’s so pretty.

  876. Will make all my other “little black clutches” sooooo jealous !

  877. I love Coach!

  878. I really like the bright pink. Very cool!

  879. I love Coach! Would love to win one!

  880. I would love to on a Coach bag. I don’t have one and this would be a great win.

  881. Love the color. Happy carefree color. Love Coach <3

  882. LOOOOOve Coach. Crosssing my fingers

  883. LOVE THIS.

  884. Love this bag

  885. Love the spring colors bright coral and blue sky bags are real cute would love to win one..

  886. Awesome, so fresh and modern! I need!

  887. Beautiful!

  888. So cute!

  889. Would love to win this bag.Awesome…

  890. I love bright bags!

  891. Awesome contest, would love to win this gorgeous bag! :)

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  893. Never owned a Coach and this is gorgeous

  894. This clutch is adorable!

  895. way cute!

  896. Love the color, size is perfect, and I have never owned a coach before! Would be a fantastic win!

  897. It would be a great bday present for my best friend

  898. I am in desperate need of a new clutch! The one I own is 6 years old! And Coach is the absolute best!!!

  899. awesome present for my daughter when she graduates from neu.

  900. My wife would love it!

  901. I would love to win this and give it to one of my co-workers

  902. Great little purse.

  903. I would love to have this unique coach purse. It’s pretty…

  904. What an adorable bag! This would look great with jeans or a skirt.

  905. Cool bag

  906. adorable bag

  907. Classic!

  908. This purse is cute.

  909. what a cutie

  910. awesome color, love to win it

  911. Great color clutch

  912. What a cute clutch, great color which would sure help my boring, bland wardrobe!

  913. Too pretty! I have had a hard time lately and this would be just the thing to lift my spirits.

  914. Love the color, love the name, Coach. This would be a great staple in my spring and summer wardrobe. Thank you.

  915. Just looking at the Coach clutch makes me happy!

  916. This is so cute!

  917. Sooooooo cute! Would love to carry this coach!

  918. I love the beautiful Coral of this Coach clutch. Reminds me of a tropical island.

  919. My daughter will love this!

  920. Beautiful!

  921. for my daughter please.

  922. Coach is my favorite brand of purses.

  923. lovely clutch.

  924. Wow! That color POPS!

  925. This bag is really cute and just the right size for me.

  926. This is so cute!

  927. I love this!

  928. Love this clutch! What a great color!

  929. After 3 surgeries in one year I could use a cute pink clutch in my life!

  930. I would love to coach my daughters on how to clutch their bags while I sport this beautiful Coach clutch!

  931. beautiful bag. Always want to have 1, but can’t afford it. Hope I win it. Good luck to all

  932. Never had one but would love to own one.

  933. I love this bag. It’s such a happy color!

  934. I need this…it is just too cute. Can’t buy one, am hoping I can win one. thanks!

  935. I would love to win this for my daughter. Good luck to all.

  936. That is a gorgeous bag, and I appreciate the opportunity to enter to win !

  937. I love the white trim. It makes anything look fresh, and coral color is just perfect for spring.

  938. A Coach clutch how great. Would love one!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  939. I love Coach

  940. Would love this!!! Very pretty and will dress up any outfit. Even my child said it matches his Legos. LOL!! :)

  941. Beautiful clutch. I love Coach’s devotion to quality products.

  942. Love it! Adorable and it is so me!

  943. Never had a Coach. Would love to own one!

  944. need this it is beautiful

  945. I love this purse

  946. nice for spring

  947. I really love the color of this Coach clutch for Spring!

  948. I would use this for job interviews, a lucky bag!!!

  949. cute wristlet, would really love to win!!!

  950. What a great color for Spring and Summer. Love the bag.

  951. So cute, love te color

  952. I love the quality of Coach products. The color of this clutch is amazing! I would be proud to own it.

  953. WOW!

  954. Super cute clutch!!!

  955. I love the color and need a new clutch.

  956. Who wouldn’t love this clutch? It’s adorable!

  957. I have wanted a COACH bag for SO long!!

  958. I have always wanted a Coach purse, but since my husband died, money is tight. An expensive purse is not in the budget. I love the color!

  959. I’m in Love….got to have it…

  960. I LOVE coach purses. The color is awesome. What a great color for spring. I would love to have such a neat classy purse. Please pick me!

  961. What a cute purse. Love the color !!

  962. I’ve never had a Coach purse. I would love this red clutch. This is a great color to welcome spring!

  963. So beautiful! I would love to have it in my wardrobe.

  964. I love coach,and this purse is adorable.great for spring!

  965. I would so appreciate to win this beautiful Coach clutch. It is a beautiful color!

    Thanks so much & take care all!

  966. This is such a cute and fun purse–love the bright color!

  967. Perfect gift idea

  968. This is perfect for me – I would love to own this clutch, but can’t afford it on my teacher’s salary. Thanks for the opportunity!

  969. What a great eyecatching color!

  970. Love this clutch!

  971. My husband and I started a strict budget to become completely debt free 3 months ago. This has been he most difficult last few weeks. This bag will make the next few months bearable! Definitely fits my granny chic-ness.

  972. Pretty coral coach purse. My mother-inlaw would love this.

  973. This is a great color!!

  974. Very Cute! It’s the perfect pop of color for spring

  975. Love the color and the fact it is small and easy to hold.

  976. Classic.

  977. Pick me!

  978. Ooooh La La, this is a nice one

  979. So cute, would love to have this to use!

  980. Love the color – brings a smile to my face! The perfect accessory for spring.

  981. I love the color!!

  982. The color is so much fun! Would accessorize any outfit from casual to professional. Would love to own this Coach clutch!

  983. I am awestruck by this color,it is stunning!
    I am a huge addict when it comes to Coach!
    I would love to have this bag!!!!

  984. just love the red

  985. would love to own a coach bag

  986. This coral is a KICKY color! It is TOO CUTE. Come home to my closet, little friend.

  987. Love Coach! This color would add a POP of color to any outfit!

  988. Roses are green,

    Hydrangeas are green,

    Owning this Coach clutch

    Would be a dream………come true!

  989. I love this purse. the color is perfect and I would love to own it.

  990. I would love to have this, it is beautiful & unique!

  991. I wear a lot of gray and black and this would be nice for a pop of color. Thank you.

  992. My daughter loves everything Coach. Would love to have this for her.

  993. Coach handbags are the ultimate gift! Who wouldn’t want to win this!!

  994. Would love to win this cute coach purse. I love the colors.

  995. I would to win this purse for my daughter.

  996. Love to win

  997. Can’t go anywhere without my Coach!!

  998. Happiness is… A Coach Coral Clutch –Too Cute!

  999. my birthday is march 6th this would be the most wonderful surprise.and best gift .great spring color !!

  1000. So cute for spring! I would love to win this!

  1001. Very eyecatching love it.

  1002. I love it. Thank You

  1003. great color!

  1004. I love purses and that one is a great color for spring/summer :)

  1005. A great bag to go with many outfits! :)

  1006. so cold today this bag just looks like spring is on it’s way !!

  1007. Love this!!! Great for spring and summer!

  1008. This Coach bag is awesome! I just love the color!

  1009. So cute! Love the color. I’d give it to my granddaughter for her 15th birthday.

  1010. such a great color choice and cute bag, yummy

  1011. So cute. Great addition to a spring outfit. Think spring.

  1012. I’m 50 years old this year, and have just started enjoying cool hand bags. This one is adorable and would look adorable with ME! And it’s my favorite color too!

  1013. I have never owned a coach bag and would love this one. It is one of my fav colors.

  1014. What a pretty purse! It would sure perk me up!

  1015. Pretty! Love that hot pink.

  1016. This is a beautiful handbag…cheerful colors.

  1017. so cute, love the pockets

  1018. Would love to have this beauty swinging off my wrist

  1019. I usually dress in some monochrome color, so that magnificent pop of color would make quite a statement.

  1020. I am so tired of winter and of my heavy dark over-the-shoulder bags. This would be perfect for spring!

  1021. I so NEED this clutch!!! Please be mine. :-*

  1022. I like pretty things…I hope I win!

  1023. what a perfect pop of color for spring!

  1024. Always wanted a Coach assessory! This color is just what you need for a pop of color for a spring time white dress!

  1025. a really cute purse, I’d love to have it

  1026. Because I am worth it…….

  1027. I love that RED clutch purse my daughter-in-law gets them all the time I wish I could get one put they are so expensive. Please make my wish come true.

  1028. What a terrific color! This would be a great surprise for my niece!!

  1029. Great color for spring/summer! Would love to add this to my warm weather outfits

  1030. i would love this bag. i have started over, in cols, leaving a violent relationship. this bag would add to my new outlook on life.

  1031. I will be 72 on March 1, 2013. I have never owned a new Coach purse! Most of my friends and family have 20-30, but not me.
    A friend gave me a very old black one with the Coach label stamped in the bottom that she got at a consignment store and tired of it, and I use it and use it. I guess they don’t wear out–sort of like me! :)
    I love the size and color of this little cutie. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  1032. I have always wanted a Coach bag, and this coral clutch is PERFECT!!

  1033. What a way to step out of my comfort zone with such style!

  1034. What an amazing clutch and in my favorite color….love it!!

  1035. a really cute purse. I’d love to have it.

  1036. This is definately the color of fashion for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

  1037. Definately the fashion color for spring and summer.

  1038. What a fun fest all rolled into one little cute bag!

  1039. I’d feel so stylish with that wow bag!

  1040. At my age, this bad would be perfect for me. I would love to have the bag.

  1041. Great color, thanks!

  1042. What a great color for spring! Would love to win :)

  1043. The color would sure brighten up me and my closet.

  1044. Would love to own a coach!

  1045. this bag is adorable!! It would go perfect with my new summer wardrobe I am wanting to buy! THANKS!

  1046. OMG I LOVE Coach & I love this clutch…

  1047. Coach purses are such well-made products. I’ve had one for many years! This one would be wonderful to have for Spring and Summer events — like weddings and family gatherings.

  1048. I would love to win this bag. It would replace my old worn-out cheapo.

  1049. Wow, this is cute!

  1050. My sister wants a Coach wallet so bad and after being estranged for 9 years, if I win this I will give it to her.

  1051. A girl can’t have enough Coach…

  1052. All the pretty bright colors for clothes this spring and the Poppy Coach Clutch would be the star….Good Luck to me!!

  1053. I deserve a COACH today.

  1054. Can never go wrong with Coach – Classic style & always in fashion! I need this for my collection…ok, well, more like to start a collection, since I have A summer bag and A winter bag. :)

  1055. I love this and would love to give it to my sister for her bday :)

  1056. Would love to have a Coach! I love this color :)

  1057. Thanks for the giveaway!

  1058. This is the cutest clutch I’ve seen in a long time. It would go perfect with both a nice pair of blue jeans or a little black dress.

  1059. Beautiful color…I love COACH!!!

  1060. I love coach and would love to add this to my collection

  1061. Too cute, love it!

  1062. I would love to win this Purse.

  1063. Darling clutch and just right for a Southern Girl :)

  1064. Pretty color and style

  1065. would love to have this bright and cheery clutch to compliment my spring wardrobe. Thanks you!

  1066. Cutest little clutch I’ve seen in a long time :)

  1067. I think I deserve this Coach bag for this coming Springtime.

    I thank you in advance.

  1068. What a cute clutch! I’ve never owned a Coach bag due to my teacher’s salary & budget, but would adore winning one!!

  1069. OMG that would go perfect with all my outfits

  1070. Would love to win this purse – At 69 years young, I need all the fashion help I can get!!

  1071. I retired in 2007 and have not found a purse I like since then. I am still using the purse I had for work and that is good for the office, but not for me now. I like this coral clutch purse and would like to have it as my own

  1072. I love the color of this clutch!

  1073. Such fun in a clutch! I can definitely dig it!

  1074. Fine looking clutch; would look good in my hands!

  1075. Have always wanted to own a COACH but was never ‘allowed’ to spend money like that. :) Well, that was then! I am a new woman and having one of these would symbolize my triumph over domestic violence!!!

  1076. I love coach!. I’d love to have this one because it’s colorful and because I can’t afford coach any more.

  1077. Wow! I love this bag! Crossing my fingers!

  1078. This is beautiful, my fingers are crossed :)

  1079. love this bag

  1080. Coach! I would love to own a coach purse. They are definately the ultimate. Please??

  1081. Small enough to toss in a briefcase or computer bag – nice

  1082. I need a new clutch and this one is beautiful..would love to have it.

  1083. It is a great way to downsize my handbag and carry just the necessities.

  1084. That’s a beautiful purse!

  1085. How cute. Great Spring accessory.

  1086. Now THIS isn’t your Granny’s Coach bag! Love it!

  1087. This poppy color is so fun for the summer

  1088. Love Coach and have nothing in this beautiful spring coral color. Want it!

  1089. This is such a pretty clutch! Coach brand is made so well too. Coral and this shade of poppy red goes so well with a lot of my wardrobe and the color coral is a color that goes with all types of skin tone. Thank you for the opportunity to win this gorgous piece.

  1090. I think the color is awesome, and I would like to wear it on my wrist. I love Coach!!!

  1091. i have never owened a coach bag, would love this one.

  1092. Wonderful clutch. I’d love to own it!

  1093. I’ve never purchased many purses or clutches. I always received hand me downs from my mom or my sisters. I would love to be the first to own this purse in my family.

  1094. cute clutch!

  1095. My wife would love this!

  1096. What a way to jumpstart Spring. I deserve to win this fresh new Coach clutch

  1097. I would LOVE to win this, it’s beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  1098. Very cute little clutch, love the color!

  1099. FABULOUS!!!!! <3 IT!!!!!

  1100. Perfect color for spring!

  1101. What a cute Coach purse to welcome Spring!!!

  1102. Wow what a pretty clutch, it would really look

    good in my hand. I love Coach anything and have

    a couple I purchased on sale.

  1103. Who wouldn’t want to win a bag from Coach? I don’t know who would not want this fabulous purse. I hope I get picked as a winner.

  1104. very cute clutch in a great color

  1105. It has me written all over it….:)

  1106. What a pretty shade of pink! It just sings “Spring is here, spring is here!” After a crazy Western PA winter, this little bag would really brighten my day!

  1107. Always wanted a Coach!

  1108. What a statement piece to add to my wardrobe! I love it and would totally get some great use out of it! Classic :)

  1109. Coach is great…Lovely bag & color!

  1110. Such a cute bag, would love to have it!!

  1111. stunning. i love the color. so great for spring and summer!

  1112. I always wanted a Coach bag and this one looks perfect for everyday – the color is amazing!

  1113. Trying to win the bag for my wife…

  1114. Verrrry cute, I would loveee to own it!

  1115. I can’t wait until this bag arrives at my door!

  1116. I’m an accessory addict and this clutch would really give me a fix! In love with the color, so 80s!

  1117. Who wouldn’t want to win a bag from Coach? I don’t know who would not want this fabulous purse. I hope I get picked as a winner.

  1118. My daughter is a Coach fan. She would love this!

  1119. Cool giveaway, my girlfriend would love this!

  1120. This bag would look great in my hand!

  1121. What a perfect spring accessory!

  1122. love the color!

  1123. I love the clutch! Thanks for the chance.

  1124. I love the pockets!

  1125. Love Coach and love the clutch.

  1126. April showers bring…cute Coach clutches :)

  1127. I love Coach and love this color

  1128. Since Valentine’s Day is also my birthday, my favorite color is red so I would really love to win this!

  1129. Super cute!

  1130. I would love to win this so I could give it to my sister.

  1131. would love to surprise my wife with this nice clutch!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  1132. What a gorgeous bag! Love that color!

  1133. What a great bag. Would love to win it!

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