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Cold Weather Accessories: Fashion meets Function

November 9, 2012 at 11:49 am , by

We have already seen the temperature drop and some snow fall here in NYC (among other insane weather patterns happening recently). Now is the time to run out and grab any winter essentials you might need before it gets any colder. The most important thing for me is that these items are not only functional (ie. keep me from freezing to death) but also fashionable (I mean, it is my job). Here are my function meets fashion picks!

Coats: I have never owned a puffy coat which is weird seeing that I lived on the east coast my whole life. Whenever I tried to wear one I always felt like a Oompa Loompa. But I recently checked out this Uniqlo one and I love how it’s cut a bit thinner and not as bulky. Classic wool coats are always wonderful options too. Toggle coats like this one at Madewell seem to be popular this season. J. Crew, not surprisingly, has some fantastic options as well. I like this blush colored stadium coat.

Boots: Cute, cold weather boots are  hard to find. Especially if you want something warm, classic, and understated (not clunky or overly furry). I am eying these uniquely-cool looking Sorel boots. These will be perfect to get me around the city on wintery days yet won’t look like I am wearing straight-up snow boots all day. To me these are a perfect mix of fashion meets function. My coworker was rocking these Ugg boot yesterday which is another great boot option!

Accessories: When it comes to hats, scarves, and gloves I can’t have enough. My go-to resources for all these items is Echo. They’re affordable, available at departments stores and online, and have such a wide selection of classic and fun items. Gap always has a great selection as well. Techy gloves are a genius idea that we covered years ago but they’re still around and obviously popular so you can communicate and not get frostbite. Another big trend is fur. I say go for faux for ethical or financial reasons. I like these wraps from Restoration Hardware (random, I know, but how cute!) I’m also digging this faux-fur headband from American Eagle. Both will have you looking glamorous and warm.

And don’t forget to go through your old winter items and donate them to people in need!


Splurge vs. Steal: the Hottest Jean Trends for Fall!

October 4, 2012 at 9:00 am , by

Some women don’t mind splurging on a good pair of jeans, especially if they are very flattering to your figure. Others refuse to pay more than $50 bucks. Whatever your school of thought, there is a lot happening with denim this fall. Check out the hottest trends and some affordable classics.


Colored Denim: Splurge

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Get Intimate: The Latest Updates in Bras, Shapewear, Tights and Undies!

September 20, 2012 at 2:15 pm , by

As a fashion editor we often discuss topics that may seem taboo or even TMI to some. Asking someone their bra size or their favorite type of undies or shapewear is all in a day’s work. I like to be all caught up on what people are loving and what is new out there. Here is a roundup of some of some new intimate things hitting my radar.

Pretty things I am currently obsessed with: A friend recently introduced me to Fortnight and I was floored. I do sometimes get faint at a gorgeous bra (and a bit touchy-feely) but I was also shocked I hadn’t heard of it, since I am a self proclaimed bra expert. It’s not cheap (bottoms starting at $48 bras starting at $69) but I could tell that the quality is just as beautiful as the look of it. Worth a splurge!

Cheap & chic: Who doesn’t love a good deal, especially when the items are actually things you need in styles that are cool. Smart & Sexy truly lives to it’s name and you can get a bra and undies set for only $15.

Newest bra shopping Mecca: There are a ton great online retailers that sell bras but what makes True & Co. different is it starts by giving you a 2 minute “fit quiz” that will result in giving you options for the your prefect bra… no measuring tape required!

The gift that keeps on is like a really cool updated version of the jelly of the month. Order it for yourself or as a gift for a friend and enjoy a monthly lacy surprise in the mail.  (Gals, this is certainly something to share with your husbands and boyfriends.)

2 for 1 tights: Hanes Silk Reflections tights convert into leggings by simply folding up the foot. It’s pure genius!

Run resistant: Got L’eggs’? Well you should! L’eggs new Silken Mist hosiery will keep you run-free all season! Guaranteed to be the best $6 you spend.

The latest and greatest from everyone’s favorite, Spanx: Not only do they have a new extension brand, Assets Red Hot Label by Spanx sold at Kohl’s, they also have fabulous lace shapers that have mesh overlay. They’re not only pretty but they keep you just as sucked in as all other Spanxs. (and FYI, the high-rise thong is very popular with celebs!)

Also check out the blog I Love a Good is a round up of everything intimates!


*** Got fashion questions? please email them to me at … you might just end up in our next issue!

Back to School Shopping for Grownups

August 28, 2012 at 3:54 pm , by

I haven’t technically had a first day of school in 10 years but that doesn’t stop me from going back to school shopping. I like to come back from Labor Day with some fresh new clothes, which in elementary school was maybe a new white t-shirt, black leggings and maybe a new multiples outfit, if I was lucky. But it’s important even for adults to start a new season off right. Here’s my grownup shopping list for “back to school” season.

Uniform:  It’s always good to have some great go-to pieces that create a stylish look. For me, I always fall back on skinny jeans and a blazer. This year, I’m going to continue my collegiate look but update the black blazer I’ve had for 9 years with a new navy one. Grabbing a dress or two is never a bad idea too, because they work for September when it’s still warm out and with tights all fall long. Think about getting some trendy pieces to mix in with your basics (check out our September fashion story for some ideas).

Staples:  Don’t forget the little things you use every day. You know, pencils, pens and erasers… or in our case: bras, undies, tights and socks. Now’s the time to stock up for the season.

Book Bag: As someone who does not usually rock a backpack except for a sweet photo op (yes I know my back would prefer it), I’m big fan of a classic brown leather bag. But these colorful bags are fun too and make me want to happily skip to class.

Shoes: Although strappy pumps and studded slippers are on my list, it’s this season’s sensible yet cool flat ankle boots that have me doodling hearts and stars.

Accessories: Spiked edgy jewelry, colorful and crystal mixed pieces and anything art deco-esque will keep you at the cool table at lunch.

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Geek Chic: Where to Find Cute Glasses

July 19, 2012 at 9:45 am , by

I think every lady should have a bit of a nerdy side. And these days a lot of things that were once geeky are actually cool. Comic books flicks are the most anticipated movies of the summer; computer programing is a sought-after job; zombies are having a major moment; fantasy shows like Game of Thrones are popular (the theme song happens to be my ring tone); and nerdy girls like Tina Fey and Zooey Deschanel are the queens of prime time. And the nerdiest accessory, glasses, are super-chic. Yes they’re a functional necessity to some but a lot of stylish ladies are now choosing glasses over contacts. Girls with 20/20 vision are even “faking it” with plain lenses! Of course stores like LensCrafters carry a wide assortment of frames at various prices, but there are a new a crop of websites that cater to this hot accessory. Here are my picks:

What we love about Coastal is that the first pair you order is free! (Our team here didn’t believe it when I told them.) That means you can get a practical pair, like black or tortoise, and a fun pair, like red or bright pink, for the price of one. They will also give away a pair to someone in need when you buy certain styles. The glasses we shot for our August fashion story, at left, are from the site and are perfectly geeky-chic.

Warby Parker is a very popular with the cool kids. Yes that’s very high school of me to say but it’s true. It’s hipster and trendy but Warby Parker also gives away a free pair for every purchase (which we love!). They offer free shipping and returns, and all their glasses are $95. They also have a home try on program where you can borrow 5 glasses for 5 days to try on in the comfort of your own home. My sister has this matte style and they are a perfect mix of cool and sophisticated.

The thing that makes Ditto unique is that you can virtually try on their glasses. Using special technology (all you need at home is a web cam), your license or credit card for scale and maybe a hair and makeup touch-up, you can see how all their glasses would look on you. (That’s me trying on a cute cat eye from Elizabeth and James — you like?) It was really easy to set up and if you are unsure of what shape looks good, you can send your photo to the site stylist who will suggest a pair that works for you. Free expert advice, you can’t beat that!

Have fun accessorizing your eyes and do share with me in the comments how you embrace your inner geek!

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The Best Plus-Size Shopping Sites

June 28, 2012 at 11:13 am , by

Shopping for plus-size styles has gotten easier over the years. A lot of stores are carrying more stylish options (ie. not just big tent dresses). And a lot of websites have an even better selection. Check out three of our favorite go-to sites.

MADISONPLUS: A gorgeous, well-curated site that shows you the trendiest clothes from swim to evening wear.

Favorite feature: The Dish, their super-cute blog, which features posts from plus-size models, editor’s picks, and an assortment of other goodies!

SONSI: The sister brand of Lane Bryant and Catherine’s, this site has over 300 brands including the exclusive Lane Bryant outlet line.

Favorite feature: The site includes tips from plus-size celebrity stylist Susan Moses, who has dressed Kathy Bates, Queen Latifah, Wynonna Judd, and Gabourey Sidibe.

ONESTOPPLUS: Literally a plus-size mall that carries both junior and women’s apparel. It’s very easy to navigate and has a beauty and home section for you to browse as well.

Favorite feature: Their lingerie section, which include fabulous brands like Body Naturals, Elomi, Freya, and Fantasie.

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Fashion Emergency Kit Must-Haves

June 14, 2012 at 3:47 pm , by

I’ve worked on photo shoots for 9 years, so I know how to fix almost all fashion emergencies. This talent has come in handy for the countless weddings I have been in. Bride has a stain on her dress… Gab to the rescue!  Mom’s hem is down… I’m on it! Maid of honor’s shoe too slippery… fixed! (I think I just figured out the reason why I’m invited to so many weddings.) Regardless, it’s important to be prepared. Here is my list of items that you should have at home, in your desk, or in your purse when you need some styling assistance. Because I can’t be everywhere!

  • Safety pins: At least twice a week a coworker comes over and asks me for one. They’re a go-to for a broken zipper or button — or when you realize your top or dress reveals a bit more that you intended for a Thursday morning meeting with your boss.
  • Lint brush: Some days you’re just a magnet for hair, fuzz, and debris. It seems ridiculous to carry a large lint brush around with you every day so I love these lint removing sheets — they’re thin and small.
  • Shout wipes/Tide pen: Because stains happen.
  • Double stick tape: A personal favorite of mine, it’s super handy for keeping your blouse in place or to fix a hem. My go-to brand is Fashion Fix: It once kept my strapless bridesmaid dress in place for 10 hours!
  • Baby wipes: Hands get sticky, things drip. They aren’t just for baby’s bottoms!
  • A black sharpie: It can fix nicks and random stains, like that bleach stain you discover on your black lace tank when you’re already at work… or something like that.
  • Blister pads: Especially useful in the summer. Keep a few of these strips in your wallet because you never know when a blister will form.
  • Needle and thread: A small spool of black, navy and white are all you need. Pre-threading a needle now will make future you happy.

Other items like clear nail polish, tissues, static guard, Downy wrinkle release, Band-aids, hand cream, a nip of whiskey, bobby pins, and Q-Tips can come in handy as well, trust me!