Giada Wants You to Live Your Healthiest, Hottest Life

September 19, 2013 at 9:04 am , by

I sat down this week with celebrity chef, author, mom, and all-around superwoman Giada de Laurentiis. She teamed up with Clairol this month for the “Healthy Hot Challenge,” encouraging women to try a new mind, body, or beauty challenge every day for 28 days. Giada gave us the scoop on how we can all live our best lives (and just how she stays so gorgeous!).

What inspired you to start the 28-day Healthy Hot Challenge?

I want people to know that being healthy is hot. Healthy is many different things to many different people, which is why this challenge is fun. It’s more than just what you eat and how much sleep you get, it’s also challenging yourself to try something new every day, conquer your fears, and go on some more adventures. It can be as simple as downloading that e-book you’ve been wanting to read forever or visiting a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to or donating your time once a month to a charity you really care about. It’s little things like that that I think enhance our lives and make us happier people.

What’s one major change you’ve made that’s really made an impact?

Yoga. I was never interested in doing yoga before my daughter [Jade, 5] was born. I was a gym rat, and six months into my pregnancy my doctor suggested yoga. I thought, “That is not a workout. I’m never going to sweat!” And instead it was one of the biggest workouts I’ve ever done. It actually changed the shape of my body because it lengthened and strengthened from the core. I feel healthier, stronger, and more secure because my core is strong. So I get up every day and do some yoga just to breathe and center myself for the day.

Ok, I have to ask: How do you stay so trim when you’re constantly cooking Italian food?

Portion control. I used to eat a lot, lot more, and I really think it’s about moderation. In everything you do. I think you can have a little bit of everything and not a lot of anything. That’s kind of how it works.

You’re always on the go. How do you de-stress and relax? (And what tips can we steal from you!?)

De-stressing is hard, especially at the end of the day. A lot of people don’t sleep well because of it. So what I like to do is –  this is going to sound strange — but I do a little yoga before I go to bed. I lie on blocks that open up my shoulders and I try to stretch before I go to bed, for just a minute and a half to two minutes. I also have a 5-minute meditation app that I listen to. I have a lavender mister I spray on my pillow, and the scent is very soothing. The other thing is that you have to get rid of your phones and your iPads and all your electronics in the bedroom. That’s the best way to decompress.

I’m dying to know: What’s your secret to glowing skin and super-healthy hair?

Well I exfoliate every day. You can use baking soda mixed with water or baking soda mixed with olive oil or almond oil if you have dry skin. Just gently exfoliate your face, your neck, your chest, and your hands so you look glowy and shiny.

As for my hair, I use Natural Instincts hair color, but my favorite thing in that box is the conditioner. It’s fantastic, especially for someone like myself because my hair goes through so much torture every day. So I use it twice a month. If my hair is really dry and I’m traveling a ton, then I use it on the ends once a week. I’ll use coconut oil on the ends, too.

How do you update your beauty routine for fall?

I’ll go a little bit darker with my hair color. I also like to change my lipstick, and lately I’ve been really liking a sparkly eye shadow. It’s an easy pick-me-up! I’m really into nail art these days as well, so I mix it up a lot. I’ll do a lot of these little, inexpensive things that actually brighten my day. Sometimes it makes me feel younger, you know? Changing things up is really important.


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