Trick Yourself Into Getting Fit in 2013

January 9, 2013 at 11:38 am , by

‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions, which means all over the country people are renewing their vows to get fit and lose that weight. Are you working on your own health goal? We figured you might be.

It’s a sad truth that most women who resolve to get their butts in gear in January are back to their old habits by springtime. That’s why we asked Carla Birnberg, the personal trainer behind and a member of our brand new blogger network, to give us some novel tips for sticking with it.

Do less than you think you can do.
Yes, you read that right. Do less. It’s not helpful to push yourself as hard as you can when you’re first getting started, Birnberg says. That’s just going to lead to burnout. Instead, jog fewer miles at a slower pace than you think you can do, or better yet, start by simply going for an evening walk and build from there.

Play instead of work.
Instead of thinking about exercise as another chore, turn your workouts into a game. One of Birnberg’s favorite things is playing hopscotch with her daughter. The hopping around works your balance, core strength and it gets your heart pumping. It’s fun, calorie-torching perfection, she says. (That’s Birnberg above during one of her recent “playouts” with her daughter.)

Break your big goal into smaller goals.
So you want to lose 20 pounds? That takes a long-term commitment, which can easily wane when you don’t see any payoff right away. Instead, try breaking it down into a bunch of smaller goals. For example: “This week I’ll go for a jog three times,” or even, “Today, I will eat five servings of vegetables.” Not only does this way give you more chances to succeed and gain confidence, it also forces you to recommit to your big goal every day.

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12 Responses to “Trick Yourself Into Getting Fit in 2013”

  1. LHJ is VERY lucky to have MizFit! I’m sure your readers will love her and embrace her as much as the blogging community has <3

  2. I’m taking this advice to heart this year. I’m starting slower, lifting lighter, watching my form, and making sure I’m working smart at a sustainable pace. I don’t want to burn out and end up injured by February 1st.

  3. I’ll give it a try. By breaking my workout into manageable pieces I hope not to burnout or get bored

  4. Carla knows her stuff & she can provide what those regular folks need to hear – how to do this & not get all caught up in having to do this a certain way. She is simply amazing!

  5. these are all fantastic ideas – not only for those making changes, but just a great way to approach daily fitness and moving (playing!).

    motivating article!

  6. So excited that even MORE people will get to experience the wonderful writings and fitness advice of the magnificent Carla!

  7. Great ideas – especially doing less than you can think at the beginning. You’ll have plenty of time to be crazy later on, just focus on consistency and enjoying it!

  8. Yes Yes Yes! Set ourselves up to succeed! SUCH good advice :)

  9. I am reading an ebook called slim for life by Shelly Martin and apparently January is the worst time to try and lose weight. Is there too much hype about January weight loss???

  10. Carla gives some great advice – start slooooow! I think its important for people to understand that it takes time to build up endurance and strength to accomplish any fitness goal. Most of us just want to be a badass right from the start but that’s not possible.
    @ Luci – there is definitely too much hype about January weight loss. If there’s any time to set a weight loss goal, I would try for spring when our bodies natural crave greens and fruits, and more opportunity for outdoor activities open up (depending on your location, I guess).
    But, anytime is good time to want to get healthy!

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  12. I fully agree with health regime.As i believe one should be totally committed with fitness resolution.Since doing to much of exercise in a day won’t help any person to reduce weight or get back in shape, as slow & steady progess.i.e. Daily workout, like Picking out the time when you want to exercise, and schedule ahead. Keep your appointment with yourself ironclad, and don’t let other engagements interfere into this.Also Avoid not to do sny heavy exercise before going to bed, since your metabolism is increased, endorphins are released and it makes difficult to fall asleep naturally.