Win a Haircut with Jennifer Aniston’s Stylist (& Meet Jen!)

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We sat down with hair icon Jennifer Aniston this week to talk all things hair—especially about why women battle with their locks (we’ve all done it!) and what she’s doing to change that. Aniston recently became part owner of the Living Proof hair care line and produced a mini documentary with the Living Proof team and her long-time stylist, Chris McMillan (he’s the man responsible for the famous Rachel cut) to explore our collective obsession with hair, and the lengths we all go to get our dream styles.

“I had great hair as a kid. My mom actually said you’re not allowed to touch your hair until you’re thirteen and she was right, I should not have,” Aniston says. “The first thing I did was cut it all off…I actually learned what my hair really was (which was not long and sort of cute) it was wide and unmanageable and a pain in the butt. I learned all my lessons in my younger years about what not to do.”

Aniston understands the desire for the latest gorgeous hairstyle but you won’t find her making any drastic cuts these days. “I usually just get a trim. I’ve always thought of going back to brunette but I think it’s more fun to play with it in movies.” (She admits her favorite movie look was the beachy, natural, long blonde look from Along Came Polly). “I think because of all the disasters I had as a kid. I don’t go to the ‘let’s cut it off or color it or shag it’ place. I’ve learned those lessons,” she says.

Now that she and McMillan have cracked the secret to those perfect, smooth locks we love so much on the red carpet, they’re sharing it with the rest of us (yes!). Aniston says Living Proof’s Nourishing Style Cream and Restore Mask have totally turned her hair around. She also says drinking water, getting enough sleep, and getting omega fatty acids in her diet help her iconic locks stay healthy from the inside out.

We also love that Aniston used the Living Proof products for several months before signing on to be a part of the company. She wanted see if the promised results would come through. “I gave it to my girlfriends, they love it. I gave it to Chris and he used it on his salon clients and they love it. So that was like, OK I will stand behind [this],” she says.

Next on Aniston’s beauty agenda is working with the company’s scientists to produce her fantasy products. “I can’t talk about it just yet!” she says. “It’s so exciting, being able to get in there and solve all the problems that girls have with their hair.”

To get a little of Aniston’s hair magic for yourself, enter by May 24th to win the chance to have your hair cut by her stylist, Chris McMillan. You’ll even get to meet Aniston herself! You can check out the first video in Aniston and McMillian’s Good Hair Day series today—and check back May 13th and 15th for more of the documentary.

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54 Responses to “Win a Haircut with Jennifer Aniston’s Stylist (& Meet Jen!)”

  1. My hair has been the same since high-school. I am now 46 so now it is full of grey and in a pony tail. I need help w/ my hair

  2. My hair is short & has been for over 20 years. I would love to know how it would look long, shiny, & be able just to flip it around again like when I was 20 years old.

  3. I am a huge fan of Jennifer and I obsess over hair. I’m still trying to figure out my perfect color and cut, and with college next year I’d like to good styling tips for an everyday look as well as glamour looks. And who better to learn it from than Chris McMillian

  4. Hi there! I’ve lived in New York, Nashville and Chicago over the past 12 years and have yet to find a hair stylist to show me how I can rock my best “Kathy-style.” Trust me, I’ve tried… in NY they made my hair look like a boy, in Nashville they made my hair look like Bon Jovi and in Chicago, well, they my hair just looked boring. Despite the hair flops and mops, I’m a cute, single girl who will be turning 35 in a year and just like hair icon Jennifer Aniston has her signature look, I’m hoping to find mine. Can you help me, Chris McMillian? I KNOW you can. I need you help! :)

  5. I have problem hair. Very thick with lots of body in the back, but not quite as much body in the front. I love Jennifer’s hairstyles. I get the feeling some hairstylists cannot deal with my hair … not sure why; maybe it is just too thick and takes too long to cut and style. I remember when my oldest sibling was getting married, the hairstylist sent me home without a “DO”. ;) Can you help me?

  6. Rescue me, I need a new do.

  7. I have always had long,long hair and I just keep it up on top of my head or in a plat down my back.i can give up the hair to those who needs it.ive done it before but never style it.that would be great to have it like trick and I’m atage 56.i need a new look.please pick me.

  8. Hi my name is Kim im 49 end of the month. My hair needs your help. I have pulmonary artieal hypertention. I take a lot of medication. Which my hair shows. I really need help to make it look its best. Would be so apricative for the help. Thanks Kim

  9. I usually have short hair but at the moment it is shoulder length. It tends to be frizzy and when I’m in the shower and washing my hair, there are strands left in the drain. I just don’t know what to do. PLEASE HELP!!!

  10. I’m 58 and for the first time in my life a little over weight. I have very thin hair on the front and side but thick wavy hair in the back. I wear bangs and long layered haired. I am going a little grey and would love for someone to give me advice about what style would be right for me. I’m not ready for the “grandmom” look even though I am but I need something a little easier. I’m hoping if I get a great style it will motivated me to loose some of this weight. Thanks

  11. I so need something new!

  12. I would like to have someone that doesn’t know me to try and find a me with a new do.

  13. Have always admired Jennifer Aniston! I did the same thing as a kid with my hair and my daughter’s now I too only get trims and highlights and lowlights. (To cover the gray.) would love the chance to meet Ms. Aniston but would probably give it yo my daughter a new Mom who is getting married within the next year and loves Ms. Aniston as much as I do! Best wishes to whoever wins!

  14. I have very fine hair and its hard to work with. I have collic’s everywhere it seems, also I was in a motor cycle accident and have a huge scar across my hair line down my forehead. I sure would like some tips on how to style this mop of mine. Thank You

  15. Oh my… Meeting Jennifer would be a dream come true. She is such a beautiful person and her hair has always looked amazing. Would love to have her look

  16. I have very fine hair and all i do is blowdry and straighten it. I try to curl it but it never works and just once id love to experience sonething different wih it. And i love Jennifer Aniston as well. Shes always had beautiful hair.

  17. My hair has been all different lengths – when I was a teenager I took time to fix my hair. Now that I’m older (41) and a single mom I don’t have a lot of time. I have been trying to get it to grow longer for a few years and plan on continue with doing so- I condition it best I can and get trims and take biotin – I have even taken pics of Ms Anniston and took it to my stylist so I could get my hair to look as close as possible :) hope everybody has a spectacular day and happy Mothers day to all

  18. I love her hair…..I have cut out pics of the “Rachel” hair and had it done before. It would be a great fun day…I would be honored.

  19. Hi I’m 42 and a proud first time mom of a 17 month old named Jennifer!I I moved to Mississippi in 2010 Cause of my Dad’s final wish for me!Well I met the man of my dreams and had the baby of my dreams and would love to have a new look to make it all complete!And to be able to met Jennifer will be another dream come true!P.S. Help… my hair is very thin and I always wear it in a ponytail everyday and would love a wow haircolor!

  20. I would love to get a professional hairstyle from a real professional and meeting Jennifer Aniston would be so fun!

  21. New year, new life, new perspectives ! Would love to acquire new look from stylish haircut and consult from Chris McMillan and possibly to meet Jennifer Aniston and chat about workouts and what’s on her iPod!:) just simple discussion w Americas all time Friend, Rachel!;) thanks for considering!:))

  22. Thanks for the chance to win a dream haircut from a dream stylist (and Jen’s pretty dreamy, too)!

  23. It’s back to ponytails for me even at the age of 36. I went natural and when my hair isn’t as straight I would want to be. The ponytail style comes out. I so need help with my natural hair.

  24. I am 22 years old. My natural color is brown (mousy brown) and I have been coloring it auburn for several years. I have freckles all over my face and body I have blue eyes. People think I am a natural red-head. A really nice haircut and help with color would be great.

  25. I love Jennifer. She never seems to get older, and she always looks classy and nice. I need a great haircut and color because I am 46, and the older I get the coarser, duller and more boring my hair looks. It’s long with no real style.

  26. I would love a hair makeover! I do color my hair but as I’ve gotten older it has become coarse and frizzy. It’s shoulder length with no real shape and I need a new style! It would be so special to meet Jennifer and her stylist.

  27. Love Jennifer and every hair-do she has ever worn. As a 63 yer old grandmother with great hair and a busy schedule I would love a cut that went easily everywhere.

  28. For many years I have always requested to get a nice haircut style like Jennifer Anniston’s and the same thing is always said in response< "doen't everybody?" So as you can imagine, I never got that lucky to get a beautiful haircut like Jennifer Anniston!

  29. I cut my bangs way too short when I was a teenager, and will NOT cut my own hair ever again!
    I will turn 50 in November and would love a new do!

  30. When I was a teenager I cut my bangs way too short, and I will NEVER cut my own hair again, it was awful! I will turn 50 in November and would love a new do!

  31. I hate my current hairstyle and would love something new and different.

  32. It would be so amazing to get styled by Jennifer’s stylist. I know the style I would receive would compliment my features. I love trying new looks and winning this contest would be so much fun!

  33. I need a change. I have had this hair cut for three years now and I don’t know what style to change too. I need someone to say, “Hey this style would look great on you”.

  34. My hair needs a change and needs a great person’s advice.

  35. new cruise travel website currenty under development.

    I would lOVE to have my long and wild hair styled by a hollywood professional. They are the absolute best in the busiess bit here in NC they want your money but do a horrible job on your hair.

    where do i sign up?

  36. I have been coloring/having my hair colored blonde since 8th grade. I am 42 now, what does that tell you. I think my natural color is strawberry blonde…not really sure. I could really use a new hue or my blonde blended and style. It seems in the last year my hair’s texture, the way it takes color and style are harder to manage. Plus the rogue, coarse grays that pop through. I would like McMillian to whip my hair into submission. To top it off I would get to meet Jennifer Aniston. That would be too cool.

  37. Every 2 years I donate my 12 inches grown to Locks of Love. That is all I do with my hair. I cut it in February so now I wait another 2 years.

  38. Every 2 years I donate my 12 inches grown to Locks of Love. That is all I do with my hair. I cut it in February so now I wait another 2 years. BTW, Server Errors are popping up and this is hard to enter.

  39. I would love something new and different.

  40. I will be 50 in June and still single. I have blonde, straight, fine, medium length hair that I curl everyday. I’m not sure what the most flattering way should be to wear my hair because the shape of my face is square. Jen is always so beautiful. I would love some tips.

  41. I am a bottle blonde and I dont know how to change it, every hair dresser I’ve had cannot figure out how to correct it, please help me, and a cute hairdo would be nice since I’m approaching the big 50.

  42. I love Jennifers hair. I have lost weight in a period of two years. My hair is lacking alot. I have had same hairstyle for years. I need help. My weight is alot better just need help with my hair now.
    Thanks for considering a country girl from North Carolina

  43. I am 14 and almost 15 and im really curious about my hair. I like it how it is but, I think I want to change it up a little. I am a brunette with some blonde highlights and I have layers because of my thick hair, my natural hair is wavy but I straighten it everyday. I think if I could get Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist to do my hair it would look amazing and I would feel less self concious than I am. I also want to say that meeting Jennifer would be a dream come true! I watch Friends everynight before I got to sleep and i’ve seen many movies with her in it, shes my favorite actress!!

  44. This old grandma is ready for a new look “and can’t tell where to find it.” Can’t leave them alone so show me what I need please.

  45. I have been cutting my own hair for the last 25 years (I am 61. I have pulmonary hypertension and an enlarged heart and work full time in an office. My husband is on disability and we are soley responsible for two grandchildren. There is never enough money for food, shelter and clothes, much less the luxury of going to a salon and getting a cut and style.

  46. I’m a gal who survived the 1980′s and big overprocessed hair. Nowadays, I’m pretty much low maint and would love to have a hairstyle that would compliment my face and skin tone. Good hairdressers can be hard to find and I would love the opportunity to be styled by one. Help me be a hip chic of the 2000′s.

  47. I cut my hair at home. Times are hard. I once had that wonderful salon experience but that seems forever ago. What a beautiful person to meet and have style you. Her class is timeless as is her grace in how she handles herself and her celebrity status. I love her style. Reminds me of how I once cared before I had to start taking care of others before myself. I just say yes to often, that is my character flaw.

  48. I became homeless and lived out of a car for four months with my 6 ft 7 son and four dogs – my hair was so full of greys I got the scissors one day and told my son to cut it all off – and he did lol… it was about a half inch all over with a little style and longer on top. Do you know I have never had so many compliments (once it grew in a little). He still cuts my hair 18 months later – no longer homeless now and I could afford a hairdresser but have never found one that can give me a haircut where people give me compliments like that……. and no – they were not just feeling sorry for me :)

  49. I’ve loved Jen since “Friends”. I’ve always loved her hair and style. My hair has some wave, but I’ve always wanted her cut. I’ll be looking up her product line next.

  50. I am curious to find out what blog platform you have been
    utilizing? I’m having some small security issues with my latest site and I would like to find something more safe. Do you have any suggestions?

  51. OMG–a double blessing!

  52. OMG—a double blessing!

  53. I’m bored with my current style. This would be wonderful!

  54. I am 50! Latina with curly black hair. Lots of hair and I straight my hair every time I wash it with hair dryer. My hair is long and I need a new hair cut. No! I refuse to leave my hair curly!
    Need something sexy, easy to care for and at the same time professional look.