Labor Day Date Ideas: What To Do This Weekend

August 28, 2013 at 2:40 pm , by

Can’t make it to one of these destinations this weekend? We surveyed couples from all over the country to see how they would suggest spending this upcoming Labor Day Weekend, and the results made us totally jealous.

Here are our favorite romantic ideas for you and your significant other.

1. Book A Spa Day
Dana and Jared of NYC said that their most romantic date this year was when they booked a couple’s massage at the Mineral Springs resort, and spent the rest of the day enjoying drinks poolside on the roof deck. Dana’s favorite part of the mini getaway? “It felt like we were taking a mini vacation without ever stepping on a plane!”

2. Take A Trip To The Capitol
Akanksha and Samarth recently drove out to Washington D.C. for the weekend and visited the sights. “We went out in Georgetown at night, and then did some sight-seeing during the day,” Akanksha said. “The Smithsonian Museums are free on the weekends, so it helped us save some on the cost of the overall trip.”

Get 5 more great weekend date ideas at 7 Best Labor Day Weekend Ideas For Couples

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A Happier Marriage: Stop Yelling and Start Listening

August 21, 2013 at 4:47 pm , by

Why does communication seem so difficult for some married couples? Why is argument the go-to communication strategy? In this new video, Marriage therapist and counselor Mary Kay Cocharo talks you through the steps you’ll need to take to become a better listener and speaker in your relationship.

First step? Stop yelling! After that, discover what it really means to W-A-I-T. Curious to learn more? Check out the video below and become a better partner to your spouse!

Video courtesy of Stop Yelling! How To Turn Conflict Into Marital Bliss

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Put the Spark (and the Sex) Back into Your Marriage

August 8, 2013 at 9:57 am , by

Picture this: you can’t believe it’s summer already. Another school year has gone by, and you’re trying to decide where to go on vacation. Any idea you come up with seems like a lot of effort. And if you’re really honest? The idea of a family vacation seems exhausting.

Taking a long weekend away by yourself sounds so much more enticing. You look across the kitchen table at your husband. He’s busy writing out checks, and reminds you that he will be working late next week so you will need to pick up the kids from their various afternoon activities.

Things are comfortable between the two of you. It works. After all, you’ve been married for almost two decades. The household runs smoothly and the kids’ needs are taken care of. But you realize that you and your husband have settled into a life together that feels more like living with a roommate and less like shacking up with a lover.

Over the years, your sex life has slowly withered away to an early morning quickie every other month or so. You think back on the days when your libidos were great. You made an effort to wear sexy lingerie. He made an effort to seduce you in the ways you liked. You both made an effort to mix it up and have fun. Now it seems like passion is the last thing on your minds, settling instead for a comfy night on the couch and watching TV until it’s time to get some sleep. And while you still have warm feelings for your spouse, that flame seems almost extinguished. Tonight, as you sit across from your husband, you feel lonely and long to reignite some passion — you long to look at him as your lover once again.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many couples, after some years have gone by, or when the kids have moved out, look at each other as if they are compatible roommates. And for many, there comes a time when that level of complacency is no longer acceptable. Couples hit a crossroad every few years and for most couples, this crossroad will be met at least once, if not more, throughout the lifetime of their relationship.

If you are experiencing the roommate blues, here are five things you can do to bring passion back into your relationship:

1. Start dating each other again. And I mean truly dating. Plan together, make reservations, pick meaningful, fun and varied activities and begin a flirtation. Pretend that you’re still courting each other, and put that level of attention into your dates.

Read 4 more ways to get your groove back at Marriage Advice To Ignite That Dying Spark

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Want a Hotter Sex Life? Be Spontaneous!

August 1, 2013 at 12:21 pm , by

You and your partner already have toe-curling, sheets-grabbing lip-biting sex nearly every day. So how can you make it even hotter? Good question. Whether you’re pretending to meet each other for the first time or you’re roleplaying as your naughtier, sexier persona, heating things up between you has never been easier. Don’t believe us? Check out these suggestions for infusing your relationship with sexy spontaneity, from four of YourTango’s top experts:

Entice your partner with a list of your biggest turn-ons. Send your partner an email listing some of the sure-fire ways to get you in the mood … and then promise him a pay-off. (And trust us when we say, he’ll be drooling.) —Meri-Arnett Kremian

Let him chase you. Give him a look as if you don’t recognize each other, and introduce yourself by saying, “I don’t believe we’ve met … ” Play a little hard to get, letting him know that you’re not the type to fool around too quickly. Give him some hints that you find him very attractive and even though you’ve never done this before so quickly, you just can’t seem to help yourself. Once he starts kissing you, tell him that you really shouldn’t, it’s getting late, you need to be getting home, you’re not that type of girl … but, of course, make it obvious from your actions that you don’t want him to stop. Keep playing this kind of push-pull game until he’s just ravenous with desire, when you finally give in because you are just too attracted to him not too. Men love the chase and giving him the chance to re-live the hunt will really get his testosterone flowing. —Jane Garapick

Read more ways to spice up your sex life at 15 Spontaneous Ways To Make Your Sex Life Even Hotter
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Yes, Love Actually Makes You Healthier (and Hotter!)

July 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm , by

Being in love can make us feel like we’re on top of the world, but it’s something that affects a lot more than our mood — loving relationships improve our health, our looks and even our mood.

Just how powerful is love? It just may be the best medicine out there. Your strong relationship can do everything from lowering your blood pressure to helping you recover from cancer. It even keeps your skin healthy!

And, it’s not just romantic relationships that are responsible for your wellness. Your close friendships and parental love are keeping you in tip-top shape, too.

Once again, we’re reminded how important loving relationships are — so much that your life could depend on it.

Here’s how love is making you happier, healthier and hotter than ever before.

1. Making Positive Lifestyle Changes Is Easier
Making a big change in your life is never easy, whether you’re changing your diet drastically or finally starting to hit the gym. But, when you’re in a relationship, your partner has a great influence on your confidence and the choices you make to lead a better lifestyle. Research shows that couples in love can greatly affect each other’s healthy choices — whether you’re quitting smoking or getting a flu shot. In one study, if one partner gave up alcohol, the other was five times more likely to stop drinking, according to Psychology Today.

Read 8 more reasons love is great for you at 9 Ways Love Makes You Healthier & Hotter!

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Silly YouTube Videos That Will Make Any Day Better

July 24, 2013 at 4:13 pm , by

We say you should never feel guilty about watching random YouTube videos—they’re for stress relief, obviously. Here are three of our faves.

We dare you not to laugh when this pint-sized team loses their rhythm and their workout goes completely astray.


Yup, it’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, but it’s so mesmerizingly funny you won’t even care.

Hilarious and charming: Jimmy Fallon convinces the former Office star to lip-sync to Boyz II Men and Katy Perry.

Ask Him Anything: What Men Really Think

July 16, 2013 at 2:03 pm , by

It’s been a while since we tackled your email questions and comments so here we go. Some of them were a little … er, unique? Oh well. Our job as Your Straight Male Friends is to simply answer the questions as honest as we can. You’re allowed to ask or present any dating situation you can think of  — no matter how oddly out of place it seems. Here it goes…

In today’s society, do you still feel you have to be the “provider?” —Pamela, Santa Barbara, CA

The question is, do you still feel that your man, whoever he may be, has to “provide” for you? I mean, that’s such a loaded question. Look, every guy has the built in societal pressure, fair or not, of having to be the primary provider for his family or girlfriend or wife. Is that fair? In this day and age, probably not. We believe that an independent, smart, resourceful woman like yourself can and should be able to stand on her own two feet, and that no woman or man should expect that anyone is going to take care of them. It’s 2013 not 1948. That said, if a woman seeks that in a relationship and she finds a guy who seeks the same traditional set up, then more power to them both. Whatever works. I will say this though — if you want that type of relationship, the traditional man-hunt/woman-cook set up — make that clear to your guy sooner rather than later.

Read the answers to 5 more questions you’ve always wondered but never asked at What Men Really Think: Your Questions Answered!


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