Wear It Now Wednesday: Beam Us Up

February 18, 2014 at 3:02 pm , by


 sunglasses / top / bracelets / jeans / heels / bag

We get it, Winter, you’re big and bad. You’re a bully of the worst kind–unrelenting–shoving us into the same miles-thick sweaters and clompy boots for weeks on end. We’re so over you. So, instead of indulging you with another post full of warm layers, we’re letting our imaginations turn to that elusive season called spring. We’ve heard rumor that it’s a time of sweet sunshine and mild days. Should this time ever arrive, we’re planning to indulge in our new favorite trendy color–cobalt blue– and some fabulous white boyfriend jeans. Check out more of our favorite cobalt blue pieces, here, and keep your mind fixed on sunshine. (We’re going to will this winter away!)