Win Joyful Heart’s ‘No More’ Necklace by Me&Ro!

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay totally inspired us in our March 2013 cover story with her words of wisdom on everything from loving her curves to gaining self-confidence. Another reason she inspires us? In 2004 she started the Joyful Heart Foundation to raise awareness and empower survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. It’s a cause very close to her heart, and she’s teamed up with jewelry design company Me&Ro to offer this necklace to support Joyful Heart and the “NO MORE” movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault. You can purchase the necklace here, or you can enter to win one of five necklaces we’re giving away by leaving a comment on this blog post! Only one entry per person, per email address.

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  1. Kudos to Mariska for her advocacy.

  2. Love your work on the series Mariska.

  3. This is for such a great cause. Would love to win

  4. Thanks to Mariska for helping so many of us have a Joyful Heart…

  5. Loved the story was a fan of Jayne Mansfield and loved to see her daughter is as beautiful as she was.

  6. What a great cause! Unfortunately, so many women can benefit from the support!

  7. It is so important to stand up and speak out. Empowerment starts with words. I would be honored to show my support and wear this.

  8. What a great cause!

  9. Would love to win this necklace and be proud to wear it.

  10. I love the necklace and the cause!

  11. Would love to win this necklace how do I enter the contest?

  12. Thank you for raising awareness for domestic violence. I work with immigrant, undocumented women who feel trapped by their status, afraid to reach out for help. May all women in America, whether documented or not, be assisted in getting protection from abuse!

  13. I’m proud to be a survivor…and proud of the strength I’ve gained on my journey to freedom. I’d love to wear such a meaningful necklace to share the courage with others.

  14. It’s amazing what wearing a piece of jewelry can do. It can make you feel beautiful, boost your confidence, make you feel empowered, and in the case of the Me and Ro designed pieces for JHF, spark a conversation. What a great way to spread the word about the amazing work being done by Joyful Heart in the Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Child abuse arena and say ‘No More’.

  15. I’m a survivor and although some days aren’t easy, just knowing there are people to help is such a great thing. I am proud to be a supporter of The Joyful Heart Foundation. Mariska Hargitay is such a wonderful role model & source of strength for me.

  16. Joyful heart is such an amazing and empowering thing in my life! I’m very blessed to be able to say that it’s something I will always be supporting. Joyful heart has helped me along with many others get threw tragic times and overpowering the obsticals put in are lives. Thank you so much joyfulheart!❤

  17. Mariska Hargitay is a constant reminder of what kind of person we should all strive to be. Genuine, kind, compassionate, caring, and selfless. Since opening The Joyful Heart Foundation, Mariska has helped thousands of survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. I don’t know anyone as selfless as Mariska. She inspires me to want to be a better person. The No More necklace is a great conversation starter! People will want to know what it stands for and I will gladly share it’s significance with them. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll share with someone else and we can start a “Joyful Revolution”!

  18. I wish they made necklaces that didn’t cost so much money :p I’d buy all of them but they’re so expensive! JHF is worth it though. Malie Zambuto and Mariska Hargitay are the best role models in the world. I am so joyful they are alive! :)

  19. My daughter would love this necklace! How do I enter?

  20. Mariska is my true role model, I love her kind and joyful spirit. <3 She's helped so many people all over the world and she's just amazing.

  21. Mariska,thanks for being someone who talks the talk and walks the walk! It is so nice to not only admire you as an actor but be able to admire you as a person. Keep up the great work! Long live SVU!!!

  22. Awesome show and awesome lady.

  23. I love this new necklace! The JHF foundation is such a wonderful organization. So happy to support it and spread it’s mission!

  24. Mariska is a huge part of the reason I have the passion to advocate for survivors and to be fearless and joyful in everything I attempt.

  25. This is awesome! Thank you for all of your work to promote such a good cause!

  26. Thank you for all of your hard work! This is amazing

  27. wear my bracelet everyday!! haven’t taken it off in 2 1/2 years.

  28. Love Mariska, Me&Ro and LHJ!

  29. Admirable woman! Beautiful necklace!

  30. Mariska Hargitay is epic.

  31. Mariska has been an inspiration to me ever since I started watching SVU in 99′. Yes I was young, but I loved the depth of the shows content, and learned so much. When Mariska began her foundation in 2004, I was elated, she really made it possible for people to become educated on such important topics as sexual assault, child abuse etc… but also brought light to aspects of each topic that people were not all that aware of. When I was 18, is when I needed to rely on the JHF and Mariska for strength and courage to handle what I was going through. Mariska, along with her foundation, really inspired me to find my inner strength to take back my life, get help and live the joyful and beautiful life I had wanted so badly. <3 Thank you JHF and Mariska. Keep up the amazing work and keep on inspiring people all around the world.

  32. Thank you for this opportunity! I have the utmost respect
    For Mariska, the Joyful Heart Foundation and the No More campaign. You are all incredible and your humility and willingness to help victims/survivors leaves me speechless! Keep up the incredible work. I am a lifetime supporter! Y’all rock!!!! :)

  33. My daughter is my inspiration~she is 16 and started
    And organization with her friends called OneVow.
    They Vow to be the Voices of Women. They have
    Already raised thousands of dollars for various
    Organizations worldwide. Thank you Mariska for
    Sharing your heart and giving women a voice!

  34. Such an inspiration in my life. I hope my journey to help survivors will be half as inspiring!

  35. I just joined a task force in the Northern Virginia area which is dedicated to ending violence and promoting peace in our community. I have shared The JHF as well as as resources at our last meeting. I can’t wait to share this necklace with them as well! We love swag!

  36. Love Mariska. Love these organizations. Amazing work! Love you all!!!!

  37. Thank you for everything this organization does to end violence. I love The Joyful Heart Foundation and couldn’t be more excited about the official launch of No More.

  38. Mariska and her foundation have lifted me up in some dark days. When I first started watching SVU on Friday Nights @ 10:00. The show was like therapy for me . I applaud all the time and effort that Mariska puts into this foundation She works countless hours on SVU and then more than countless hours with her foundation and raising a family and I just like to say thank you. You made a difference in my life and I’m sure a lot of other survivors!!!

  39. Love this and the work that the Joyful Heart Foundation does!

  40. Mariska is a joyful inspiration to us all!

  41. #NoMore #Fearlessness #Mariska

  42. As a survivor, it really has been a huge inspiration to watch what Mariska does for fellow survivors. I would love to win the necklace and spread the word of the work that she does. :) The Joyful Heart Foundation has been a bright light in my darkest days and I am so blessed and thankful that we have a wonderful woman out there who is the voice for those who have no voice.

  43. This is a great organization!! So much good to be done for so many suffering!! Thanks!!

  44. Thank you for supporting Mariska in her journey to shine & share her joyful light with others, she has definitely changed my life for the better. :) The Joyful Heart Foundation is such a wonderful foundation & I try to help them as much as I can. Having this necklace would definitely draw people to ask what the meaning is & I would joyfully tell them! Join the ‘Joyful Revolution’!! WE LOVE YOU MARISKA & JHF!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!

  45. Thank you Joyful Heart Foundation for all you do to help people worldwide!! God Bless!!

  46. Mariska gave me the strength to get out of my 12 year abusive marriage! !! I’m a survivor ….and FEARLESSNESS is my motto. Now I help others ….GOD BLESS

  47. As a survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse, I love everything that Joyful heart and No More stand for and would be proud to wear this beautiful piece of jewelry!

  48. Thank you Mariska for taking the time to create a wonderful foundation to help so many people. You’ve saved my life and I’m eternally thankful!

  49. As a previous victim of domestic violence and child abuse I would be so honored to wear this necklace.

  50. Mariska is a great inspiration for survivors and supporters everywhere! Beautiful necklace, beautiful lady!

  51. I would love one of these. I would wear it proudly!

  52. A big fan (and proud supporter) of Mariska and her Joyful Heart Foundation! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win something of such significant meaning!

  53. Mariska is such an inspiration and I would love to display one of these necklaces proudly around my neck. What a great organization and cause — she is truly an inspiration to all!

  54. What an amazing cause. I am always inspired by people who can create and do so much good in this world. I imagine it takes a ton of effort, and I am very thankful for those people. I generally just give the monetary support, not quite creative enough to do the rest. So again, thank you so much, to the people who do so much, to bring awareness and help to the causes that need attention in our society these days.

  55. An amazing foundation started by an amazing woman!

  56. We are fortunate that she saw a need & stepped up and gave a voice to a multitude. Unfortunate that the need is there, but grateful for a strong voice.

  57. I absolutely love the work Mariska has done in creating the JHF and I have loved watching this foundation grow over the years. Bravo and thank you to Mariska and everyone else who is involved.

  58. I work with the suvivors of violence each day mariska’s support in this movement is priceless. Thank you so much!

  59. I love Mariska and would love to have one of these beautiful necklaces!

  60. You are truly an inspiration and I look up to you!! You are so talented and beautiful and thank you for all you do!

  61. Mariska inspires me every day; from her wisdom, her laughter, her sense of bringing joy into everyday life and her awareness of domestic violence, sexual assult, child abuse and traumatic experiences, she is truly a role model for all women. I aspire to be like her.

  62. Proud supporter of Joyful Heart <3 I think everything Mariska has done and will do in the future is amazing. This is great

  63. As an abuse survivor I am very appreciative of Mariska and JHF’s work, so much so that they inspiried me to create my own charitiable organization. Our goal is to assist victims of abuse, provide resource information and to educate. I would love to win this necklace and will wear it proudly!

  64. As a survivor, aware of the need for more community resources and people willing to stand not just against the violence- but for the innocent people affected by them- I thank you for your effort to raise awareness. I would be proud to wear this and be glad to explain what it represents to anyone who may ask.

  65. Mariska is a inspiration to women everywhere. She wOrks so hard to make this world a better place everyday. I am a better human for being a Mariska SUPERFAN! Me and ro jewelry is so classy too I would love to have some.

  66. Mariska is an amazing woman and role model. I’m trying to heal from my own sexual assault and would love to have this necklace to wear.

  67. These necklaces allow me to give to a great cause, while working up the courage to deal with my own past.

  68. Mariska is such an inspiration!!!! Love her for all she has done and continues to do!!!!

  69. I love your work and cause. This is an organization with a soulful purpose!

  70. The Joyful Heart Foundation makes a real difference to the lives of survivors. And all because Mariska wanted to do something to help the people that were getting in touch with her about her role in Law and Order SVU.

    As a survivor myself I recognize how valuable this work is, and any and all support is an amazing thing to witness …

  71. Thank you, Mariska and your foundation for years of educating the public about abuse in all of its forms. I was so pleased to see the very timely edition last week of SVU, regarding the church and their actions to continue to hide child abuse. As a survivor, involved over the years in this movement, you have inspired me and so many others to keep up the good fight. I am right here, behind you in heart and soul, reaching out to survivors and speaking out about ways to prevent abuse and violence. You are a divine presence in a world that you have helped to make better. Thank you.

  72. This is such a wonderful cause. I would like to get one whether I win or not. I am working so hard to get my voice back and to no longer be in fear. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate and love Mariska for everything that she has done, she is a hero to me!!

  73. I hold the joyful heart foundation near and dear to my heart. I have always supported it and I would donate how much I can afford. The work everyone is putting into this foundation is amazing. The victims of these haynes crimes need hope and thats what the joyful heart foundation does for them. None of these people should feel ashamed of themselves because they have done nothing wrong. If they can get through this they can get get through anything. I always talk to people I know about the joyful heart foundation and all the good it does. I even made a video that I sent to the joyful heart foundation with a wall hanging poem. I got a letter thanking me for them. I will always support a foundation I feel passionate about. All of us need help and by doing that we have to help one another. I would love to win this necklace because I feel like I would get the attention from a lot more people asking what’s the story behind it. Thank you

  74. I am a survivor & have been a supporter of JHF almost since the beginning! I am in awe of all the work they accomplish & the difference they make in people’s lives! It’s time to say NO MORE!!

  75. I want to thank the Joyful Heart Foundation and Mariska for shedding light on these issues. Because of them, I have become an advocate and I try my best to educate women and men about domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault. Mariska has inspired me to be fearless and speak up, because now I know my voice does matter, all of our voices do.

  76. SO very thankful for the work that you do, someday the violence will stop !

  77. I am so grateful for the JHF and Mariska, for being such a strong influence in my daughter’s life. They’re mission to heal, educate, and empower have done exactly that for her and are helping her find her true self. I hope to win this necklace for her. Thank you for the opportunity.

  78. After I was in abusive relationship mariska helped me realize it’s time to fight back.. she’s amazing I watch svu every wk.. its made me realize I refuse to b a victim anymore n stand up for sexual abuse n child abuse. N the joyful heart foundation has help people all over thank u.. n let’s work together n say no more!!!

  79. Mariska Hargitay and the JHF are awesome. I’m going to get one.

  80. Beyond grateful for the organization and what they’ve done for myself and so many others. Just wish the necklaces were a bit more affordable :) Fingers crossed for a win?? Blessings.

  81. Marisa is such an inspiration to many people all around the world. She gives a voice to those who struggle each and every day through this wonderful foundation. I thank her for her hard work and dedication.

  82. So thankful there is a foundation like this available to those who need it. As someone who was a victim of abuse as a child, I’m glad there’s help. Keep up the great work!

  83. I always love when Ladies Home Journal features Mariska. She’s so down to earth and inspiring. The necklace is incredible, such an inspiration! Thank you LHJ for always featuring the most amazing women.

  84. I run a fan site for Mariska because she is the most inspirational person and she never leaves anyone out and always tries to help people. Thank you so Much Mariska, you are my hero.

  85. Mariska Hargitay is an talented beautiful and inspirational women. Her work and dedication with the Joyful Heart Foundation make her a role model for all girls and women alike. She continues to shed light on a topic that surrounds itself in darkness and shame.

  86. I love how Mariska isnt afraid to speak up rape man women and children

  87. Mariska Hargitay is my hero. Joyful Heart Foundation has helped me do much as a survivor of sexual assault myself. Mariska’s strength on screen has always been one thing that has helped me. Through education, I’ve become stronger and have become an advocate for other survivors, I’ve educated others about the issues that are so important in the country, and I’ve used my voice to make people in my community aware, and to get them to take action. None of this would be possible without Mariska and JHF, my dream is to open my own rape crisis center, so I can help survivors, and continue to “carry the weight”, as they spoke about last year. This is my passion. I thank Mariska and everyone at JHF for their work and for helping me, even when they didn’t realize it.

  88. The Joyful Heart Foundation does such a wonderful job empowering victims. Their ongoing efforts to stop domestic violence and to end the rape kit backlog is inspiring. It is my honor to support them in every way I can.

  89. As a survivor in youth to a therapist as an adult I strive to help other survivors heal from events that shouldn’t happen in the first place. Unfortunately, rape and sexual assault won’t stop until we, each of us, and as a society, say NO MORE.

  90. Mariska is an Inspiration to many Me included! As a survivor of Sexual Assault I lost alot of my confidence but upon finding SVU and then Mariska & her foundation JHF I began to heal by connecting with fellow survivors who I now have close friendships with! And this year I took my new found confidence and I started on a new road in my life and started my new job as a Children’s Support Worker in a women’s Domestic violence Refuge (shelter) it has been a Dream of mine to work with children affected by violence and abuse for some time and even tho I was scared I stood up to that fear an now I am helping to others
    An that brings Joy to my heart!
    I am ever so grateful for the inspiration Mariska has given to me and others.
    Mariska you have touched my heart with the work you & the Joyful Heart Foundation do and have inspired me to do what my heart knew I could xx

  91. I just got into law school and wanted to treat myself by getting one of these necklaces but I can’t afford it. Mariska has been a really amazing inspiration for me. I was raped in college and she reminds me that a strong woman can over come these things and do good things for others. That’s why I am goin to law school. I don’t know if she’ll read these but would love to meet her or work with Joyful Heart Foundation.

  92. Mariska has been one of my favorite actresses for years. She is a class act and I respect her immensely. I think the work that she and the JHF does is wonderful. Mariska has been a great inspiration to me. After 11 years of being out of school I decided to go back last fall. I am pursuing a degree in Psychology-Crisis Counseling. I am hoping to work with children, but am open to help whom ever I can.

  93. I truly admire Mariska for all she does through the Joyful Heart Foundation. I proudly wear the “Fearless” pendant. People are always asking me about it because of its unusual shape. I tell them about Mariska and her work. Keep up the good work Mariska!!!

  94. This is a beautiful necklace! The words are simple but the meaning is so powerful. Mariska Hargitay is truly a phenomenal inspiration to human kind.

  95. Although I am not a victim, I know people who are very close to my heart that have been victims, so it means a lot to see people out there doing all they can to help!! Thank you for creating The Joyful Heart Foundation, Mariska Hargitay and all the fundraising you have done for the cause, it is very much appreciated. <3

  96. I love the message the two simple words on the necklace offers. Though it means one thing in particular, what Mariska and No More and TheJHF do, gives it an even more powerful message. Like, stand by no more, you can help too. Thank you for everything you do.

  97. I’ve been a big supporter of Mariska and both organizations as much as possible and to see there is beautiful jewelry to go along with all the hard work involved in helping people fills my heart. I’d be proud to show off this necklace and explain the meaning behind it everytime someone asked.

  98. Mariska is a phenomenal celebrity. Please continue featuring her and her courageous work!

  99. I love Mariska. She’s just amazing human being!

  100. Mariska is my true hero and inspiration. I wax raped 16 years ago & subjected to daily sexual abuse at the hands of my rapist. It took over a decade & an abusive 1st marriage, addiction, and suicide to finally get help for what happened to me. I found the JHF when I started to get help & was surprised to find that my favorite actor was the founder of this amazing organization. Her efforts have given my the strength to pursue my dream of college, become an outspoken advocate for survivors, & to fall in love for the first time with my husband of five years. Instead of just playing a role, she knew that by taking on a character like Det. Benson, she would have people contacting her that were not only fans, but survivors. A lesser person would have read the occasional letter with no further thought, but she felt a deep responsibility to those of us willing to share our stories, many for the first time, and truly believed she had a duty to us listening and starting the movement for change. I never got justice for what was done to me, but Mariska made it possible to find the courage to tell my story and make my advocacy meaningful by teaching law enforcement how to compassionately interact with sexual assault victims and abolish the practice of blaming the victim, like what was done to me. Thank you Mariska for what you do. You are truly an advocate and an angel!

  101. I have been blessed to not have direct experience with any of these issues, but thanks to Mariska and the wonderful people at JHF, I am more educated and knowledgable than I ever would be. As a human being and specifically a woman, I cannot help but feel the need to come alongside those who have struggled with sexual assault and domestic violence. The very first issue that got my attention was the astounding number of backlogged rape kits, and interest in this problem has grown to an interest in all social justice causes the JHF fights for. Although I do not have the finances to regularly give, I did save up my pennies (literally in a plastic container) to purchase the Fearlessness pendant. This necklace has meant so much to me, and I hope it brings meaning and courage to other women. I think this necklace has the same power behind it, and I think Me & Ro is an incredible partner for the JHF.

    Keep up the wonderful work towards ending violence, and I hope to continue being a small part of this wonderful foundation :)

  102. She keeps inspiring me more and more. Then, just when I think shes done all she can, she does something even better. She gets more and more amazing by the day. I hope I cam be as genuine and as successful as her one day.

  103. Just when I think I can’t do this anymore, I am reminded by the joyful heart foundation and through all of its efforts that I am worth it! Would be great to have that reminder around my neck.

  104. Mariska can do anything she puts her mind to, I would live to have that attitude.

  105. I have a tremendous amount of admiration and appreciation for both Mariska and The JHF – keep doing great things!

  106. What a wonderful thing the JHF is doing! I would be honored to have a chance to win and wear such a wonderful and meaningful piece of jewelry.

  107. I am blown away by how wonderful a person Mariska is, both inside and out. I admire who she is and what she represents.

  108. I love the Joyful Heart Foundation and Mariska!! I would love to win this necklace. I love that Mariska is so “real” and carries her heart on her sleeve when it comes to sexual abuse. She listens, understands and over all “Believes” in us…

  109. Thanks for being a voice and spokes person for those that haven’t been able too. Great design showing your passion.

  110. I grew up with domestic violence, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. It’s way past time to stop it.

  111. Finding out a woman is more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone she knows and trusts than that guy in the bushes angered me. The fact that domestic violence is violence against someone a person is supposed to love has always angered me. Though some anger is still there it has transformed instead into a passion and a desire to help those affected. That’s why I became an advocate with my local YWCA. As hard as it can be to sit through the exam, the rape kit and the retelling of the assault, I’m pretty sure being a victim is harder. I’m blessed in that I’ve never been one but I’ve watched more than one woman I care about who has been. I thank God for the strength to advocate but I pray for the day when it is no longer necessary. By saying “No More”, this is not an impossible feat. I know we can do this together.

  112. So happy to support JHF and NO MORE!

  113. Amazing woman and organization. I’m so grateful for the light they shine on such an important issue!

  114. Thanks for the opportunity to win something I couldn’t afford. Very inspirational to step out there and give people a voice and most importantly hope.

  115. Enjoyed the article in Ladies’ Home Journal.

  116. Best day of my life was the day i met Mariska … She was so nice and normal and made me feel important even though i know she’s super busy and didn’t have to interact with me at all. I’d love this necklace to match my “fearlessness”necklace that i wear during my chemo treatments.

  117. Love everything this foundation stands for. I work in a shelter who houses survivors of domestic violence, so this hits close to the heart!

  118. I must have this necklace! Someday and somehow I will. I adore Mariska and her foundation. Gives me as a survivor hope everyday

  119. “A comment”

  120. Reading everyone’s comments is pretty amazing and taking me aback. It helps to feel connected, and less isolated as survivor. I think you are all amazing even though I don’t know you, thanks for being brave enough to share your thoughts and an inspiration.

  121. As a survivor, this foundation has made a huge impact on my life by bringing together other survivors and letting our stories be heard so that we can help others find their voice. It’s about standing together, fighting this repetitive monster together and putting an end to the nightmares. Thank you JHF for giving us courage to find our voice once again.

  122. I love this Foundation! <3

  123. GOD bless this foundation for all the great work they have done.

  124. I love this foundation and everything it does. Until last year I was to afraid to speak up and get help, but after hearing from other survivors and being introduced to this organization, I finally did. Thank you for everything you do, and keep up the amazing work!

  125. For a fabulous cause!!

  126. Wonderful!

  127. I WANT THATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! pick me pick meeeeeeeee

  128. Dude I would wear that necklace all the time every day all day and I would rock that. I love Joyful Heart and #NOMORE!

  129. I love the work that Mariska has done with the Joyful Heart Foundation. It inspires me so much and I know that millions have been touched by this wonderful work that has been done. I pray that God gives a voice to those who want to speak up and that these problems of domestic violence, sexual assault, etc. can come to an end. You guys have done so much work to help these victims, keep it up!!

  130. I think Mariska is awesome!

  131. abuse is a red wine stain on a white carpet. The incident can be erased, but it shadow always remains. Thanks for all of your awareness building.

  132. Love Mariska.She´s always Best actress.

  133. Mariska has inspired so many people (including me!) through her work on SVU and through The JHF and I’m absolutely proud to say that she’s my hero. I would love to win this necklace to show my support for The JHF and No More!

  134. Great cause thank you mariska hargitay

  135. I’ve been following Mariska’s work since the beginning and have been wearing my Me&Ro Fearlessness Pendant daily for probably at least five years. It’s a strong talisman for me (as I’m sure it is for many others) – it’s a tangible object that reminds me the intangible can someday be whole again.

  136. FINALLY, An actress we can look up to. What a wonderful role model!!!

  137. I love the work that Mariska and the JHF has done! I think it has helped many people! I love having Mariska as my inspiration.

  138. Together we are strong enough.

  139. May God continue to bless you and the work you do.

  140. Thank you!

  141. My parents were married in the 1940′s and my mother was a victim of domestic violence, long before anyone ever heard of such a thing. When I was 18, my father apologized to me and told me he was wrong and why he was wrong. She and I were two of the lucky ones. I am a date rape survivor, long before that terminology was mainstream also. New generations continue to bring forth awareness of bad things, but it is all the same old equation, anger over control equals violence. A strong piece of jewelry I would be honored to wear, a simple ‘No More’ says it all.

  142. Words can not explain how amazing it is to hear and see what y’all do within the Joyful Heart Foundation and No More, both healing the hurt and healing the healers! Amazing! Mariska Hargitay and the Joyful Heart staff are beyond a daily inspiration to heal yourself while healing others! Love y’all! God Bless! ❤

  143. Words can not explain how amazing it is to hear and see what y’all do within the Joyful Heart Foundation and No More, healing the hurt while healing the healers! Amazing! Mariska Hargitay and the Joyful Heart staff are beyond a daily inspiration to heal yourself while healing others! Love y’all ! God Bless! ” Hurt people only hurt people, but healed people heal people.” – Anonymous ” I am grateful that I didn’t let fear get the best of me. It only holds you back from possibilities and greatness.” – Mariska Hargitay ❤

  144. Love her and the wonderful work she is doing to stop violence!

  145. The work that the Joyful Heart Foundation does is amazing and the No More campaign is just what is needed these days! Much love to Mariska and to Ladies Home Journal for not being afraid to talk about it.

  146. Love her! Love the necklace!

  147. Oh my word! I love it!!

  148. I think it is admirable of Mariska to start such a wonderful foundation. She is such an inspiration to me and others out there who r victims – she is someone who really cares and proves that thru JHF. God bless you Mariska.

  149. Wonderful cause and a great way to spread the conscienceless the work being done to help all those in need. Great work

  150. This is so cool! I’d love the necklace!

  151. Mariska rocks, and so does this necklace!

  152. The necklace would be a great way to show support for such a worthy cause. For far too long women and children have suffered in silence.

  153. The work Joyful Heart does is awesome and inspiring! I would love to be involved with such an organization.

  154. Mariska is such an amazing woman, not only does she believe in something she fights for it! Raise Awareness!

  155. I love the Joyful Heart Foundation! Amazing work!

  156. I love everything Me & Ro makes… truefully an inspirational company! Robin and Mariska make a great team!

  157. I love to watch Mariska on Law and Order SVU

  158. To say you are an inspiration to me would be an understatement and something that might be a bit overdone for you but believe me when I say its TRUE. I have considered you a strong female role model since the first time I saw you which are so few in our society. Your DVDs played in the background while I studied in college and to your credit as well as mine, I now have 2 bachelors degrees under my belt. To wear your necklace would be an honor.

  159. This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart – from sad personal experiene. Keep up the grat work!

  160. soooo inspirational… inside and out!!!!

  161. Thank you Mariska for being an advocate for such a worthy cause. You are a true inspiration!

  162. A beautiful pendant for a beautiful cause! Mariska, thank you!

  163. Women standing up for women will make the biggest impact in the war against Domestic Violence. Thanks for leading the charge, Mariska!

  164. I think Mariska is such an underrated actress, she is amazing. Such a humble and down to earth person with such a compassionate soul. The work she does on SVU and for the JHF is absolutely selfless, helping victims of sexual assault and bringing awareness to the issue is not an easy task. Although I’m not a victim, I am greatly inspired by this woman and have also decided to dedicate my time helping people less fortunate than myself. I would be honored to meet Mariska one day and thank her for teaching me how important it is to give back and be the best person you can be.

  165. Thank you Mariska and JHF for being a big part of our SANE/SART (sexual assault nurse examiner/sexual assault response team)program in Wayne County/Detroit, Michigan! Your knowledge and dedication has been priceless to the over 800 sexual assault survivors that we service yearly in our program alone!! This is a mission very near and dear to my heart!! Thank you!!

  166. Robin with Me & Ro..has the best ideas for jewelry.. so simple, but yet soo meaningful! Then, Mariska, also so simple but yet soo meaningful :D THEN… NO MORE… all 3… sooo inspiring!! LOVE the necklace!! :D

  167. I was Engaged to a man the third year we were together, we got married the fourth year we were together.
    He showed no signs of any Abuse towards me during the three years we were together.
    After we got married, he started Verbally Abusing me. Three months after we got married, I discovered that I had Cancer. His first Abusive comment to me was that I got Cancer on purpose, and the Verbal Abuse became Physical Abuse.
    Seven days after I had nine and a half hour Surgery, we were talking, and for some unknown reason he started screeming at me. As I was trying to get away from him, he pushes me and I fell backwards. I missed the Bureau by a few inches of hitting my head. I dialed 911. The Police came to the House. I was then told that there was nothing they could do because it was a Civic matter.

    Another episode of his Abuse came when we were painting the Cabinets in the Kitchen. I went on the Computer for a half hour while he went to watch TV, while we were wating for the first coat of paint to dry.
    After a half hour, I went into the Livingroom and I said to him that some woman that I was talking to on the Computer thought that I was angry with her. I was on a Chatroom.
    All of a sudden he starts coming after me. We get to the Bedroom, where he proceeds to wrap his hands around my neck and starts squeezing. I felt myself blacking out. He must have seen my Eyes close because he stopped.
    I go to the phone and I dialed 911. Two Police Cruisers stop in front of the house. One Officer went outside to talk to Les, and the other Officer stayed inside the House to talk to me.
    A few minutes later, Les was handcuffed and put in the Police car. I was told by the Officer that was talking to me that he was going to Court, and I should be in Court also in case the Judge had any questions for me.
    The Judge told him that if it happeened again he would got to Jail with no Bond set.
    That Incident happened in 1997, and I still haven’t been able get over it. My Health Insurance doesn’t cover any king of Couselling, so I find myself still thinking about him almost ending my life by almost Strangling me.

  168. Beautiful lady, lovely necklace, orthy cause!

  169. Beautiful lady, lovely necklace,worthy cause!

  170. I was in an abusive relationship for six years. It took my nearly dying to see the light. I got rid of him and moved on. Today I have the most wonderful husband a woman could want. He showers me with love and affection and lets me have whatever I want. My family cannot see what he means to me or what he’s done for my self moral. He is truely amazing and I’m truely blessed. I wish every woman could find their dream man as I have. I am now confident and happy. Good Luck to you and the cast of L&W SVU.

  171. One of my childhood heroes was the victim of domestic violence, but she inspired me by never being a victim. Hurrah for raising awareness!

  172. I hope to win!

  173. This is a great cause and dear to my heart…..would treasure for a lifetime!

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  179. Mariska Hargitay is a very inspiring person and actress. I commend her for all the work she has done with Joyful Hearts. We need more people like her here on Earth. She is such a true person and I enjoy reading about her.

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  190. Thank-you for supporting such a good cause, you are very inspiring !!! I would love to win this necklace and I would be honored to wear it, I was once in such a relationship, NO MORE !!

  191. Would be honored to wear this necklace and spread awareness throughout my high school! Your such an inspiration Mariska!

  192. What a great cause and such a beautiful necklace.

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  194. Would LOVE to give this to my wife.. she’s a huge advocate for women and children!

  195. This would be nice to have.

  196. Mariska Hargitay and the Joyful Heart Foundation saved my life. I’m a survivor of child abuse and the child of a registered sex offender. Even though I survived my childhood abuse, I still could not overcome it. I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know how to move on. I was stuck in a way. I couldn’t escape the pain and the nightmares. It was overwhelming at times. There were even moments where I wanted to end my life. Then Law & Order: SVU came into my life, bringing Mariska Hargitay and the JHF. And they gave me the courage to overcome the abuse and the strength to move on.

  197. Grew up in a home with domestic violence. It never leaves you.

  198. Awesome message!!

  199. Love the necklace it is a wonderful cause.

  200. Mariska has helped me through so many things, I am so grateful to have such a wonderful role model. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her and jhf. I’d love to win the necklace!

  201. Very cool and meaningful

  202. This is something that would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for the chance.

  203. great job

  204. Mariska is such a wonderful inspiration. Throughout my case of my own sexual assault i whent through depression, anxiety, self harm, and an eating disorder. But then i discovered Mariska on Law and Order SVU, and she gave me hope that i could over come everything. So, in April of 2012 i wrote an essay of my own free will to my school principal about why we need to bring this cause to attention. I was only allowed to hang up teal ribbons around the school, but i still brought the attention to Sexual Assault Awareness month to my school. I was in 8th grade when i did that. I am now a Freshman in High School and i plan on doing the same thing if not more this year. I want to help people the way Mariska has helped me. It would mean the world to me to win one of these amazing necklaces. Thank you Mariska, for everything!

  205. it would be an honor to wear one of those necklaces

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  208. It’s great to see celebrities using their influence for good reasons and in good ways. I wish more people could take a hint from her.



  211. LOVE Mariska Hargitay!!! Great woman!!

  212. For several years, I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults with autism or some other developmental disability. Many of my clients have also experienced abuse or violence but their stores are not often heard becuase they are not able to speak or no one is willing to listen. I pledged my support to say ‘No More’ for the people who do not have a voice to tell their stories.

  213. Law enforcement and our courts too often fail at protecting victims of domestic violence and assault. Thank you for working to help us.

  214. Love your cover girl this month. She is strong, capable, and a terrific role model for all young people; both men & women.
    The necklaces are a great supplement to a cause worthy of supporting and recognizing the suffering of many.

  215. Mariska Thanks for thinking of others, thanks for being you, God bless you and your family JoyFul for all that you do. – Greetings xo ♥ :)

  216. Mariska is a very talented actress. She is inspirational and the heart of Joyful Hearts. We need more people like her here on Earth.

  217. all in on this!

  218. What a thrill and honor it would be to win this wonderful necklace! I love Mariska, her body of work and her beautiful perspective on life! I would wear it in tribute and always strive to be more like her!

  219. Thank you for supporting this cause…I was so close to being a statistic that’s it’s scary to think about now. Keep up the great work your doing!

  220. I loved the article on Mariska in the LHJ magazine – she is an amazing lady with such kindness and compassion!! If I should be lucky enough to win, I would wear the Me&Ro necklace with honor!! :)
    Thank you, Michelle

  221. beautiful necklace and such an inspiration….

  222. I am so impressed to hear of the great work being done to help those in abusive situations to find a better life, and learn to love themselves.

  223. Wonderful cause I too was abused and finally free thank the Lord well I definitely would love to win!

  224. I am glad they are creating awareness because I am noticing the trend earlier and earlier. I hate seeing high school students already starting the wrong direction. Thank you


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  229. As a survivor, I really appreciate Mariska Hargitay’s & The Joy Foundation’s work. No more, indeed.

  230. Mariska is a true inspiration to me; I really admire and adore her. I am a victim/survivor of both child abuse and domestic violence. There are so many privileged people out there that don’t do anything to give back to the community; and, it really warms my heart to know that she cares so much and is willing to give back to the fans and community.

  231. This is a very important issue to address and a great way to remind everyone!

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  233. An issue close to my heart. Would be proud to own this. Thanks for bringing this to the public’s attention.

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  235. I would be proud to wear and support this course from across the water, England.

  236. It took me a while but I found my inner strength and got out of a bad marriage… The fact is that when I was ready to be done my words and my mantra were No More. The message is so important and I want the people who haven’t found there strength to not give up but ask for help.

  237. Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause and for being a fine role model for women.

  238. Simple and direct. This necklace and the campaign behind it will hopefully bring awareness to the horrible crime of domestic abuse.

  239. I enjoyed the article and what all you have accomplished. You are a winner.

  240. Thank you for inspiring me to not be so hard on myself. Hopefully I can take your attitudes to hyeart.

  241. Loved your mother Jane Mansfield – she was a beautiful person inside and out. You have that same beauty!


  243. As a former abused woman, I wholeheartedly support Mariska in this worthy endeavor. She is a great role model for all women.

  244. Love Mariska and all that she does. For a few years I have been looking for ways to become more involved with her organization and do more service work. I at a young age have had my own struggles and hearing success stories and uplifting remarks has truly helped me work through my own demons. A wonderful cause, and a wonderful jeweler. God Bless!

  245. Good cause, classy necklace, would love to wear it.

  246. I usually skip over the celebrity interviews in Ladies’ Home Journal, but I actually read Mariskas. I never knew much about her, other than enjoying her on Law & Order: SVU. Glad to see that she appears to be a great person in real, rather than just a good actress!

  247. I love this the JHF & NO MORE so much. What you both do is beyond amazing. I found out about both organizations because of Mariska. She’s my role model and she’s inspired me to do so much including to want to reach out and help survivors. I love that there are organizations like this out there to help people. It means a lot to me. I’d love to win the necklace cause it supports such a good cause <3

  248. Lovely! Such a great cause. It’s nice for women to have a voice and strong people behind them.

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  250. Mariska is such an inspiration. Love her for everything she does in creating awareness. So thankful to have my her. It was the best day of my summer last year. Ultimate girlcrush.

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  252. Thank you for giving a voice to victims.

  253. I would love one of these! JHF does such important work.

  254. Thank you so much for making a difference in this world. I believe strongly in this cause and am appreciative for all who fight for women’s issues. Thank you!

  255. What a wonderful idea. I’d love to have this necklace!

  256. I love thisto i have one of these, i love this neckless and everything is symbolizes, i have been a marishka fan for a long time is is truly inspirational. Her idea and the ideas she helps promote are so important to our lives, as a survivor taking a stand in even a lil way, as supporting these organizations and wearing supportive jewelry, boosts confidence in our selves and others.

  257. My daughter would adore this necklace. She struggles with PTSD so it’d be perfect for her!

  258. Thanks to Mariska for increasing awareness of sexual assault and domestic violence. When we work together we make the world safer for all of us.

  259. Really a classic piece and a impactful cause.

  260. I am a huge fan of Mariska Hargitay and a survivor of sexual violence and intimate partner violence (a man whose children I was a nanny for,and an abusive boyfriend in high school). I am now finishing my last course in my Graduate program at Anna Maria College.I will graduate in May with my Masters Certificate in Victim Advocacy.

    This necklace says it all in terms of what we are fighting for No More Violence in this world against anyone!

  261. How proud your mom would be of you, Mariska.

  262. I love everything that Mariska has done for this foundation, growing up watching her on L&O SVU, she has inspired me to go to school for criminal justice so that I can one day be an officer and help victims.

  263. Love you to pieces Mariska. Thank you for all that you do

  264. What a great cause! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

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  267. I love all the work that Mariska and joyfulHeart Foundation do to help people in need and I wanted to say thanks for the hard work and time

  268. This necklace is to the point…no more. There is too much violence in the world today. Mariska you are an inspiration for many.

  269. I love jewelry with a meaning, and I love explaining the reason behind it when people ask about it.

    Kudos Mariska.

  270. Thank you for this opportunity. Mariska means so much to me and many other survivors. I can’t afford to buy one, but it’ll be great to win one and have something to wear to show that I am a survivor and what it means to me is that I will hide from it “no more”. You all give me strength, and this will be a good reminder of that strength. Thank you

  271. I love Mariska and all that she stands for.
    It seems she is always trying to stand up and do something positive. She does not just wait around for others to do it she is out their saying “We can do this together”She does not just through money to the cause she is in the trenches getting her hands dirty <3

  272. ♥ Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone. ✌

  273. What an amazing woman Mariska is, and what amazing work JHF is doing.

  274. What a sweet woman. It’s lovely to see someone who plays a television character who has such an impact on a sub group of people really cross that over to her private life. She really is a hero. What an inspiration to always look for ways to help others, personally and professionally.

  275. joyfulheart has been such an inspiration to me.

  276. From being on the show Mariska received many letters fron actual survivors and victims. She felt she needed to give back to them and start a joyful revolution which in turn has become a huge success. Mariska has every single letter she’s ever received and refers back to them. It amazes me that someone of her caliber gives as much as she does. I am a true supporter and back in December 2012 I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on set when I was in NYC and she was so amazing to myself and my two friends. After she was done filming she called us back over to talk & take pics. I’ve never been so great foul in my life. Thank you LHJ for your support and doing a fabulous story on her!

  277. I don’t miss law and order svu. Mariska is awesome on and off screen great role model. If ever I had a chance to meet whom ever I want I would pick her These things hit home I have a niece that was sexually abuse at age 2 I was at age 6 and my sister has a son from a rape but he is an awesome man of god and in the marines thanks mariska for everything u do

  278. DV/SV advocate here who loves Mariska’s work! I’d love to win this necklace.

  279. No words for how much Mariska has inspired me and so many woman and men around the world. Thank you so much for the strength you have given all of us. <3

  280. I <3 JOYFUL HEART! Is there anyway to bring Joyful Heart to Montana?

  281. I have posted many Facebook comments re abuse. i.e., AAA – Abuse is Abuse is Abuse. It is extremely important in actual time to offer security for both the victim(s) of abuse and those who fear for their personal safety by exposing the abuser(s). There is truly safety in numbers. Become a GAVE- Gang Against Violence Endurance. Photographing and filming can be discreetly employed as proof is of necessity. Vow to Save A Life – it could very well be your own – or, that of a loved one.

    Cruelty and human do not equate. Cruelty and beast is a truer match.

  282. As a survivor, I am so grateful for the work Mariska does with the JHF! Love this piece by Me&Ro, too!

  283. Mariska’s interview was so fantastic! I loved what Mariska said about living your life by the “What if…game” instead of the “I can’t!” game. I think we spend so much time fixating on what we feel we can’t accomplish or feel that we don’t have enough confidence to accomplish. It would be so much healthier if we could start to believe in ourselves or take a chance and see what good can come into our lives. Mariska is such an unbelievable inspiration to me and the very essence of what a strong, passionate, beautiful, and brave woman should be. She is an incredible role model for women of all ages, everywhere.

  284. Love this org and Mariska for doing this work!

  285. Maybe since I can’t afford at this time any of the Joyful Heart Foundations Fearless pendens I can now Win one!
    Mariska is Amazing and so is her Foundation!

  286. Wow! I really needed an uplifting read . Refreshing . Helpful . Thank you Mariska .

  287. I want this for my daughter-in-law! She deserves this! :D

  288. Love the work that Joyful Heart Foundation does!

  289. Je vous dit “Merci” pas seulement pour moi mais pour tout ce que vous avez fait,faites,et ferez pour l’avenir de toutes les victimes. vous avez un coeur énorme et ça se voit. Je suis désolée de m’exprimer en français mais mon anglais n’est pas très bon.Votre rôle d’Olivia Benson me fait rêver et m’aide beaucoup.Je vous dit un grand bonjour de belgique à toute l’association et toutes les personnes qui y travaillent.thank you so much (L)

  290. Beautiful Necklace with a super strong message. I love this foundation and thank you to Me&Ro for designing and donating the beautiful pendants!!!

  291. Thank you to Marishka and the Joyful Heart Foundation for all the work you do in bringng
    the attention to this subject!
    Domestic violence so often goes unreported or ignored. A lot of women have no voice when it comes to these matters!
    Through you, Mariska they have found strength, courage, and motivation to do so!
    Thank you for being a strong role model and giving hope to all women! God bless you and keep you strong!

  292. LOVE this and what it stands for!

  293. Mariska is an amazing role model to have as a survivor and an activist. Thank you for all your amazing work. <3

  294. The work and efforts that are made by The Joyful Heart Foundation and Mariska Hargitay are truly inspiring to not only to the survivors of any type of victimization, but others as well. I am humbled and honoured to have this Foundation and woman to stand by and call my source inspiration.

  295. I have power, thanks to the knowledge that there are people out there advocating for survivors and ensuring that the future is brighter for others so that they won’t have to go through such atrocities! Love you Mariska, truly.

  296. Mariska Hargitay is my idol. She has done so many amazing things in her life and 1 of those was founding the Joyful Heart Foundation. I love this foundation and I love sharing their work with my community.

  297. The work of Mariska and Joyful Heart has greatly impacted/helped my life and the lives of so many others. NOMORE!

  298. I love that SVU was just a job for Mariska, but she made into so much more. Now, she is truly helping people. How many people would do that? I’m thankful for what she is doing. Thank you Me&Ro for helping to support the cause.

  299. I love Mariska Hargitay soooo much’ she is my role model and some day I wish that I could meet her’ I would do absolutely anything to meet her’ everyday u try harder and herder I be more like her’ i hope that some day I will be able to make as much of a sufferance in the world as she has- and a sufferance for the good not bad- I am going I be a cop so that I can help the people that news it and put away the ones that caused it –
    – love always aj

  300. To Mariska, JFH, No More,survivors and thrivers everywhere. Your strength and courage are a true sorce of inspiration and support to so many. To know I am not alone and that there are people willing to fight for us helps strengthen my soul, my spirit and my heart. With the help of people like all of you my courage continues to grow and with each day I become less afraid of my story. I hope to one day find enough strengh and courage to help other survivors as I have been helped. From the bottom of my healing heart and soul, THANK YOU!

  301. Mariska is my hero! <3 her and her wonderful work with Joyful Heart. She is such an amazing inspiring person!

  302. So thankful for people like Mariska and organizations like Joyful Hearts!

  303. Advocacy takes such little effort and does so much good…….as a telecommunicator, mother, sister, daughter, teacher, advocate………..NO MORE means no more silence; no more lies; no more denial.

  304. As a survivor, I LOVE what Mariska is doing thru Joyful Heart Foundation & all her advocacy, & I also love the whole idea behind the No More movement. I’d really like to be able to purchase the necklace because I love what it stands for, & I’d like to be able to support the cause financially as well as by “advertising” it by wearing the necklace; however, I’m just way too broke as a result of chronic disabling illnesses. So, I will just have to hope that I win it & can spread the word by wearing it.

  305. Great cause. Great necklace. :-)

  306. A strong voice. A necessary organization. A vital cause. A beautiful woman. All together = a winning combination to empower victims everywhere. Thank you.

  307. Mariska , may you be blessed with health and energy to continue to promote your foundation which has been a blessing to those it has touched.

  308. I have watched you for years on Law & Order SVU. It is my favorite show. I watch all the repeats doesn’t matter if Ive seen them a million times. When I look at you I see a genuwine person who seems to be sweet, loving and kind. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing you Im sure would agree and I must say they are very lucky to have you in their lives. You are truly a role model to look up to. I just read your article in Journal magazine and I have to say Thank you. I too have curves and it has always bothered me. I was even asked when I was in my teens my boyfriend asked me if I had ever had a kid because I had ”birthing” hips. Well NO I sure haven’t but thanks for the compliment if thats what it was suppose to be. So that even made me more conscience about it. After 2 kids who are both special needs it still bothers me. I know it isn’t going away so after reading your article I realize I need to accept who I AM and not what society subjects to us. I will never be a size 2 so like you have done I need to embrace my curves and be thankful. I also want to say thank you for taking a stand and having passion for abused woman, children etc….I grew up watching my dad beat on my mom until she finally got the courage to leave. We need more people in the world like you.

    Sincerly your biggest fan

  309. I love you on SUV and I am so happy that you have your children. You are a great mom.

  310. I love your work on Law and Order Sprcial Victims Unit and this is such a great cause! Would love to win!

  311. I think this is an important cause and I applaud Mariska’s work. As a mom, it was horrible to watch my daughter go through this. Never again! Stomp, scream, do what you need to do to get them out of the situation. Trust your gut. IMF you think something is wrong, say it and don’t back down until you get the truth.

  312. Markisa is doing a superb job of getting the word out about domestic violence. She has been an inspiration and strong advocate. I am a Survivor of Domestic Violence & am proud to have my own website with information and Survivor Stories…

    Looking to spread the word and made the world a place where women can uses their voices to share their stories. There is nothing to be ashamed of and we should all listen if someone is asking for help.

    I greatly appreciate the opportunity to win this beautiful necklace that I would wear proudly as an Advocate & Survivor.

    Sincerely, Sandi

  313. What a lovely lady and a worthy cause. Ms. Hargitay is truly an inspiration.

  314. Love Mariska and all the work that shes does that’s in her power to help.

  315. Cute necklace would love to win it!

  316. This is a beautiful reminder that we all must continue to fight to help those victims of domestic violence who cannot help themselves.

  317. I just want to say thank you to mariska Hargitay for all that she
    Has done for everyone not just me with your kind words even not just winning the necklace it’s just nice to know that some one cares about people like me and others that have gone through this and is going through this

    ( Alondra fox 15 years old)

  318. I always wondered what that necklace was that you wear on the show… I knew you had to be a beautiful person. Just amazing how you give of yourself. That’s what I call a Joyful Heart….

  319. I always wondered what that beautiful necklace was that you wear on the SVU… I knew you had to be a beautiful person with a Joyful Heart


  320. I am inspired by the men and women that I work with everyday. Their strength and bravery is enough to put things into perspective for me. They are truly inspirational people. I would give a bracelet/necklace to every one of them if I could afford it. Thanks for the amazing work you do Joyful Heart Foundation and for raising the awareness our world so desperately needs.

  321. Beautiful necklace. Great cause.

  322. Love the article and love the necklace. Me&Ro always has the nicest pieces of jewelry.

  323. I am a child protection worker and domestic violence survivor. I am so thankful for the work and support of organizations such as Joyful Heart to bring awareness to such an important issue.

  324. Thankful for this woman! She’s fearless, and totally stellar!

  325. Honourable cause. Thank you for your work, Mariska!

  326. Great cause! Keep inspiring others.

  327. Love the cause and Mariska.

  328. As a suvivor of both dating and domestic violence I know all to well how important the work The Joyful Heart Foundation does is. I don’t typically enter drawings but i would be honored to win this one and honored to wear this necklace reminding people that one victim of realtionship violence is one victim too many and it’s time we all stand up and say NO MORE!

  329. What a wonderful idea! So glad Me&Ro has teamed up with Mariska and the JHF to get the word out about standing up to violence. Thank you!

  330. What a powerful message for a necklace, I’d love to have one.

  331. I have the Fearlessness necklace and I would love to have this one! People need to get the picture that enough is enough and we all need to say NO MORE

  332. What a great way to get the word out that it is time for all abuse to end..

  333. Mariska is an incredible inspiration to me in so many ways.

  334. We love Joyful Heart and SVU!

  335. Such an inspiration in so many ways! LOVED the article and the words of wisdom and encouragement for loving yourself and being confident in who you are! Thank you!

  336. Oh my gosh, I love it. Does anyone remember Tori Amos’s “Raspberry Swirl Girl” necklaces from the late 90s? This reminds me of that.


  338. Love what this necklace stands for as a former victim of spousal abuse

  339. Thank for making this necklace, I would wear it proudly. Margaret

  340. I support the Joyful Heart Foundation anytime I can! I tell everyone I know about it! Mariska truly is a HERO!

  341. It would be an honor to wear this necklace for such a great cause.

  342. Been a big fan since the get go, thanks for all the good work bringing domestic violence out there where people realize what’s happening behind closed door. You’re the best , live long and prosper!!

  343. She is such a great actress, just love her work.

  344. Me and my family have been fans since the start of svu!!! Love the show, marthon days r the BEST!!! We r glad u r taking a stand against violence it happens more than we think!!! Wonderful job Mariska!! Keep up the awesome job both on screen and off!! And tell Elloit we want he back1!! u Guys made and awesome team!!!

  345. I record every episode of SVU and I watch them over and over again. Favorite actress, favorite story lines, and one of my favorite ways to spend my down time. The work of Joyful Heart is close to my own heart, for many, many reasons. Mariska, please keep advocating for women like us – you’re an inspiration on so many levels. And thank you or being an honest, REAL woman – your example empowers us to be authentic in our own skins as well.

  346. Thank you for making this necklace possible to win and it would be awesome to wear it.

  347. Thank you for raising awareness to Domestic Violence. What a great thing you are doing. Good for you.

  348. I am a huge of your work on the show and through your foundation. It is so inspiring. I am so moved by your words. Your kids are adorable and lucky to have you and your husband. I read an excerpt online and couldnt wait for the magazine for the full article. I would be honored to wear the necklace for so many reasons.

  349. I really like the way That Mariska has raised the awarness of this problem. She is a wonderful person for trying to help what so often goes un-reported due to shame. But we have to talk about and raise this problem and bring this issue to the light of day, and you have done an outstanding job both on the show and in what matter’s. Thank you so much SunShine

  350. This was a taboo subject not that long ago. It’s important to be empowered and show support.

  351. would love to win the necklace!!!

  352. Beautiful necklace and awesome cause! Thanks for all the hard work!!!!!

  353. I absolutely love this inspirational story. I did my English Comp II research paper on Domestic Violence. I wanted to open my own women’s shelter one day as I have been through sexual & emotional abuse and so many of my friends had been through either physical, emotional or sexual violence. Please keep this terrible problem in the front lines. Maybe someday it’ll be a thing of history.

  354. Thank you for bringing domestic violence to our attention. Wearing this necklace will have people asking what “No More” means…and it will be a privilege to tell them

  355. Love the necklace and the cause.

  356. Great cause. Mariska looks amazing and her support is wonderful

  357. I am a survivor and a supporter of this wonderful cause. I would love to win this necklace.

  358. I’ve been a fan of Mariska Hargitay for years, but only just found out about her organization. I’m off to find out how to get involved!

  359. I am such a fan of Mariska and the good she has done for others!! I enjoy watching Law and Order and think she is a really great !!! I t would be great if no more violence for all would be the way of our world and I would wear the necklace near my own heart!

  360. Great job Mariska! Congratulations and keep up the good work. I would be proud to wear this necklace.

  361. I would wear it proudly.

  362. If there was ever a cause worth fighting for, it’s this one.

  363. I have supported Joyfulheart for years and I work at a rape crisis center as an advocate for those in the midst of SA or DV in NC. I often wear my “fearless necklace” from Me&Ro when I am at the ER with survivors. I would love to also have this one to continue to spread the hope and the passion for this cause!

  364. I have spent the last 12 years being facially and emotionally abused by the man how I have loved for over 20 years, I am not going to be his punching bag any more.On Sept. 19 after arguing over a stupid letter he was expecting in the mail, like I could make it come sooner. He kicked a door off the hinges with a 2×4 under the door knob and pulles me up with one hand by my throat

  365. I have spent the last 12 years being facially and emotionally abused by the a man I have loved for over 20 years, I am not going to be his punching bag any more.On Sept. 19 after arguing over a stupid letter he was expecting in the mail, like I could make it come sooner. He kicked a door off the hinges with a 2×4 under the door knob and pulled me up with one hand by my throat and threaten to break my neck. As i was passing out, he let go and said he would get his pistol and shoot me in the head while I sleep. It has my myoclonic dystonia so bad that I can hardly get out of the house, everything I do is with an extreme full body tremor.We’ve been to court 4 times which he has postponed and now left the country……NO MORE!

  366. I would love to win this necklace!

  367. Every time I see Mariska on the cover of any magazine I grab it! Your words and thoughts are so motivating and inspiring!! I have always connected with Bensons character having an alcoholic mother, strangely enough it helped me cope and understand!

  368. Just by seeing your eyes and hearing your words,I know that you are sincere about the causes you are bringing out in the open. Now the world will know the truth about all the abuse of all kinds there are .IT HAPPENS to anyone,anywhere,anytime no matter what race, gender,or even age you may be. If I had more than my Medicare I too would have every necklace, to wear with Pride. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. You seem more like a good neighbor that I could share a coffee with than an out of my league Great Actress. Sincerely, Theresa

  369. Great Cause Beautiful Necklace

  370. Love Me & Ro ; jewelry with meaning and conscious!!

  371. NO MORE!!! What a wonderful cause!

  372. I remember when your mom was alive, she would be so proud of you, as you are accomplishing in acting what she always dreamed of. I feel she is in Heaven looking down at you. I was beaten many many times when I was in my late 20′s and had a 38 revolver pointed at me..i used to run and hide in a neighbors yard. We were not married, one day i received the courage to leave him. I got tired of having my eyes closed for days on end and missing work….He would do this in front of my son too. One day you wake up and say to yourself, I do not care how great the sex is or the money that i need, or being beaten and having to call your parents to come to your rescue, or the police…I got the courage when I was almost 30 and never looked back….Thanks to you for what you are accomplishing. Thank you again. Sandra Slater, Louisville Ky

  373. Hats off to Mariska for her cause, she continues to inspire so many women. Keep up the ecellent work Mariska.

  374. Great Cause Beautiful Necklace thank you

  375. NO MORE violence. Enough is enough!!!!!

  376. I have looked up to Mariska going on two years now. I first started watching SVU when I was 13 . I could not stop watching it. I have learned so much from the show and the JHF has taught me so much about violence. It’s time for people to stand up. i’m tired of living in a world where everytime you turn on the news you hear that some one has been killed or assaulted. it’s things like NO MORE and The JHF and aevery other non-violence oranzintion that can help to stop this, we may not see an imporvoment right away but we are slowly getting there.

  377. Magnificent :)

  378. I loved the interview and hope that I am a winner!

  379. She’s a beautiful woman, and fantastic actress. I adore her for standing up for real curves, and even more importantly standing up against violence.

  380. Inspirational!

  381. Such an inspirational work of art!

  382. Being a survivor of spousal abuse, I will do everything I can to ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone else and to help women know they do not have to stay and there is help out there.

  383. When i saw the necklace and saw what the meaning was i just had to have one i love it want to keeping close to my heart i hope to win one thank you so much

  384. This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I would be proud to wear this necklace and to have the opportunity to tell others of it’s meaning. I hope to win one, it would be a reminder of ladies who have been abused and why we should always be kind to each other.

  385. No more painful thorns but lots of beautiful roses.

  386. I thank you Mariska from the bottom of my heart for this inspirational symbol. It reminds me how glad I am to be alive. In May 2007, my boyfriend, who had been using drugs and drinking, accused me of cheating on him with my kids’ grandfather. He then proceeded to lock me in our bedroom and beat me about the face, arms, legs, choke me and threaten to stab me while I begged for my life, not for mine, but for my kids’ sake. By the grace of God, he stopped and the next morning while he went to work, I called the police and got a restraining order on him. (I still have the printouts of my injuries and of the weapons he used to remind me how much God loves me and how beautiful my life IS.) God Bless U, Mariska.
    (P.S. I absolutely love SVU and it, along with my ordeal, inspired me to get my BS in Criminal Justice– I currently attend Kaplan University Online.)

  387. I really want to win one of these nice necklaces!!

  388. Thank you for bringing to light this symbol to stop domestic violence. I was in an abusive relationship in college and it is very hard to recover from. After several years of fear, I have recovered. I believe that the reminder of “NO MORE” is important.

  389. Love her and love the necklace!!!!! Enough said!!! :)

  390. I have the fearlessness necklace and would love the no more necklace. I love Mariska for all that she does. I am a survivor and proud of it.

  391. I grew up in a home with domestic violence and ended up in a marriage with domestic violence for 18 yrs. I do not want my daughter to follow this pattern. NO MORE says a lot.

  392. Love Mariska….truly a great person. I admire her so much for the work she is doing. I come from a generation that believed woman had to put up with mental and physical abuse,thank God for woman like her!!

  393. I lost my younger sister to domestic violence on 12/20/2012 and have trying to find a way to honor her and show my mom, who also is a victim of domestic violence, that there is a better life to live than the one she currently is. There should be no more fear, no more pain, no more tears. My sister died without knowing true love in a relationship. I don’t want my mother to fall victim to the same fate. And I don’t want my baby sister to see their example and think it’s healthy. It has to stop somewhere and I would love to be able the start of the end of the pain in our family.

  394. Nice necklace

  395. Like the color

  396. This is great necklace and for a very good cause. It is about time this comes to the forefront

  397. First of all, I love Law & Order, Special Victims Unit! It is a wonderful show and the cast is great! I commend you on a difficult job trying to get the point across to the public that these situations DO happen, etc.

    This is such a commendable cause…I know, first hand, what this abuse feels like and how it leaves you to feel totally unworthy. I would be honored to be able to wear one of your necklaces to be able to feel more confident and to advertise the help that is available for victims.

  398. As a survivor of domestic violence, I salute you for the work you are doing? We need to make more people aware of the problem. This can happen to anyone, anywhere, in any socio-economic group. Most people believe this only happens in lower income families, but it also happens in the higher income bracket as well. Keep up the good work.

  399. Have loved her and SVU for years. Great cause, good for her. That’s a hero.

  400. My daughter, who is a huge fan of Mariska, not only for her role on SVU but because of her work against domestic violence, also worked for our city’s Center for Women and Families. She worked with women and children who were victims of domestic violence. I would love to win his necklace for her.

  401. Wonderful woman and a great cause

  402. I have lived through the domestic violence, sexual abuse ans child abuse. I finally say no more. It’s the haunting memories. I would love to win this necklace. knowing at them moment when them bad memories come floating back in, I could put my hand on the necklace and know that I said “NO MORE” and I made it through.

  403. Thanks for all that you do. I would be honored to win one of those necklaces and wear it with such pride. You are the Best.

  404. beautiful

  405. As a survivor, Mariska has been a HUGE inspiration to me! Would love to wear such a meaningful necklace!

  406. I would love to have this necklace for my young daughter. Although it is for reasons not related to Domestic Violence, it’s related to bullying. My daughter was diagnosed as Bipolar 13 months ago and has had to deal with a few children teasing her when her moods aren’t good! I always tell her that when it happens to say “Stop, no more” and walk away!

  407. love to win

  408. I am a survivor after 14 years of physical and emotional abuse. I try to be an advocate to all those I can and each day is still a battle but knowing people care like Mariska does and everyone else about this violence and cause, makes me work through each day to the next and want to help others that I can become a survivor like me!

  409. This is a great cause, I hope I win!!!

  410. Mariska Hargitay is as beautiful inside as she is outside. Loved the article. I am a survivor of physical, emotional, and mental abuse and after moving on with my life I must say I deserve better and I will never allow anyone to “love” me that way again.

  411. I wss Help-Line Volunteer for a few years and know what a problem this is for many women. Thanks to Mariska for the good work she is doing.

  412. I appreciate Mariska’s involvement in this issue and think the necklace is very meaningful to those of us who have survived abuse.

  413. I have experienced abuse in my life, have moved on but it never really goes away in your thoughts at times. Thank you Mariska for doing what you do.

  414. Way to go Joyful Heart…..

    I have been a Victim’s Advocate for over thirteen years and know the importance of supporting and educating those who have been victims of abuse. To come along side and help in a time of need is one of the most rewarding things I can do with my time and efforts.
    Thank you.

  415. This is a wonderful cause!

  416. Love that Mariska is doing all she can for victims, raising awareness and working to stop the violence. No More says it all!

  417. Unfortunately, seems we all are touched by someone who has had this scourge affect their lives. Kudos to Mariska for her strong voice and advocacy.

  418. After reading this article I see what a wonderful person Mariska is! A beautiful, simple necklace i would love.

  419. This is such a great cause! Mariska is such an amazing person. I would love to win this necklace.

  420. Great “to the point” message.

  421. I teach 6th grade middle school girls. I would love to be able to share the meaning of this necklace. These young girls are already having sex and they need to know they are beautiful without a guy telling them so they can get into their pants. I tell these girls to be strong and proud. To go to college and become a independent and value their bodies and lives.

  422. LHJ- thank you for the article with Ms. Haritay. LHJ asked the question: is it harder to stay in shape now that you are in your 40′s? AND HER RESPONSE: (So perfect) was she going to bc e upset over a little sag or look at my 3 gorgeous boys and my husband and thank my lucky stars.

    I found my very slim pre-child body now with curves that only as a mother can appreciate. I also have 3 beautiful boys and a wonderful husband. I see my body now and cannot learn to love it so therefore I don’t know how my husband can either.
    Your article pointed out the important things to be thankful for – our 3 beautiful boys and my wonderful husband.
    Thank you for helping me to refocus.
    Thank you also for your tireless efforts on behalf of women.

  423. This is a beautiful necklace and such a meaningful cause as well!

  424. Thank You for this offer and your fight for this.

  425. She is an inspiration and a good role model

  426. What a powerful statement”no more ” the wording could be powerful . enough is enough,no more abuse physical or verbal both are such abuse ,the no more necklace says it all . no more abuse! Such a amazing cause . I would be honored to win one of the necklaces!

  427. Beautiful necklace and a great cause!

  428. Mariska is a wonderful inspiration to all women around. Such a humble and caring individual. A beautiful necklace for a beautiful cause!

  429. A wonderful cause to support!

  430. Pick me please!

  431. Beautiful design, something to be worn every day and remind everyone to end domestic violence.

  432. As a survivor of sexual assault, I am deeply inspired my Mariska and was lucky enough to meet her last March. I am now healed and my life’s purpose is to help survivors gain their voice back. Thank you for this opportunity to win a necklace that has so much meaning!

  433. That was such an inspiring article. Mariska, you’ve made a difference. Don’t ever think you haven’t. I’m 22 and I hope I can be at least half of what you are today. Such a role model.

  434. i think the work you do with the joyful heart foundation is amazing keep it up

  435. Would be proud to wear that necklace. I love Mariska, she is full of grace and beauty. Such an inspiration for women young and old.

  436. What an awesome way to raise funds for a much needed cause! Love it!

  437. Mariska is truly an inspiration; beautiful inside and out!

  438. I want to win this for my daughter (in-law). She is a Director of at a crisis center and has traveled all over to speak out of this subject. She has done amazing things to raise awareness and money to keep the focus on this issue. She has also testified before legislators. Two beautiful people bringing awareness – my daughter and Mariska. Thank you for all you do.

  439. I give my support to this cause~May awareness & change come with the wearing of this necklace.

  440. My fav actress and a role model. Would love to own this.

  441. I don’t usually enter things like this because I never win, however this is worth the remote chance!! This is an amazing cause and foundation. Mariska truely empowers women. She is an inspiring individual allowing victims of sexual assult to take back their voice. Body image is such a central topic among today’s youth and as someone who struggles with feeling comfortable as just me, her words hit home. Thank you LHJ and Mariska for this opportunity.

  442. What a great cause!!

  443. A girl watching Law & Order Svu and a Woman acknowledging domestic violence.

    Growing up television didn’t really define what is and what wasn’t. In other words: acting to me was just acting. It couldn’t possibly happen aka to me Law & Order SVU was just- a tv show.

    This all changed when I saw my sister get smacked for the first time in a local CVS store over an orange soda by her (then) bf. I was 12, maybe 13 and I was in complete shock, but at that age what else is there to think?
    My mind was made up then. The world is black and white. There’s hate and then there’s love. Not cheesy love, but that passionate love.

    But let’s face it- everything would be easier if it were black and white and that’s probably why we were blessed and cursed with color.

    You see you have people who work and you have volunteers to help people who suffer from domestic violence. And then there are people that slip through the cracks. People like my sister. People that don’t seek any help because their is “nothing wrong” yet they have to depend on someone. Even if that someone is 12/13.

    I am not saying I was the perfect person to have supported my sister and you can bet I called the hotlines and tried to get her to do it too, but when someone is convinced that they can save their old love (someone who was never there to begin with) then how can you save them from that? —

    Growing up I watched my sister be used as a slapping bored. I cleaned up her messes and tried to fix her problems until she turned to alcohol to do just that (fix her problems).

    Now shes lost with some horrible crowd, to lost to be saved and she has become an abuser herself. Emotionally to those who try to help her because she thinks to low of herself. It was a lot of responsibility to take on as a younger child, I know that now at the age of 24. But seeing my 33 year old sister spiraling downward, I can’t help but feel that this could have all been avoided if we hadn’t gone to CVS or she hadn’t worked at Lego….but reality kicks in and I know this isn’t the truth. I did everything I could even when she first turned to alcohol..

    Owning this necklace isnt a need or want- its a lesson. A lesson that there are some women that fall through the cracks but not to give up on them. That there is still hope to fix those cracks and hopefully one day everyone can get the help and that alcohol won’t be the medication that is used as a replacement of getting REAL help.

  444. great cause

  445. nice keeping fingers crossed

  446. I’m a big fan of Mariska’s work on Law & Order, and LOVED the LHJ’s article! She is truly an inspiration for ALL women! I’d be thrilled to win the necklace, not for myself, but for a friend at work. Hopefully the necklace would be a reminder and source of strength for her. I’m sure Jayne is smiling and SO proud of the wonderful person her daughter has become! ;)

  447. Beautiful simple necklace with a truly important message – would love to win, wear & show my support.

  448. love you &your show &what it stands for. its funny that you would be giving this necklace away, because before this contest came out i looked online for it but i just could not aford it. loved it from day 1!!!!!!!!!

  449. I would love to own this necklace and would be proud to wear it.

  450. I stand with Mariska and Joyful Heart Foundation and say NO MORE!

  451. Thank you, Mariska, for being you. Your strength, intelligence and femininity give the best of messages to women and daughters everywhere! You ROCK!

  452. Very special necklace!

  453. Once again,instead of just talking about how awful abuse is against ANYONE, Mariska has done something positive about the situation to help. I imagine to some, “Whoopee, it’s a necklace. Big deal, what’s that suppose to do?” It will start a dialogue. It will plant a seed of change in the minds of those who see people wearing them. They will ask and they will learn, and most importantly, they too may take steps to learn how to help change the world for ALL of us…for the better.

  454. Mariska is a hero for stepping out of a media comfort zone to make a difference. Her life…her person…is a living example to all women!

  455. Congrats to all women for Mariska’s advocacy!

  456. Mariska is strong advocate against all abuse. I admire and applaud all she has done.

  457. What a beautiful necklace to represent such an important issue!

  458. Roses are red,
    Violets are green,
    Owning this necklace
    Would be a dream!

  459. I am a big supporter of The Joyful Heart Foundation and I believe in their mission completely. I’ve purchased the gold “Fearless” necklace for each of my adult daughters for Christmas. They love them!

  460. I would wear this everyday then,pass it on to a friend to wear to do the same thing and keep the chain going!

  461. Mariska, you are an inspiration to all. Your work, acting, and genuine personality is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you have done. The article in
    ladies home journal was so down to earth and real. You touched hearts with your story and life achievements. You inspire everyone, so thank you for just being yourself and sharing your joy and confidence with the world.

  462. What a great cause for Mariska to support! Would love to win the necklace and wear it to show my support!

  463. Love it!

  464. I love Mariska!!!She is such an inspiration to women of all ages! She has lead me into the career that I am in: to be a sexual assault nurse examiner. Without JHF, I wouldn’t have made it through one of the toughest experiences in my life. Thank you Mariska! <3

    I would love to win this necklace and show my support of JHF and No More.

  465. Truly an inspiration!!!

  466. I have a “Fearlessness” necklace that I wear pretty much every day! It is a reminder of what an inspiration Mariska is and all the amazing work she does with her foundation! She is a great example of how to take her celebrity status and do such good in this world. I aspire to be even half of the person Mariska is one day! I love that woman!!! #LivBenson #SVU #MariskaFan

  467. love the necklace…

  468. great necklace and great cause!

  469. Mariska rocks!

  470. Such a special necklace and cause, as well as such a fine lady to found JHF and lead by example.

  471. I would love to have this necklace. I love to watch Mariska on special victims. I know what domestic violence is like first hand and wearing a necklace like this would help me believe that I am worth a lot more.

  472. This comes so close to my Heart, so grateful for Mariska!

  473. It took me 10 years to get away from my abusive first husband. I kept silent! I know now to speak up! We all need to get this in the open.
    Love the slogan and necklace.

  474. You are an inspiration, beautiful inside and out. Thank you

  475. I have a 16 year old daughter who absolutely LOVES Mariska Hargitay. Mariska is her role model. Most kids say they want to be a doctor or a lawyer when they grow up. Kirsten says, “When I grow up, I want to be Mariska Hargitay”. I’d love to win this necklace for her.

  476. Love this! Great cause!

  477. What a beautiful necklace! It would be an honor to own one not only for its beauty, but for such an important and worthy cause! We can help stop the violence if we all work together by getting the word out!

  478. Great cause love to win, very sporty

  479. I love Mariska Hargitay. SVU reruns are my go to when nothing is on TV. I also love that she supports such great causes!

  480. Kudos to LHJ and Mariska. Love the article.

  481. Supporting this!

  482. Love this article and to Mariska Hargitay keep up the good work.

  483. love Mariska and think this is a great cause

  484. love the article–great work

  485. This is a wonderful & much needed movement. It applies to both women & men.

  486. As a nurse I had taken care of women who were victims of domestic violence. Imagine my surprise to become a victim myself several years ago. Luckily, I am the child of a strong single mom and walked away from the situation after the first incident. I never gave him a second chance to hurt me. It taught my daqughter a valuable lesson.

  487. Would Love to win!

  488. No more is what I now live by!!!!!

  489. A pretty necklace, but an even more worthy cause. I would wear this all the time!

  490. great cause

  491. Would love to give this to a friend who’s been a victim of domestic violence. It would be a reminder for her to stay strong and know that she deserves to be treated well and not abused.

  492. My daughter was a victim of domestic violence
    I would love to win this necklace for her

  493. I love your cause. I too am a survivor of sexual assault. I haven’t told anyone and have tried to work it out on my own, but wearing this necklace may help me remember that I can overcome any obstacle put in my path and I will not let the person that hurt me rule my life!

  494. Beautiful. Would love this necklace.

  495. I love Olivia in the series. She is fearless and very confident and doesn’t give up. She’s a fighter until the very end. I admire everything able her, and have alot of respect for her as a person and character, and especially as a family woman. Arlita


  496. It is great when celebrities get involved in worthy causes. Thank you for being the face of “Olivia’s” strength and for Mariska’s social awareness.

  497. It makes a difference…but most people cant afford 215 dollars that have been in abuse…I know i cant…

  498. Mariska is not only a wonderful actress but also an amazing woman. She understands the important things in life. Thank you
    Mariska for using your fame to benefit a group of people who are often overlooked and many times are not able to speak for themselves.

  499. Beautiful and the cause is a very worthy one.

  500. You are fearless! A true role model to everyone. Thank you!

  501. As a survivor of Domestic Violence I am so Proud of Mariska for Promoting this.

  502. Mariska Hargitay is an inspiration to women everywhere. We can all learn to love ourselves a lot more and embrace our beauty, inside and out.

  503. To LHJ and Mariska, I have enjoyed both for many years…A huge THANK YOU!!! As for “Joyful Hearts” Thank you Mariska…Reminding me to get involved and to support this VERY IMPORTANT CAUSE! In the past as well for many years I have donated my time in helping women who have sufferd from domestic and other violence, as well as instruction on how to”PREVENT & PROTECT”.this was and is something people talk about …but need to address and act to continue the END OF VIOLENCE. Again thank you Mariska for reminding me to keep the faith,hope,and Love going… I would of course cherish a necklace, but more importantly my gift is what i now already recieved,Faithfully once more, Sher Lea

  504. I love Mariska. she is a great actress, and a beautiful person.and very inspirational to all woman.

  505. LHJ & Mariska, I have injoyed both of you for many years,and for that a Huge THANK YOU! Mariska i want to thank you for JOYFUL HEART’S. This is my wake up and reminder to return to the support of this much needed cause! In the past i donnated my time to the prevention and end of domestic and other violence.I used to instruct classes for Women to “PROTECT & PREVENT” violence. As well as in anyway i could help some one who was in need. So once again thank you Mariska. I would of course cherish a necklace… I have allready received my gift. that is to (KEEP THE FAITH,HOPE,& LOVE)to END VIOLENCE NOW!!! faithfully once again, Sher Lea

  506. Great cause. Love this article and thank you Mariska Hargitay. Keep up the good work.

  507. Mariska Hargitay is a true inspirational to all women. I throughly enjoyed this article about her in the current Ladie’s Home Journal March 2013 issue.

  508. I am in awe of Mariska Hargitay!

  509. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bring such a dark horse out of the closet. And you have done it with grace, love and respect for those who are truly in need of it the most. May God Bless you and continue to give you the strength so you can continue to bring hope, love and respect to all who deserve it.

  510. nice necklace , thats my favorite show and actress

  511. Thank you, Mariska. For the great work you do – on and off camera. You are truly an inspiration. I stumbled across SVU, a few years ago, and I am in love with this show. you inspired me to become a lawyer and work within the criminal justice system. I love you and God bless.

  512. Thank you Mariska Hargitay for making us more aware of the injustice in our world. May there be ‘NO MORE’ violence against anyone.

  513. I am a victim of domestic abuse. I am truly grateful for all efforts to assist victims and continue to fight for victims.

  514. Mariska is very inspirational. Would proudly wear this necklace!

  515. I would love to have this necklace. I was touched by different men in my family every sence I can remember.As far as i can remember it all started when I was 2 & it didnt stop till I ran away at 15. I went as far as I could I flew to P.R. with a boyfriend & lived there till I was 18. That boyfriend turned out tobe a man that would hit me up until the day he died. He was murder when I was 22. And after all the cring I finally realized I was free. To make a very long story short, I raised our two children.After they were late teenagers I remarried & I have a wonderful husband & a beautiful little girl.I would love to win this necklace so I could give it to my daughter so she will always remember she is more than someone to be hit on or touched in the wrong way. Thank You so much for the chance to win. Good luck to everyone!

  516. sadly, too many of us are victims of domestic violence.

  517. It is so sad that are so many sick people in this world that can only hurt and abuse others in order to make themselves feel big and important. Sad too, that so many women feel trapped in these situations because they do not know how or where to get help. Abuse hot lines should be set up and advertised widely for these women. And remember, abuse can be verbal and mental as well as physical.

  518. I think this is an awesome foundation!

  519. Mariska, it is time for change, all people should never have to live in fear regarding ABUSE, either verbally, or physically.

  520. What a great conversation piece…a perfect way to share about this wonderful foundation.

  521. Beautiful-I hope I get it!

  522. It’s great to see someone in the public eye using their “status” to raise awareness for such a great cause! Many times, the general population wouldn’t even know about these kind of causes because there are so many out there or people don’t take time to seek them out. This is a great partnership with Mariska because she truly believes in the cause she is supporting.

  523. What a great foundation and I’m very thankful for her work to raise awareness!

  524. Mariska is very inspirational.

  525. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  526. As an advocate for DV and SA victims, I applaud Mariska’s heart and passion for ending this violence. Thank you for all you do!

  527. Domestic Abuse is a terrible thing! I know! I suffered with it for 28 years of marriage to a bipolar man. My husband is now deceased, having died of cancer. I feel proud that I stood by him until his death. Now I can rest assured that I did everything that I could possibly do for him. And now I can REST

  528. Mariska is my role model. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

  529. Great Cause, I would be honored to wear this necklace.

  530. I can’t imagine what some go through. Pray that I never have to experience it. Bless you for your cause.

  531. Love Mariska, and All of the law an orders!! Beautiful necklace from a beautiful person!! would love to win one and would be proud to wear the necklace. I have been lucky to not ever been in a domestic situation or been abused.. God Bless u all!!

  532. I was a victim of unreported violence (he loved me why would I want him arrested), spending 12 years of my life before I divorced. Had I had a role model like Mariska my life would have been so different. Now I have a husband who shows me respect and love. God bless such a woman who is not afraid to speak out against violence.

  533. I grew up in a home filled with domestic violence
    What a great role model we have in Mariska

  534. This just gives me another reason why I really like her.

  535. Such a neat idea!

  536. I love Mariska & this is such a great cause. I support her 100%

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    wearing this beautiful necklace.

  539. wow, i think this necklace is beautiful. its delicate,yet makes a big statement. and it can be worn with any type of neckline. but its not over powering. I should win this necklace.

  540. I can see me wearing this necklace now. I would get to tell people what it stands for and how everyone needs to join in the fight to stop domestic and child abuse. Keep up the great work.

  541. I have been a huge fan of Law & Order SVU and Mariska’s cause. I work in a non-profit organization that assists victims and survivors of domestic violence. I have seen many of the PSA that Mariska was in to bring awareness to our community. I would like to win this necklace and hopefully be able to give it to one of our clients that have recently picked up the pieces to her life, found a job and is living in a stable transitional housing through our organization. I would also love for our organization to receive recognition so that other women can come forward and seek help.

  542. The necklace is beautiful and he means a lot with it’s meaning NO MORE. There is way to much domestic violence going on. I am not just talking about adults but also with children and it has to stop. I watch your show Law and Order Special Victims every day and I see on your show what goes on. I also hear it on the news and I has to stop. If I win the necklace I would give it to my mom.

  543. As a survivor would love to win and wear this necklace.

  544. Mariska is a beautiful person inside and out. Would love to win. The necklace and would be proud to wear.

  545. I am a Law & Order SVU junkie! I love Mariska & congratulate her for the work she is doing outside the set. I would love to wear this necklace to promote awareness to end domestic violence.

  546. Good going.

  547. love the necklace and want to show support for ending domestic violence My family was full of it growing up

  548. As a retired Law Enforcement Crimes Against Persons Detective, I know too well about Domestic Violence first hand. Both professionally and personally, from an abusive husband who was also in Law Enforcement. The stigma, the embarrassment, the fear, and the courage to publically challenge the offender in a society that has just recently acknowledged this crime.
    I also teach in the Police Academy where it is my goal to teach that this crime hurts an entire family…. Not just the “intended victim”, but rather the observers as well. How the cycle of abuse continues and that it is OUR responsibility to speak for those who can’t or won’t! To be compassionate, as it is/was by the grace of God, all the survivors and offenders rise above the hurt and anger and become delivered.

  549. I am a survivor of domestic violence, not a victim! as a long time fan of Ms Mariska, I now admire her even that much more after reading your wonderful, inspiring article!! Thank-you Ms Hargitay, and the always talented, insightful, journalists at LHJ!!

  550. I too am a survivor of Domestic Violence. What a great cause and what a great way to support other people! This necklace also helps us ban together against violence.

  551. Mariska leaves me speechless everyday! She’s so amazing, flawless, gorgeous, and inspiring! She puts me to tears every time I watch her give a speech. She gives amazing advice! I strive to be like her everyday! Shes done so much for survivors like myself! She is not like most actors. She took SVU to the next level in 2004 when she started The Joyful Heart Foundation! I think I speak for myself as well as others when I say that she is truly wonderful! Her performances leave me in tears on a daily basis!

  552. Love Mariska Hargitay, what an inspiring woman!

  553. love this necklace. Great inspiration

  554. Mariska looks incredible, and cheers to her advocacy.

  555. Mariska is truly amazing! I’ve been trying to get this necklace forever! It’s just too expensive at the moment. I hope to meet Mariska someday! I admire the work she does for survivors! It’s because of Mariska M Hargitay that I am no longer a victim, I am a proud survivor! Its because of this amazing organization and that beautiful woman that I am the way I am today! Mariska is always there for me even tho I don’t personally know her she will always be close to my heart!

  556. Just bought the magazine yesterday and read her article! It was amazing! Shes so inspiring! I strive to be like her everyday of my life! She took the show to a whole other level by starting The Joyful Heart Foundation! Shes just amazing-amazing-amazing! I’m speechless after reading that article! xoxoxo

  557. I love Mariska’s outlook and her heart. I lost a friend to domestic violence a year ago, and I would love this necklace for her mom. Thank you for this article about a woman who is even more beautiful on the inside.

  558. I just read the LHJ magazine and found out about Mariska and her wonderful work on this issue.
    I was a little bit abused when I was a child. I then married a verbally abusive husband. After two children, I left him and wanted “no more”.
    I would love to win the necklace. I am sure like the others have said, I would be asked to explain it.
    Everyone take care and good luck!
    Sincerely, Gayle

  559. I would love to win this for my daughter and tell her what it stands for. I got out of an abusive marriage for my kids sake.

  560. I would wear it often

  561. A great reminder of why I got divorced and how far I’ve come since

  562. Great and inspiring article. I have enjoyed watching MH and seeing her beauty as so much more than the typical thin actress

    I am also a DV prevention worker and forensic nurse that lives the work she has done in the show and in her personal life to promote violence prevention.

  563. Words are so small near as what Mariska means to me. Her story is one of the biggest inspirations of my life. The girl awkwardly that one day, a few years ago and was crowned Miss and today shines not only on television but yes in everything she does. The woman who never stop of helping whoever, who does everything to put a smile on in the face of those who she loves. The woman who changed the lives of so many people, taking the dark, restoring joy and making them strong, fearless. The woman who was behind her dreams and goals, which makes the world a little better, that does not sit and fight for what feels fair. Mariska is an example of overcoming, of love, of kindness, of inspiration. I once read that she’s not only beautiful, but necessary in today’s world. If people were at least 1% of what she is, the world would be a little more fair, honest. I have a pride that does not fit me when I see her get some honor no matter how small it is. Mariska deserve every second of what she isliving, every little thing she have. She battled a lifetime so overcome losses and makes the life of us – her fans, admirers a little better. I believe that one day I will have the opportunity to tell her what my eyes are only able to express and when that day comes, I’ll be the happiest person in the world. I thank Mariska for every thing, every person she brought to my life and I thank her once again for making me a better person.

  564. Great cause that does not get as much attention as it should. I am so happy to see Mariska using her celebrity to bring attention to it.

  565. Mariska’s role on SVU is amazing, and her work off camera to benefit women is very inspiring. The subject matter used to be something left unspoken, but now because of Mariska there is much more awareness for victims of these crimes.

  566. Love Mariska on SVU and can’t believe how amazing of a person she is in real life! Love this necklace!

  567. When I read about how Mariska was involved in domestic violence prevention, I was deeply touched. I’m studying for a degree in psychology to counsel women who’ve been involved in sex trafficking. Thank you for all the work you do, and I’d be proud to wear something from the Joyful Heart’s Foundation!

  568. Mariska Hargitay has been my role model since I was in the 6th grade. She is the person that inspired me to become an actress, along with a writer and director. Her work on law&order:SVU is absolutely amazing. What makes her more than an actress or some famous person is that she actual tries to help people with her Joyful Heart Foundation. I hope to meet her one day and tell her all she’s done for me.

  569. As a victim of domestic abuse for 18 years, I finally got out with my four children. I would be proud to wear this necklace and proclaim to the world “I am free”!

  570. Love the necklace, love the cause!! Keep up the good work!

  571. I am 72 and a survivor of DMV. I was married for twenty seven years
    when I was divorced the deposition files were stolen from the Judges car the lawyer told me. Why did Inot ask them to redo them?
    After almost three years of going through the divorce and the P.T.S.T. I had . I hardly knew up from down. I was never able to get only level entry jobs. After I retired things started coming back to me and I remember the second lawyer I had said “how did you get through this Ilooked at your file” I did not get it till twenty five years
    later. That I had been cheated by the the courts lawyers. We had a busines that I ran , a home, pets, children it was all lost. he is inFlorida as I write this. I never got justice but i did get my life but I was cheated out of a better quality of life and a home.

  572. i am a survivor .and i would wear this with great strength and forgiving heart. i love this necklace !! and what it stands for

  573. Markiska is a great role-model for girls and women! I love that she is involved with supporting women who have been through abuse and violence.

  574. I have been a fan of Mariska from the beginning from SVU to movies on lifetime. She is just wonderful. I commend her in her ability to speak out against domestic violence. There are so many things going on in the world who would even care about domestic violence. It is something that I have experienced and absolutely love that a idol of mine is supporting it. Thank you Mariska for being my voice

  575. I work for a local police department as a dispatcher and absolutely love what this stands for. Thank you for all the hard work you do and for always keeping us entertained.

  576. I was a victim and survivor of spousal abuse in my first marriage. I wish someone would have helped and been this concerned during that period of my life, if would have been easier on my future. Love your show.

  577. I was a victim of child sexual abuse from age 4 to 12. All the adults in my family knew but I wasn’t important enough for them to save. So I hid it! When I was in my 20s I started saving myself and being very open at all family functions, until I was no longer invited. Meanwhile I married an abusive man, physically and emotionally, it lasted 6 yrs. I finally through my healing said “NO MORE”. I am now 52 and receiving professional therapy.
    I really enjoy SVU, I love when they have the marathon shows. Keep up the great work Mariska!!

  578. I survived years of childhood abuse. I look back on it as not a bad experience, but an experience that has made me who I am today. I am blessed to be as well rounded as I have mentally over come a lot in life. I feel we need to support and turn bad experiences in to positive for our future as a stronger nation! Love the show.

  579. My father murdered my mother when I was 7 years old. My 4 siblings and I all went to different relatives to live. So my dad’s deliberate action tore the entire family apart and the scars are slow to heal, and never entirely go away. Thanks for allowing me to share. Thank goodness for TV shows like SVU that showcases the devastation caused by domestic violence.

  580. IT is so good to see a great thing like this to benefit victims

  581. What a wonderful cause and I love the necklace!

  582. Mariska ~ I never thought in a million years I’d make it through but I did!! I am proud to say I am a SURVIVOR and have worked very hard to get where I am. I would be honored to wear this necklace. I do share my story at a local domestic violence shelter often, so to wear this proudly while sharing would be awesome!

    Wearing this (to me) will remind me that being choked unconcious can and should be avoided by educating and spreading the word!!!

  583. As a survivor of abuse, I tried to protect my kids from ever becoming victims themselves but my daughter fell into abuse by the father of her kids and my autistic son by bullies at school. We all need to say no more!!

  584. nice

  585. I am so in love with the way the neckalace looks on Mariska and she looks beautiful in it

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  587. Beautiful necklace, beautiful lady and terrific cause.

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  589. Marisika – I love your work on ‘Law & Order, SVU’, and admire everything you do for others.

  590. I loved “What it’s like to be Mariska” in LHJ. What an inspiration you are and what a great cause.

  591. My sister and our family endured abuse from her spouse for years before we could finally get her to gain the strength to leave him. Time after time we thought it was the end, but again she would go back. So many calls to the police, so many promises from him. Nothing changed. I would pick up her toddler and bring him to our house when her husband went out of control only hoping he wouldn’t kill her. If only the women understood what this is not only doing to her, but to her whole family worrying if she will ever be safe. She is trying desperately to save her family thinking it will change, but it never will.
    I’m so thankful my sister made it out, but it took too long. Her children (she had another) ended up seeing the worst of it. She did remarry to a very wonderful man and had two more children. She is one of the lucky ones in the end.

  592. I loved the article in LHJ, and jotted down some of the phrases in my notebook. They will be my affirmations.

  593. great article: my mother and i was abuse everyday by my so call father finally onday we got to leav from there did not stop him from the abuse but what i have come to live by is that i do not take one pice of #### from anyone “no more” anything bad and i am out of there done with you

  594. As a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse, I say “No More”. My goal is to become BETTER no bitter.
    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful necklace with such a powerful message.

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  601. No more being taken advantage of by anyone.

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  604. I have always admired mariska. I am in the middle of a horrible situation with my ex husband. I often use to pray for u and elliot to save me. I know crazy right? I would love a chance to wear the necklace so I can help remind myself that I am not his property to do with as he pleases.

  605. I love the necklace.

  606. I am a 27 year survivor of domestic violence. This necklace would symbolize the journey I have taken and the accomplishments I have achieved.

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  608. More power to her and her wonderful plan to end violence against us!

  609. This is such a big issue in our day and age, I’m over joyed to see that SOMEONE is bringing awareness to it. To whomever wins this beautiful piece congradulations for the honor of bearring the responsibility of making others aware through wearing this necklace.

  610. In today’s world ladies need to inspire our young ladies and gentleman as an educator (5th grade teacher) I am in front of our youth everyday, one thing my students notice is my jewley and it always has a story, how great would it be to pass on the story “No More”.

  611. So glad to see a group working on this cause. Great work!

  612. Thank you so much for doing a story on Mariska- she is one of my heros and continues to inspire me!

  613. I really emjoyed reading the story about Mariska. Her charity, the Joyful Heart Foundation, has a cause that is close to my heart. I have been through domestic violence and am glad to say I no longer am in that relationship. Thanks for empowering women, LHJ!

  614. Mariska you are a great inspiration. I love watching you on SVU and reading articles about you. I thing joyful heart is a great foundation women need somewhere they can go when they are hurting.

  615. Beautiful necklace. I would be extremely proud to wear such a fI ne piece of jewelry. I have llived in domestic violence on and off my whole life and am in a reslionshtp that is very similar to that now.

  616. Wow, I didn’t know Mariska Hargitay founded the Joyful Heart Foundation all the way back to 2004. That is great! I’m very impressed…..the fact that so many women are murdered by their other halfs is very disturbing. It’s like a TREND here in MN. Someone needs to do more in this state to publicize how often these murders happen at the hands of these spouses/boyfriends.

  617. Wow, what a woman of substance. It is refreshing to know there are people in the public eye who have such substance. I admire her. Some of the things she said hit home with me & are worth doing not just reading about. Thank you for interviewing her and having such a great magazine.

  618. Mariska is such a lovely woman inside and out. I would be proud to wear such a necklace to show support to the Joyful Heart Foundation.

  619. i am new to SVU having accidentally tuned in to an episode which struck chords. i looked up the series on line and stumbled upon joyful heart. How i wish something like this was here in the UK. I am sure the statistics are on a par here and around the world. Whatever the situation, we must take small steps to recovery and live life to the full, it is over all too soon. ‘angels fly because they take themselves lightly’. x

  620. As a survivor of domestic violence, I watch SVU whenever it is on just to watch Mariska’s approach and treatment of victims. She is brave, true to herself and gives me, as a favorite viewer, self-confidence and pride in the fact that I got out…..Thank you, Mariska

  621. Thank you for supporting such a cause.

  622. What a beautiful way to support a sad and violent problem in our world today.

  623. This is a beautiful necklace to be worn to support domestic violence all over the world. Sadly chances of winning are slim and most of us cannot afford the price of one. Please make a less expensive version so we can all show support for this cause and to help Mariska.

  624. It’s so nice to see influential people doing something that matters to those who need it most!

  625. Enjoyed the article its nice to see people in show business with a great head on their shoulders.

  626. Thank you for all you do to help women & children.
    There are so many women that stay in a relationship out of fear. Your work is so important to all women.

  627. great idea for a necklace

  628. Marissa. You are a very special lady and I respect everything you do for women. You, yourself are a Beautiful Woman. You knw, I watch your show all the time and I sure wish you and “Elliot” were partners again. You were great together.

  629. As a survivor from an alcoholic and brutal stepdad, an abusive husband and a military sexual assualt, I am now qualified to counsel others dealing with and surviving trauma. I watch Mariska’s show and appreciate the approach the whole team makes towards this very sensitive and painful subject. Thank you and your team for all you do.

  630. This is cause near and dear to my heart. I’m a survivor and I stand in solidarity with other survivors.

  631. Mariska is such an amazing woman for doing what she does to help others. All of that plus staying fabulous!

  632. Great cause and beautiful necklace. I would be proud to wear it.

  633. I really admire this beautiful, smart, warm hearted woman..She lights up the red carpet and is is an incredible actress.I watch SVU because of her.I would be proud to wear this necklace,it’s for a great cause.I LOVE YOU MARISKA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  634. When I saw this necklace in the article, I just felt I needed to have it around my neck somehow as a reminder of where I’ve been and where I’m going….to never let someone treat me that way again.

  635. Mariska is such a beautiful woman and an amazing role model for women today. The Joyful Heart Foundation is such a great cause and I admire Mariska for being such a loyal advocate. As a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence I know that it is something that stays with you for your entire life and having resources like Joyful Heart can really make a difference in a person’s life. I suffer from PTSD and depression stemming from the abuse and still feel as though I am recovering 13 years later. Learning new ways to cope and seeing that people are becoming more aware helps with the healing process. Thank you for all you do Mariska, you are a hero!

  636. I had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing domestic violence against my mother when I was little. My brother and sister were too young to remember but my (then) step-father was an alcoholic whom would take out his frustrations of life on my mother. I thank God everyday that she raised her sons to be men that never use violence as a way to express disappointment or grief and a daughter who is strong enough to walk away from any man that does. My mother left him and has always been my rock. No real man EVER beats a woman! There is no justifiable call for it.

  637. I think you are a wonderful person..wife..and now a Mom. I’m sure your parents would be very proud of you and your drive to be better and better. That is why you are such a great role model for women!

  638. No violence but just raising 3 children (youngest was 1 years old) alone was tough (money & work). But I made it and have 3 wonderful trouble free children with college educations (still paying!!!). But I’m happy and healthy.
    I have always and still enjoy watching you on T.V.

    Shows your human too!

  639. Just two little words, but what a powerful message they send. NO MORE. No more ‘taking it’ and no more standing by, watching helplessly while a friend or relative suffers abuse.

  640. I believe whoever wins this special neck less, will wear it with pride and spread the meaning of the neck less to everyone who asks about it.

  641. God Bless You Mariska for supporting No More! It’s hard to believe in this time of domestic abuse awareness that there are still so many people out there who accept it, ignore it and endure it. Thank you for your work on this very important cause!

  642. Thank you for being brave enough to give the rest of us a voice. You are a true hero to me and many like me. THANK YOU

  643. Thank you for all that you are doing for this great cause. As a victim of domestic abuse and sexual abuse, I say NO MORE!

  644. Awesome necklace and cause!

  645. Great necklace and great cause. Please pic me!!!

  646. Would love to win the necklace for my daughter. We love Mariska and SVU. This is a great organization. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  647. Mariska, I loved the article in Ladies Home Journal. You are a genunine beautiful lady. I admire you and support your cause. The world needs more people like you. We need to be aware of the domestic violence that is happening as we speak and do what we can to help other women in need.

  648. Mariska is such an inspiring role model. It’s so good to see someone willing to shine the light on the issue of abuse and empower survivors to once again find thier voice. I would be proud to wear this necklace and be a part of that however small.

  649. Mariska inspires us all

  650. would love to have the confidence Mariska does.

  651. I love your necklace!

  652. Love Mariska and all she does

  653. As an advocate it would be an honor to wear!

  654. A worthy cause and a great piece.

  655. I think it’s often a crime that goes unreported to much, too often. The police have enough to worry about in the world today. These crimes don’t take a vacation. My wife would say be conifdent and be aware of your surroundings. Be vigilant. No means no!

  656. Beautiful article on Mariska, she is an amazing woman that supports this awesome cause! I have some friends that have gone through such violence and they did seek help ! Without these wonderful counselors, and amazing facilities to get this help, These women would have to suffer with this for ever! We need more women like Mariska! Thank you Mariska for believing in this awareness !

  657. Great necklace…even greater cause!

  658. Mariska is someone I’ve always admired. This necklace is a great way to show awareness and strength for women (or any abused). It sends a simple yet powerful message.

  659. Thank you being an advocate for this important cause, for being incredibly inspirational and for all of the wonderful years watching your amazing work on SVU. Stay you!

  660. Great cause, great person! Love L&O

  661. Love watching you on Law & Order! This Design of this necklace is awesome!

  662. Love how you portray yourself as such a strong and positive woman!

  663. Awesome and inspiring!!

  664. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration!

  665. AGREED!!!! No More!!!

  666. As A person that was domestically abused both mentally and physically in the past I would love to own this necklace. I have always looked up to Mariska on her support efforts she is doing a great job Go Mariska. I am now happily married but, it took me a long time to find my love of my life. If I win thanks to all of you and Mariska too.

  667. I will wear this necklace proudly and tell all why I wear it.

  668. I would wear this necklace as a symbol for women’s rights. Nobody deserves to be mishandled under any circumstances.

  669. Would love to spread the word about domestic violence!

  670. Read about your article in LHJ in a Dr’s office waiting for my daughter. WOW, happened to read it at the right moment in my life. Domestic violence comes in all forms. Getting out of a very abusive relationship that lasted 30 years. Would LOVE to win the necklace just to be able to reach up and feel it around my neck in my weak moments. I’m struggling, but I know I will make it thru this. Thank You Mariska for spreading the courage to women like me.

  671. Simply inspiring

  672. Have worked with both children and adults of abuse, this is a great cause. Not enough people are willing to addmitt the abuse.

  673. My beautiful daughter was murdered last year, 2 weeks after she was assaulted by her husband. We must get the word out about this “silent killer.” This necklace would be excellent conversation starter.

  674. It is so refreshing to hear a woman claim and own who she is as a person instead of fake Hollywood in crowd. I am very proud of her and she is a beautiful person inside and out.

  675. I think that this is a great way to raise awareness of domestic violence. It is very pretty and simple, a great necklace to wear whenever!

  676. Marksman I admire your character on SVU! I’ve been watching for years. Thank you for this foundation! I too am a survivor and would love to where this necklace proudly! Thank you for making this necklace. Very beautiful!

  677. Mariska I admire your character on SVU! I’ve been watching for years. Thank you for this foundation! I too am a survivor and would love to where this necklace proudly! Thank you for making this necklace. Very beautiful!

  678. Love the necklace and the concept behind it!!!

  679. what an inspiration

  680. who would have thought two little words would be so inspiring and encouraging

  681. Great article on Mariska Hargitayin the March issue.

  682. Love this! What a great cause that is also near and dear to me.

  683. One day, this and other pleas for a world that respects and treats each other with acceptance will be an actuality.

  684. Love it

  685. I was in an abusive marriage for 13 years before I finally got away. I am 53 years old now and never look back, only forward. I deserve so much more!

  686. Extremely important work you’re doing with the “Joyful Heart Foundation” Mariska Hargitay.

  687. Not having anywhere to go years ago, it is great to know that help is out there now!

  688. Thank You for getting the Word out-I am a survivor and said NO MORE!!! What a great cause to be heard by so many-THANK YOU

  689. Such a great cause to be apart of!

  690. This is a wonderful cause! Very proud to support it!

  691. Add my voice as one who tries to pass along that this doesn’t have to continue in families.

  692. So inspiring, especially as a survivor! Such of fan of Mariska, as well!

  693. I knew I was in trouble the night my husband tried to kill me. These words are perfect to impress the importance that we will accept this type of behavior no more! Thank you Mariska for your work on TV and in real life to help and protect those in need.

  694. As a former recipient of several different typres of abuse, from childhood on into early adulthood, which range from emotional to physical I have actually made this my resolution this year. NO MORE! No more putting up with any BS from ANYONE! No more being taken advantage of by anyone, no more! I think you are a beautiful soul Mariska. I wish you many blessings on your lifes journey. I enjoyed reading the article, thank you for the wonderful attitude you have. <3

  695. Domestic Violence is intolerable NO MORE is right. I love that Mariska is standing up for this.

  696. Even 25 years after leaving an abusive spouse, the effects still linger. We need to keep standing up for those who haven’t been able to get away yet.

  697. Mariska has raised so much awareness through her performance on SUV and founding Joyful Heart. She is an amazing and inspiring woman. I really enjoyed the cover story and how she shared about becoming comfortable in one’s own skin.

  698. Even 25 years after leaving an abusive spouse, the effects still linger. We must keep speaking out for the ones who haven’t been able to leave yet.

  699. Mariska is an inspiration to me as a mother, a working woman, a wife, and a survivor of domestic violence! Her life story and hard work has given me confidence to feel more beautiful and have the courage I have been looking for to better my life! She truly is an amazing woman and role model for women everywhere! If I could meet one person, it would be Mariska!

    Smile, Beth

  700. Living in a rural community I have a chance to see some women that are abused by husband’s and others. I help where they allow me to. Sometimes I can only talk, there is always prayer and just being there for for them if they call. Applaud Marisa forwhat she is doing and any ides on what more I can do.

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  711. I have admired Mariska Hargitay for years, even before SVU. She is the strong intelligent woman all women should aspire to. It is only fitting that she be the spokesperson for women’s violence.

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  713. Mariska is such an inspiration and an amazing role model. The world needs more people like her.

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  715. Mariska has changed my life. I am a full supporter of everything she does. I would love to have all of the Joyful Heart Foundation merchandise, but allas I cannot afford any of it. It would mean the world to me to win this.

  716. Mariska is such an inspiration to women and mothers across the globe. I love the work she does!

  717. The article “What It’s like to be Mariska” caught my eye. Reading it touched my life. I have been in domestic violence as a child, an adult, and through siblings lives. The movement supported by joyful Heart to end domestic violence gave me a feeling of being able to move past it. I would love the necklace and always wear it. Please NO MORE!

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  719. All women of the world wil have joyful hearts when everyone says NO MORE to domestic violence! Love your work Mariska!

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  721. Mariska is an amazing advocate and a shining example of what we, as women, should strive to be like every day!

  722. Education about domestic violence is essential. Understanding mental health issues, which can lead someone to ‘act out’ through domestic violence, is also essential. I am a survivor as well and do feel that, in addition to helping survivors, offenders need assistance too. Thank you, Mariska, for your ‘voice’ for us survivors.

  723. Thank You for such a beautiful simple necklace with such a big heartfull message.

  724. Thank you Mariska for helping to give a voice to survivors of this type of trauma. Perhaps someday there will be no more need for this message, but until then we should all band together to say as one, “No More.”

  725. You are a great inspiration to all women. I hope to meet you someday you’re my hero.

  726. Mariska, I am an incredibly huge fan of yours. Not only are you beautiful inside and out, an amazing actress, and a wonderful mother, but you are also a huge inspiration to all women. I loved that i got the chance to meet you and it really did confirm what an amazing person you are. I also love how you brought the NO MORE campaign into the JHF. I think it is vital for people to learn how to prevent any violence if they can! Thank You so much for being you – you have helped so many people!

  727. Mariska – I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful woman on TV and now I’m learning you are just as beautiful inside. My step-daughter is dealing with a domestic violence case against her boyfriend and I’m thankful for people like you to help her be safer. Thank you for all you are doing.

  728. I work with adolescents and so many think that abuse is “just part of the relationship”. It breaks my heart every time. Each time that I am able to help a girl say NO MORE it feels like the greatest gift ever. This means a lot that someone that is able to be heard by many gets the message out to so many. Thanks

  729. I love Mariska! I support her cause! Good for her!

  730. I can’t tell you how much the show means to me and how wonderful your efforts are to stop the endless circle of violence against women. With your efforts, we can begin to turn the tide.

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  742. As a survivor of domestic abuse, these two words speak volumes to me!!

  743. I am truly blessed to be a survivor .My heart is still heavy with the loss of two girlfriends to domestic violence.Thank you Mariska and LHj for all you do to bring awareness.

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  748. I am in love with the Joyful Heart Foundation. I was a victim of sexual assault as a child, and it helps my heart heal knowing there are people out there who care enough to try and do something about it. God bless you, Mariska, and the Foundation.

  749. Such a worthy cause! Thanks Mariska for making a difference!

  750. Love SVU and Mariska and for her to truly believe in what she does on TV is remarkable! My own life was filled with abuse and for me to have this necklace would symbolize how I overcame it.

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  752. Such a great cause! Thanks for all you do!

  753. As a past victim of multiple assaults,NOW a survivor- I have a passion for teaching women and girls ‘practical’ self defense. I’m a victims Advocate on San Diego’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Response Teams. I applaud Mariska(such a ‘real’ actress) for giving of her life and time to bring hope to such a LARGE percentage of the population! I would be honored to wear the beautiful necklace.

  754. I am a proud survivor of domestic violence and sexual assult. A result of wich I am also the proud mother of natural identical triplets. We recently made a 800 mile move from home to be away from the long 14 years of violence and abuse and now live in peace. We may not have much but we are safe and getting back on our feet. Maybe in the future I could afford one of these but it would be nice for some one ta ask and to be able to tell them about your organization. What a blessing to have such people to stand up and speak out. Alone we are not, strong we are.

  755. No Mo Baby, No Mo!

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    the beautiful No More necklace. It’s a wonderful cause.

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    very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for
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    Fantastic work!

  760. This is a great cause, I am entering for my Sister who suffered from domestic violence for 22 years and no more she is in a better place now and happy happy happy.

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    NO MORE.

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  764. I am so glad that here are people out there being advocates for domestic violence. I have a sister who was physically and emotionally abused for the 16 yrs of her marriage and finally had the nerve to divorce the pig. What a great cause and Marisk you are awesome! Thank You!

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  768. Mariska is truly an inspiration. Her life’s philosophy should be embraced.

  769. Thank Mariska for doing this. I have been thru my share of abuse. It would be nice if you also shared your Joyful Heart foundation more with ethnic communities. I’m Spanish and I’m sure I’m not the only one that comes from a family where we don’t speak about abuse.

    In my case I feel now that people around me suspected I was being abused as a child, but nobody stood up to defend me. I don’t see them as bad people, just people that were scared of getting involved.

    Thanks soo much for caring. Your children and your parents in heaven must be so proud of you for giving a voice for all of us that have had to hide in the shadows of shame.

  770. Very pretty.

  771. I’m a registered nurse and my husband is an OB/GYN MD. We deal with battered women every day. It breaks my heart. I admire what Mariska has done here. We are working to find support for another larger building in our area. God bless you all!

  772. My daughter in-law is a social worker at NYU and is so involved with women’s problems whether it be violence or single parent. Very caring, this would be a great gift.

  773. My name is DeAnn. I am a married and a mother of 2 grown children. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I hid this terrible trauma for a number of years until I was forced to face the reality of what happened to me. I decided to create my own website in an effort to help others to cope and eventually heal.
    Mariska is wonderful as Olivia Benson on SVU. She accurately portrays the attitude I have as a survivor. I would love nothing better than to meet Mariska and wear the necklace proudly, or pass it to another survivor.
    If anyone would like to contact me and share in confidence, please feel free to do so.

  774. Very inspiring!

  775. Even though I am a man, Mariska Hargitay is truely one of the very few people in the world that I totally respect and admire and that has really inspired me in my life. I have been a “fan and follower” (in a good way!) for many, many years way before she was “famous” for her role as Detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order SVU. I strive to emulate Mariska to help shape my character to this day.

    I hope to meet up with her in person one day and just chat about things as it is one of the top ten things to do on my bucket list!

    If I happen to win one of the Joyful Heart’s ‘No More’ Necklaces by Me&Ro I will of course give it to Ellen, my amazing & beautiful bride of 10 years!

  776. I would love to wear this necklace. :) Very inspiring!

  777. Thank you for caring so much and always thinking outside of yourself. You have taken up a cause that affects so many, and all it takes is one, like you, to start a wellspring of work toward finding an end.

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  781. I am proud to say that I survived domestic violence, but only with the promise from God that He wants all of his children to have hope, to not be harmed, and to have a future (Jer 29:11). Also, support groups for DV are very important to regain your self-confidence and to reach out to others. I would be honored to wear this necklace and hope that it would open doors to share with others who are suffering in similar situations.Thank you, Mariska, for being a beautiful person who cares about other women and children!

  782. I have always admired Mariska. I don’t watch CSI, but any article I’ve read she’s always been so impressive. Plus, being a curvy, middle aged woman myself I find her to be a total inspiration in that regard. And what a kind heart too, to use her celebrity to raise awareness.

  783. I currently wear the original “Fearlessness” pendant but LOVE this No More piece. As a survivor and HUGE fan of Mariska, I am proud to share information about the JHF with anyone who asks & would love to have the new necklace too!! :)

  784. A pendant that promotes an important cause.

  785. I’ve been living in a car for two years to escape a long-term abusive marriage. Raising awareness is vital for those still stuck with their abusers.

  786. What a wonderful woman Mariska is and what she stands for!
    I teach a class for battered women in my town and help women to understand their worth,how beautiful they are and too be strong! It’s nice to know that we are on the same team.
    This is a cause very close to my heart and I would love to be able to share this necklace with one of the ladies.
    Thank you for all you do AND this opportunity to win this beautiful necklace :)
    God Bless!

  787. I adore what Mariska has done on L&O SVU…I was as a child raped, abused, then with my first husband, raped, physically and mentally abused until I was smart enough to get out with two young sons, even after leaving, I was still afraid. Every epsiode I watch of SVU, I feel I heal a little bit more. Mariska, I wish there was someone like you to turn to when I was going through my abuse, I understand SVU is just a show, but the support you give with “Joyful Heart”, my heart goes out to you, don’t ever stop what you’re doing, those women, children need you so they can be heard. When I went through my abuse, no-one ever talked about it, no support groups, thank you for being you. If I ever had a chance to meet you, I would be more thanb grateful, but I know that will never happen, so “Olivia” thanks for helping me heal through all your SVU shows. You truly are an angel, and YES, we need to stop the abuse, NOW. If I am the lucky winner, I will be soooo proud to wear this necklace, currently I am in a mentally abusive relationship, I have learned, when the time is right, I will be out of this, 62 years old, I have become sooo strong, I can conquer anything. You truly have been blessed.

  788. Mariska, I love what you have done for yourself and what you have strived to represent. I have always admired you and you didn’t take advantage of who your parents were to walk your path in life. My father had custody of me when I was younger as my parents divorced when I was 2. He remarried and for 7 years it was an abusive childhood for my brother and myself. We grew up with no self worth and learned to lie. When they divorced I went to live with my birth mother who had no contact with us during those 7 years(not by her choice. She was turned away) She raised me to be independent, make my own decisions, fight for myself and what I believe and love God. I am now 53, have 2 beautiful grownup daughters, 5 beautiful grandchildren (2 are not my blood but I love them as if they are)and my husband of 7 years is my bestfriend. I am also battling breast cancer. Iam in the middle of treatment and this has taught my the most important lesson in life. Don’t sweat the small stuff,take off my cape and say no, it CAN wait until tomorrow and kiss and hug those grandbabies like there is no tomorrow. They don’t stay little long and if you aren’t there, they will grow up not knowing who you are.

  789. Beautiful jewelry to portray a terrible evil among women. Mariska, Thank you for taking up for us women who were abused and in a relationship we didn’t think we could escape. I did and don’t look back – only forward. Lots of tears, lots of hurt and lots of loneliness, but so much happier than ever before. We are so much stronger than our body thinks we are…we have no idea what we can overcome until we are PUSHED against the wall! God Bless ALL who are still struggling in an abusive relationship. Stay true to yourself and love yourself. You deserve so much more and are Loved more than you even know.

  790. what a beautiful necklace..

  791. I was so moved by the interview with Mariska in the March edition. I have an eating disorder & she empowered me to love myself no matter my size! I know this necklace is meant more for abuse victims, however I would love one to wear everyday to say NO MORE to my eating disorder & be constantly reminded of the article that had me so moved & empowered! Thank you LHJ for helping women conquer so many obstacles in life!

  792. Such an important cause! Would love to wear this!

  793. I absolutely lie Mariska she inspires me so much. I look up to her as an inspiration, and hope that some day I could meet her. I may not have been abused but I would love to wear something that my favorite person in the world made. I can not expresse how much this would mean to me to have this. When I get money I would be so proud to donate it all to The Joyful Heart Foundation. If I would get this necklace this would put me one step closer to my goal. I love how amazing Mariska is at her job. She does a wonderful job at fulfilling such a hard role to get into character. She always put a smile on my face and I know,even tho she doesn’t know me, that she will always be my role model. I don’t care for anything else than gettin this necklace. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

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  795. As a survivor of domestic violence and writer and advocate to raise awareness, I would be thrilled and proud to wear this necklace and support the cause. Thank you for the opportunity.

  796. Seeing Mariska’s work both on the series and for this foundation inspired me to seek the help I needed following a number of attacks. I have so much to thank you for and would be honoured to wear the necklace to support and talk about what it means to others.

  797. did i do

  798. Love you and all your r doing for us women!!! Keep up the great work! From Justine in new york

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  802. This is awesome. Mariska is awesome. And I would be honored to win, and wear it!
    She is an inspiration. And it’s great to see someone who is not obsessed with being a size 0-2.
    Mariska is beautiful. And healthy. Nice to see someone real. Huge fan

  803. If I didn’t see “Ladies Home Journal” in the doctor’s office the other day with Mariska on the cover, I wouldn’t have read the article, and I wouldn’t have started reading the book Mariska said she read: “Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. This book is really helping! Also love Law & Order SVU which got me to realize how strong women can be with or without a man! It’s a truly inspiring show, and Mariska’s character portrays a strong person perfectly. “No More!”

  804. Mariska is beautiful inside and out!

  805. would love to win this necklace, she is one of my favorite actresses and is my favorite show, such a worthwhile cause.

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    Big fan of Mariska’s, she’s one of our FAVES!!!

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  813. It took me 6 years to finally say NO More with my ex, now I won’t stand by and allow a man to put his hands on a woman whether it be me or someone I don’t know, if I see it, that guy is gonna pay.

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  821. I was a victim of domestic violence in my young and dumb years. I have always been fiercely independent and I realized I would not be able to change that person I left. While I make it sound easy that decision is much more complicated for a lot of women. Its great that an organization like this is taking steps to increase awareness and advocate for these victims.

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    I’d love to win for my mom! TY!!

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  833. I would totally wear this necklace all the time!! It’s a fantastic show of support for the survivors and victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

  834. Mariska is a true inspiration to me and many of my friends. Thank you Marish!

  835. I have always said (and will continue to say) that Mariska is Superwoman. She is strong, courageous, and determined. THANK YOU for creating this amazing Foundation and reaching so many people. :)

  836. This is such a wonderful foundation! I think this contest is a great way to reach many people and let them know of a cause they may have not known about before.

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  847. I am a supporter of this wonderful cause and thanks for your hard work. It would be a blessing if one day we would see no more domestic violence or sexual assault.

  848. Very very nice

  849. My wife would probably like this.

  850. I just saw this in “Ladies’ Home Journal” at my doctors office and had to find the site because I would like to give this necklace to a friend who lost her daughter due to domestic violence. I can not express the gratitude and admiration I have for the work and dedication that goes into organizations such as this one. Thank you!

  851. Mariska is a positive and inspirational role model for our young people and I’m so grateful my daughter looks to her for example!

  852. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month! My county is holding ‘Denim Day’ on the fourth Friday of April to help spread awareness. Please check in with your local community to see what’s being planned, or start something yourself and say ‘No More’ to sexual/domestic violence!

  853. This is such a great product. I want to get one for myself, my daughter and my friends. Bravo to Mariska for getting behind this issue!

  854. What a thoughtful and caring woman she is to start a great organization.

  855. As a young adult, I thought after ending a physically abusive relationship that I would never again deal with abuse. At 45, I’m now separated from a mentally and physically abusive man after six years. Thank God for people like you who support anyone who endures abuse. Stay strong!

  856. Wow, I would love to win this.

  857. Very cool project.

  858. This is wonderful and great for feeling like a pretty lady again. I like the no more. No more cancer, no more fat, no more feeling sad. thanks so much.

  859. If I could spread this message far and wide, I would. I hope this movement makes a real difference!

  860. Too many ladies I know suffer from abusive relationships and are afraid to get out. We all need to work together and stop this horrible act. Stay strong everyone and stand up for yourself. There is always help available. I would love this necklace to help show support that we are NOT afraid. Thank you!

  861. I would love to win this as I love what it stands for. My heart breaks when I hear of another woman who has become a victim of Domestic Abuse. It is so hard to be in this kind of situation as there are some women who have no place to turn to and when you have children it is even harder to leave. I know first hand how desperate of a situation it can be and I am so thankful that Mariska is helping to spread the word. She is a wonderful actress with a generous and loving heart.

  862. FANTASTIC cover story. LOVE it!

    Keep up the GREAT work Susan Pocharski!

    You can’t win if you don’t post. :D