Our Favorite Neon Trends Spotted On Pinterest

April 5, 2012 at 4:02 pm , by

I can’t help but notice the growing popularity of neon happening lately and the electric hues are peppering Pinterest boards everywhere (including the Journal‘s!). That’s right, it’s not just for construction cones anymore, ladies! Whether it appears as a handbag, as nail polish or as jewelry, neon can freshen up any look, even in small doses. Check out some of my favorites highlighted here…

Neon Bag & Manicure

You can find more bright ideas on our ‘Neon‘ board.


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Our Favorite Stripe Trends Spotted on Pinterest

March 30, 2012 at 11:37 am , by

There is nothing I don’t love about a striped pattern – it’s clean, it’s playful, it can be edgy or preppy and let’s face it, the nautical stripes vibe just makes me feel one step closer to owning a boat (can you blame a lady for dreaming?). The Journal‘s fashion editors also had fun with the trend (and with 2 Broke Girls‘ Beth Behrs) in our March issue, and bloggers everywhere are coming up with their own eye-catching ways to feature this design staple. Check out some of my favorites from Pinterest this week…

Green Striped Dress

You can find more on the Journal‘s Stripes board.

Our Favorite Ombré Trends Spotted on Pinterest

March 22, 2012 at 4:11 pm , by

Whether it’s my clothes or the walls of my apartment, it’s safe to say I’m typically drawn to bold, uniform colors but lately the ombré trend has really caught my eye.  If you’re not familiar with the word ombré, it is a French term referring to the gradual gradation of color and is also quickly becoming a favorite of Pinterest boards everywhere. That’s right – it’s not just for paint chips anymore! Here are some of the best ombré pins that made LHJ’s board this week…

Ombre Manicure

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Find more colorful pins on our Om Sweet Ombré board.

Guest Blog: Holly Burns’ Tips for Remodeling on a Budget

February 8, 2012 at 7:00 am , by

from this...

...to this!

If you saw Holly Burns’ kitchen transformation in our March issue, you’ll know that she and her husband pulled off an amazing feat of DIY derring-do. So we asked her to share what she learned about saving money on the process. Holly blogs at Nothing But Bonfires. And is still working up the courage to renovate her bathroom.

How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget (Without Losing Your Mind)

Three months after we bought our fixer-upper house in an uncool part of San Francisco, my husband Sean and I decided to remodel the kitchen. Actually, that’s not quite true; we decided to remodel the kitchen before we’d even signed the papers in the realtor’s office—if you’d seen that hideous flowered wallpaper, you would have too—but we needed a little time to save up. I like to joke that we also needed a little time to get our wills in order. You know, in case we murdered each other in the process.

Renovating your kitchen yourself isn’t easy. It isn’t even particularly fun. And it certainly isn’t always cheap. But when you approach the project with a little humor and a lot of knowledge, it’s definitely a whole lot more manageable. If you’re thinking of tackling a DIY remodel, here are a few ways to keep your budget bearable and your sanity intact. Mostly, anyway. (You may also need wine.)

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Kellie Pickler: A “100 Proof” Love of Cats

January 24, 2012 at 3:33 pm , by

Photo: Russ Harrington

Are you a cat lover who’s tired of the host of feline fashion faux paws … er, pas … that you see in the stores? Well, you’ve got a friend in country music’s Kellie Pickler, who recently teamed up with Fresh Step litter and the ASPCA for a great cause that’ll benefit both cats in need and your wardrobe.

Now through March 15, in honor of February being Cat Appreciation Month, Fresh Step litter will donate $1 (up to $100,000) to the ASPCA for every photo posted on their Facebook page of a pet owner wearing a cat-proud outfit. If your closet is currently cat-pride free, relax and don’t cough up a hairball. That’s why Pickler partnered with fashion designer and fellow cat lover Geren Ford, creating the limited-edition sweater you see Pickler wearing here. When you visit the ASPCA website to purchase the sweater ($35), 100% of the proceeds benefits the ASPCA. You can also virtually “try on” the sweater at Fresh Step’s Facebook page, post it, and make the $1 donation. It’s so easy, your cat can probably do it!

Pickler, who unfortunately had to relocate her beloved cat Pickles due to her husband’s severe allergies, is thrilled to be part of such a pro-cat program, brushing off any fear of being stamped with a “crazy cat lady stigma” as cooly as she’d brush cat hair off a couch. “I’m not ashamed of anything,” she says matter-of-factly. “I don’t really worry about what everybody else is doing and what they like. I kind of do my own thing. I love cats and I’m not going to not love cats just because somebody else doesn’t think it’s cool. I don’t think they’re cool if they don’t like cats.”

She was in a similar mindset while making her brand new CD, 100 Proof, which is out today and takes Pickler back to some more traditional country roots. “On my last album, I made a record based on what I thought radio would play and what I thought people would want to hear,” she explains. “I didn’t do that with this record. I’m not trying to get anybody to like me with this album. Nothing’s forced. I was me, I didn’t make this record for anyone but me and I think it’s okay to do things for yourself every now and then.” Her new approach has produced an album that is her strongest, most personal effort yet. In fact, by not worrying about what anyone wanted to hear, she just may have made the record everyone was waiting for after falling in love with her on American Idol in 2006.

Continue on after the jump for more dish about Pickler’s brand new CD …

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Guest Blog: Sabrina Soto’s New Year’s Eve Party Tips

December 28, 2011 at 8:00 am , by

Sabrina Soto is Target’s Style Expert for Home and the host of HGTV’s The High/Low Project. Check out her tips for setting a chic and festive mood to ring in the New Year.

I love New Year’s Eve! When I plan a party, I always make sure to create a welcoming setting where guests will feel comfortable. I also repurpose items I already have on hand to make the most of my budget, which totally makes it possible to throw a glamorous New Year’s party on a dime. Here’s how:

1. Accessorize affordably. New Year’s Eve supplies are easy to find at affordable stores. Look for small touches and metallic accessories that will bring the chic quotient up a few notches and complement your everyday décor.

2. Don’t forget the essentials. Every New Year’s party should have:

Stainless steel ice bucket, $24.99 at Target

• A punch bowl to serve up a signature cocktail

• A beverage tub to keep the bubbly chilled all the night

• A mirrored tray to help present treats like finger foods

• A mirrored ball that sets the mood

3. Put out a buffet. A mix of hot-and-cold finger foods on tiered trays and cake stands will give your table some dimension. Bonus: When you’re not tied up in the kitchen, you’ll have time to work the room and welcome guests as they arrive. Read more

Guest Blog: Thanksgiving Place Cards from Evette Rios

November 16, 2011 at 3:16 pm , by

Have you become a fan of ABC’s The Chew? I got to attend a trial run of the show before it started airing in September, and loved seeing co-host Evette Rios, the resident design expert, in action. She also has a channel over on eHow Food, where she posts videos with lots of great (and simple) entertaining ideas.

Thanksgiving is in just over a week—and if you’re hosting you have probably finalized the menu and are now looking for creative and easy ways to decorate the table. Place cards really make the holiday table. They are fun and festive, but also completely functional. Let’s face it, when we go to a dinner party, we have a tendency to stick to the folks we know, love and feel comfortable around. But sometimes as host or hostess, you want to arrange your guests so that they get maximum schmoozing, or maybe so that you can play matchmaker, or protect your shy, introverted friends from your chatty Uncle Louie. Place cards are your secret weapon! Here are bunch of ways that you can make them beautiful, fun and hassle-free. And you can also watch me make each one on my eHow video.

Put a Cork in It

Picture 1 of 5

Simply cut a groove lengthwise or on the end of the cork and slide a small fall leaf into the cork, then write each guest's name onto the leaf using a metallic permanent marker.