Summer Brunch: French Toast Strata with Raspberries

June 15, 2012 at 3:45 pm , by

Isn’t this the most scrumptious-looking thing you’ve ever seen? Maybe it’s just because I’m hungry but I’m picturing this delicious dish, freshly-picked flowers, and a table full of friends — the perfect summer brunch. It’s also perfect for entertaining because you just have to whip up one dish to serve everyone (and you can even do it the night before and just pop into the oven for brunch). Get the recipe!

16 Fresh (and Fun) Summer Grilling Ideas

June 1, 2012 at 3:20 pm , by

Bored with a basic burger? Tired of the same old kabobs?

Throw out those old recipe cards and break out the grill because our amazing food editors are here to revitalize your summer grilling routine. With four basic recipes and twelve yummy variations, you’re going to have no trouble answering the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question this summer. We can’t decide which recipes we like more (they’re all pretty tasty), but the grilled steak flatbread might be this weekend’s winner. Check out the recipes from our Beat BBQ Boredom Story now.

Honoring the James Beard Awards with a Sweet Treat

May 7, 2012 at 4:48 pm , by

It should come as no surprise that the members of the LHJ Food Department are, well, food obsessed.  Far beyond our love of cooking (and eating, of course!), we do our best to keep our finger on the pulse of the food world. Today marks the 22nd annual James Beard Awards Gala, which is, in essence, the Oscars of the food industry — covering everything from restaurant design to food journalism to cookbooks, the James Beard Foundation honors the greatest culinary accomplishments of the past year.

As a sweet treat to honor the Foundation — which celebrates is 25th anniversary this year — we wanted to share a recipe from this year’s winner in the Dessert and Baking Cookbook category. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home, by Jeni Britton Bauer is the ultimate guide to creating frozen treats at home. The author’s nine Columbus, Ohio-area scoop shops have become well known for churning out creative flavors like Roasted Strawberry & Buttermilk and Chamomile Chardonnay, and since they’ve started shipping, have developed a national following. We can’t take our minds of her recipe for white Rum Praline Sauce (recipe below) and can’t wait to give it a try!

Along with applauding the winning book, we’d want to send our congrats to the other category nominees — Baking Style by Lisa Yockelson and Cooking with Chocolate, edited by Frédéric Bau. Both feature the kind of recipes (and photographs!) that make us want to abandon our diets all together.


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Our Favorite Spring-Inspired Sweets on Pinterest

April 25, 2012 at 5:08 pm , by

Maybe it’s because there are baby showers, spring birthdays, and wedding parties coming up (or maybe it’s because I just miss the carbs and sugar I banned from my diet recently), but the desserts on Pinterest are more enticing than ever, and would be perfect to make for any spring occasion. Many of them were even created in the Journal‘s test kitchen by our talented food editors!  So grab a glass of milk and enjoy a sweet sampling of my favorite pins this week…

Double Rainbow Happiness Cake

For more ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out our Delightful Desserts board on Pinterest.

How the Cheese Gets Made

April 11, 2012 at 7:00 am , by

Making cheese from scratch is not something I ever pictured myself doing. (I blame my anti-dairy-making stance on those grumpy-looking pioneer women churning butter at the living history museum. Guess that grade-school field trip really stayed with me.) But I totally made some this weekend. And it was super easy. And I didn’t even have to dress up in period garb.

The reason I was inspired to give it a shot? Agrarian—a Williams-Sonoma spinoff that focuses on products that help you grow and make your own food—launched just last week and gave me this nifty DIY Cheese Kit. It contains everything you need to whip up 10 batches of ricotta or mozzarella. This time I opted for ricotta, because I wanted to make crostini topped with ricotta, honey, and black pepper for an Easter brunch party. I have to admit, this “recipe” is my take on the crostini at Anfora, one of my favorite wine bars here in the city. It’s delicious.

So, what exactly is involved, you ask? It’s basically a 3-step process.

1. Dissolve a bit of citric acid in water.

2. Heat whole milk in a pot with the citric acid solution and cheese salt. (Don’t walk away from the stove during this part—you need to make sure the mixture doesn’t boil over.)

3. Once curds form, strain through cheesecloth.

And, you’re done! The whole thing took less than an hour, the cheese turned out yummy, and my friends think I’m more domestically skilled than I really am. Score!

In The Kitchen With Trisha Yearwood

April 9, 2012 at 11:26 am , by

Country megastar Trisha Yearwood brings her best-selling cookbooks to life—and even sings the occasional tune—on the new Food Network series, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. She gave us a sneak peek at what’s on the menu.

Why do a cooking show?
At first the idea of me standing behind a counter saying, “Then add a third of a cup of …” didn’t sound like fun. But my producer convinced me that the show could be whatever I wanted. To me, food is about people getting together and sharing an experience. So I have a family member or a friend join me on every show. For example, my father taught me to make Brunswick stew a special way, so for one episode I have my nephews on as guests and teach them the tradition.

You wrote your cookbooks with your mother, who passed away last year from breast cancer. Is this show a tribute to her?
Definitely. Doing the show helped me come out of the fog of grief and get back into life. I dedicated an episode to her favorite foods. In her last year she started taking comfort foods she’d been cooking since childhood and made them healthier.

Is there any chance your husband [Garth Brooks] will make an appearance?
He will if there’s a second season. I wanted to do the first season on my own. But Garth has taught me a lot about experimenting with recipes. The first thing he’ll always say to me is, “Why not add tortellini to that?” That’s our inside joke because he adds tortellini to everything.

—Carrie Bell

Our Favorite Ombré Trends Spotted on Pinterest

March 22, 2012 at 4:11 pm , by

Whether it’s my clothes or the walls of my apartment, it’s safe to say I’m typically drawn to bold, uniform colors but lately the ombré trend has really caught my eye.  If you’re not familiar with the word ombré, it is a French term referring to the gradual gradation of color and is also quickly becoming a favorite of Pinterest boards everywhere. That’s right – it’s not just for paint chips anymore! Here are some of the best ombré pins that made LHJ’s board this week…

Ombre Manicure

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Find more colorful pins on our Om Sweet Ombré board.