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Cheat Sheet: 5 Things You Missed While Living Your Life

September 25, 2009 at 2:30 pm , by

1. Obama made us laugh on Letterman.
The president took a seat with David Letterman on Monday night, and discussed – what else – his health care plan. Not only did he randomly accept the gift of a heart-shaped potato from an audience member, but he might have gotten more laughs than Letterman during their chat. When Dave asked him about Jimmy Carter’s suggestion that the opposition to his healthcare plan is rooted in racism, Obama said, “I think it’s important to realize I was actually black before the election,” to which Dave replied, ”Really, how long have you been a black man?” with a totally straight face. The two of them brought out a lot of laughs in the audience – check the video here if you missed it.

2. Hollywood actors defended insurance companies – hilariously.
Speaking of health care, a bunch of actors got together and made this Funny or Die video playing devil’s advocate to Obama’s health care reform plan. You really need to watch it to appreciate it, but I’ll give away one gem: “Insurance companies are detail oriented enough to deny claims for things like typos…if you spell something wrong, do you really deserve surgery?”- Will Ferrell

dan-brown-250x2503. A new Dan Brown novel came out, and we’re not sure if it’s good or not.
Dan Brown, of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons fame, came out with a new novel – The Lost Symbol. Will it take the world by storm like the other two? It got some mixed reviews this week, including this one, that claims the story “dies repeatedly” and “doesn’t ever have the chance to develop any pace because Brown dumps chunks of often irrelevant information directly into the text, stopping the narrative dead in the water.” Ouch. Decide for yourself – the new book is on Amazon.

4. Hugely famous stars have embarrassing high school photos too.
Brangelina, Jennifer Aniston, Paula Abdul, Tom Cruise, Mariah, and more…in high school yearbook photos. Enough said.

5. Baby does Beyonce!
I’m willing to bet this is the cutest thing you’ve seen on the internet all week. This adorable tot is giving Sasha Fierce a run for her money – the baby doesn’t have a metal glove, but does have all the attitude!

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Take a Bite: Guilty Pleasure Foods

September 22, 2009 at 10:44 am , by

cookieAfter reading Lisa’s great post on guilty pleasure movies, I got to thinking about guilty pleasures of another sort — the foods we eat. Now we all know that having a nutritious and well-balanced diet is crucial for our health and well-being, but I believe it’s equally important to indulge every once (or twice) in a while, whether it’s scarfing down Doritos in the afternoon or treating yourself to cake when there’s nothing to celebrate.

Sometimes sneaking in a favorite snack or meal does wonders to perk up your day, even if you know deep down (but choose to ignore) how bad it is for you. My boss introduced me to a café around the corner here in our New York office that sells the warmest, gooiest, most decadent chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had — literally a piece of heaven in your mouth. They’re soft, freshly baked cookie bars that are the size and shape of brownies — giant chocolate chunks and all. I know how much havoc it would wreak on my tummy if I indulged in these cookies too often, but sometimes, during a long and busy day, they hit the spot and cheer me up more than a piece of celery ever could.

Now that you’re salivating (and before you go off to find some chocolate chip cookies of your own) tell me, what’s YOUR guilty pleasure food?

Photo via Brownie or Die

Cheat Sheet: 5 Things You Missed While Living Your Life

September 11, 2009 at 5:17 pm , by

1. Matt Damon is not dead.

According to the internet frenzy (that may or may not have started on on Wednesday, Matt Damon passed away — but rest easy ladies, the Sexiest Man Alive is still breathing. He was actually in Venice promoting his movie The Informant, and not on a camping trip gone deadly as the rumors making the rounds all said. He confirmed that the stories were untrue when he showed up – in flesh and blood – on David Letterman last night.

2. Tyra Banks showed us her real hair.

On the season 5 premiere of The Tyra Show, Tyra Banks appeared in front of the audience without a weave — something she’s never done on TV or while modeling. Why? Because the theme of season 5 is going to be all about accepting inner and outer beauty — you can see pics of her natural ‘do here.

3. Ellen Degeneres is the newest American Idol judge.

ellenPersonally, we think this is a welcome change to the judging table of the country’s favorite talent competition. Ellen is friendly, entertaining, and completely hilarious — and she’s always been huge fan of the show so she’s going to have a ball doing it. What do you think – will she be able to win over the die-hard Paula fans?

4. The Hubble Telescope gave us new images from space.

The Hubble Telescope was refurbished in May, and it’s now back in business – we got to see some brilliant new images from NASA this week, including this one of the Butterfly Nebula. Even if you’re not a space geek, you’ll appreciate the awesomeness of these shots – see the whole gallery here.

5. Fun Times on Michigan Ave

Oprah kicked off her 24th season this week with a fun Black Eyed Peas performance. This video of over 20,000 happy fans dancing along will make your day.

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Extend Your Summer: Sweet Tea Cocktail

September 10, 2009 at 9:48 am , by

fireflyHi there! I’m Arpita, Associate Editor here at and I’ll be blogging about food—so check back weekly for my favorite recipes, tips on cooking and eating, product reviews, food photos, commentary on delish dishes, drinks, and much more.

Now I’m aware that Labor Day weekend just passed by (and very quickly I might add), which marks the unofficial end of summer…but if you’re like me and you’re having a hard time saying goodbye to the picnics, parties, barbecues, and general deliciousness that is summer, then you’ll need a little something to tide you over until next year. Nothing says summer like a cool, sweet cocktail, and a glass of Firefly sweet tea vodka will take you right back to the season of poolside parties and popsicles. Pour it into a glass of ice and add a slice of lemon if you feel like it—you won’t need any other mixers—the vodka taste isn’t overbearing. This drink is a perfect, low-maintenance refresher if you’re having friends over, throwing a low-key party, or just want to have a taste of summer after it’s long gone. Firefly makes a few different flavors of this genius tea-infused vodka—you can buy your own.

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