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4 Easy Ways To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

May 17, 2012 at 9:30 am , by

In our Killer Heels story, we discussed the fact that wearing super-high heels can lead to some foot issues. Now, I would never tell anyone to stop wearing heels completely (everything in moderation, right?). They can do wonders for your legs — not to mention your self-esteem — but there is nothing worse than having to hobble around with sore, achy feet. Luckily there are some genius products out there that mean you don’t have to suffer.

Pressure Pointz from Foot Petals are one of my new favorites. They’re small thick adhesives you can stick  right on the area where your shoe is hurting to relieve any pressure — these definitely will be in my purse all summer. Dr Scholl’s massage gel insoles fit into any shoes and will keep you feeling like you’re walking on pillows all day. If you do get a blister, Nexcare has great waterproof bandages that will help you survive until they heal. And what about smelly feet (which can be painful to those around you)? I’m a big fan of baby powder, but then I end up tracking white footprints around my apartment. Summer Soles scented insoles keep your shoes and feet smelling fresh.

Stock up on these products and (some new shoes) and your feet will be forever grateful!

The Coolest New Way To Sell and Buy Stuff Online

May 14, 2012 at 1:20 pm , by

How does that saying go—one person’s trash is another person’s treasure? HipSwap is a newish (started last year), marketplace that connect buyers and sellers locally and across the country. Think of it as an eBay/Craigslist/Gilt-like site for fashion and home goods. Hipswap’s goal is to de-creep the online selling and buying experience by creating communities. In some cities they even have a delivery service. It’s also a very visually pleasing and user-friendly way to sell some items that you aren’t wearing or using any more and make some cash. (It’s also a perfect site to spend that cash!)

Hipswap also features some fashionable closets you can shop from, like Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and other fashion “experts.” You might just recognize a familiar face (yep, that’s me).

Happy shopping/selling!


Go Ask Gab: Clueless On What To Wear Right Now?

April 26, 2012 at 4:32 pm , by

Gab, what the heck am I supposed to wear this time of year? The weather is crazy! Please advise. — Olivia 

This question might as well be from all the ladies I know since I think we are all clueless right now. On Monday night, I was wearing 5 different layers at a baseball game and two days earlier I was in a short dress and sandals. To be honest there is no right answer but here are some tips:

  • Rock layers. Sometimes it’s very cold in the morning and then it warms up around lunch so layer up and add or remove as needed. Put a blazer or jean jacket over your new spring dress.
  • Bring your winter coats and puffers to the dry cleaners and tell them see ya in September. I don’t care how cold it is, they are wrong. Yes, I am talking to you, lady in the puffer and bare legs!
  • Keep your sweaters nearby. Chunky and t-neck ones should be put away but v-neck and crew necks are still fine, and even necessary. Cardigans are handy all year round. Sweaters can be worn with skirts or over lighter-weight maxi dresses.
  • Don’t put your boots and booties away either. They completely work this time of year. But any styles with fur or shearling should be stored. Bye-bye!
  • Remember what I said a few weeks ago about scarves! Learn it. Know it. Live it.
  • It’s still too soon for items like white linen pants, flip flops and super-summery dresses so hold your horses for another month.
  • Tights can be tricky. Personally, once I go tightness I don’t go back, but this spring has been quite chilly. There are no rules and tights can seem appropriate one week and completely wrong the next. Follow the temperature. It may feel silly but being cold is sillier.
  • If you are just constantly reaching for jeans (or black pants or the equivalent), don’t sweat it. The weather is making it hard to be stylish so just wear some fun jewelry or shoes and in a few weeks it will be easier to wear that dress or skirt.

Bottom line: Like anything else, trust your instinct. If it seems wrong it probably is—so don’t wear it. Godspeed…

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Go Ask Gab: 10 Spring Fashion Picks Under $50

April 10, 2012 at 5:33 pm , by

L.L. Shopping… Ladies Love Shopping! We also like a good bargains. I’ve been spending a lot of time scouring websites to find good deals on some spring pieces for myself, so I thought I’d put my shopping to good use and share my top 10 items to buy under $50.

1. V-Neck sweater from Gap, $44.95. I know we shouldn’t really be buying sweaters right now since it’s spring, but this sweater is awesome and it’s still chilly out so I think that justifies the purchase. It also feels like it’s a lot more expensive than $45.

2. Bamboo hoops from Julie Collection, $48. Styling the ponytail story in our May issue inspired me, and hoops are always in and are perfect for any occasion.

3. Tropical print mini from Zara, $39.90. This skirt will no doubt get you in the mood for summer.

4. Striped tank from J.Crew, $29.50. Don’t fight it. You are going to buy another striped tank this season and you will love it and live in it.

5. Red cross-body Asos, $28.65. A classic bag. It’s just big enough to fit all your essentials: keys, money, phone and lip gloss.

6. Yellow flats from Old Navy, $19.94. Hallelujah for our feet—flats are in this season! Instead of grabbing a basic black pair, choose a fun bright color.

7. Floral dress from Forever 21, $22.80. I am fully aware that I am not in college any more and someone my age probably has no business shopping here. But it’s so cheap and they have really good dresses and tanks for spring! Plus shopping at Forever 21 allows me to pretend that I am in my early 20s again.

8. Pleated skirt from H&M, $49.50. This is one item I won’t be buying myself (my body just wasn’t made for pleats) but I fully support others buying it. Pleats are a big trend and so is this mint green color.

9. Tribute bracelet from Stella & Dot, $36. I love bracelets… duh! I like how simple yet blingy this is. It’s perfect to mix and match with everything from neon friendship bracelets to solid gold or silver bangles. And yes I picked this bracelet because it reminded me of The Hunger Games.

10. Lace tank from American Eagle, $39.50. I actually had to cut myself off from buying lace tops because I think I have 5 now. They are perfect with jeans, skirts, shorts, under blazers… basically everything.

OK so maybe you don’t like any of these. Or maybe you’re just going to buy them all because you think I have amazing taste. Or maybe you will find your own fabulous finds under $50—they do exist. Happy hunting!

Go Ask Gab: The Easiest Way to Add Some Style

March 30, 2012 at 11:02 am , by

This time of year is confusing. Last week people were rocking strapless maxi dresses and flip flops (a little early in my opinion, I don’t care if the temperature is in the 70s) and earlier this week I saw someone with a hat and floor-length puffy coat (lady, it’s not the dead of winter — put it away!). Mother Nature, or shall I say Global Warming, is all over the place and it’s reeking havoc with our wardrobes — among other things. I find my go-to accessory these days is a fun scarf. I leave my collection on the back of my door (that’s it, at right) and grab one to finish off my outfit. I spend a lot of time out and about and a boring military jacket or a black blazer sometimes needs a pop or color or print. It’s also a perfect accessory on one of those T-shirt/jeans/flats days when I want to look a bit more put-together and not sloppy. Scarves also hide wrinkles, which is perfect for me since I have a no-iron policy. I’ve collected a lot of scarves throughout the years but here are a few of my favorite brands.

Echo  is pretty much the godfather of all scarf companies. They have been around for 89 years and have a wide selection of scarves for all seasons (not to mention some great beach coverups).

Theodora & Callum has gorgeous printed scarves. Their site also has videos of all the ways you can tie the scarf, which is genius because wrapping scarves may seem easy but they are often a little tricky.

Lemlem is another favorite. Made in Ethiopia, they have the most amazing white gauzey scarves with neon stripes. They are truly unique!

Ann Taylor, Tory Burch, American Eagle, Club MonacoJ. Crew and Boden all carry great scarves as well.

So when the weather is fickle, make your life easier and tie one on. It’s the simplest and easiest way to add some style.

Go Ask Gab: What to Wear with Colored Denim

March 15, 2012 at 1:01 pm , by

I bought two pairs of cartoon-colored skinny jeans and don’t know what to wear with them. Do I go with a neutral, something matchy-matchy or something crazy and contrasting like I’m seeing in the fashion mags? My cream-colored sweater looked dull and all wrong. Help! — Julie

Julie, you aren’t the only one suffering from this dilemma. As I’m pretty sure everyone knows, colored denim is one of the biggest trends right now (be sure to check out my top picks) but they can be somewhat intimating to actually wear. The thing to keep in mind is that wearing bold jeans is making a fashion statement in itself so it’s ok to go plain on top.

To make your life easier, here are three shirts that will go with every shade: A simple gray tee, a navy and white striped top and a chambray button-down. From there you can dress them up with a blazer or long pendant necklace or colorful heels.

If you do want to take it to another level and wear a colorful top, go with a solid contrasting color. Think of it like color blocking (another trend that’s big right now) and pair colors that work together. For example, turquoise skinnies with a royal blue silk blouse. Printed tops are great too—as long as you match the colors right.

Be brave and when in doubt, a loose white tee always works! For more of my favorite colored denim looks, follow my colored denim Pinterest board.

Go Ask Gab: Oscar Fashion Wrap-Up

February 27, 2012 at 11:45 am , by

The morning after Oscar night is always hard for me. I am exhausted from throwing a party and sad that my favorite night of the year is over.  Honestly, I didn’t think the show was that entertaining (The Bridesmaids, Emma Stone and Chris Rock saved it) but, I was pleased with the winners (Octavia, Woody, Muppets… Yay!) Overall it was a great night for fashion. Here are my thoughts:

Color winner of the night: White. Gwyneth, Rooney, Milla, Octavia, Shailene all rocked it.

Best over-all look: Michelle Williams. She had some hits and misses this awards season but in this coral Louis Vuitton gown she oozes chicness. And I LOVE how she always brings the best fashion accessory: her best friend Busy Phillips.

Best dress for your body moment: Octavia Spencer. One word: flawless. That Tadashi Shoji dress was ridiculously flattering. She looked gorgeous!

Most appropriate color choice of the night: Gold. Big winner Meryl Streep picked a perfectly draped Lanvin gown. Also wearing that color, Stacey Keibler, who by dating George makes her a winner for the time being.

Star of the night: Angelina’s right leg. Loved the dress but there was no need to stick the leg out and pose all night. There is already a twitter account for it and BuzzFeed has it’s top 10 moments of the night.

Please-put-it-away award: Jennifer Lopez. Come on! She would look sexy in a brown sack so why does she have us focused on her ladies the whole night. Poor Cameron Diaz was overshadowed by them. And what was with those arm slits? Second runner up: Viola Davis. LOVE you and the fact that you choose green but you are revealing a bit too much.

Sleeves that worked: Shailene Woodley. She looked amazing in her cream crochet detail Valentino Haute Couture gown. Usually girls her age look like they are going to the prom or 30 years older than they actually are.

Sleeves that didn’t work: Berenice Bejo. The mint green Ellie Saab gown was just wrong. The color and the cut wasn’t working for her. For her first time at the Oscars, I wish she wore something a bit more sexy. Honestly she would’ve looked amazing in J. Lo’s dress.

Most in need of a large mealGwyneth Paltrow. Although, I love a cape moment and loved her Tom Ford dress, I just want her to eat more. Have a burger and live a little!

Most likely to serve her the burger: Melissa Leo. What was up with that collar?

Do you agree or disagree.. let’s discuss!