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Ali Vincent’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 14

April 6, 2011 at 10:10 am , by

This week on The Biggest Loser it was clear that the contestants were dealing with the battle between living and overindulging. When I was on the show I knew that I wanted to change my life, and I discovered that the way to do that was through my choices. I also knew I wasn’t someone who deals with idea of “living without” very well. Like Rulon and the other contestants, I had to learn how to start replacing food as the reward in my life and switch it up with dancing, a pedicure or a facial—things that are a luxury since it’s not something we do every day. Food is something that we need to survive and live a healthy lifestyle, but the reward is just as important. We have to celebrate our lives and our accomplishments along the way, so that the not-so-fun hours at the gym become worth it. Finding the right balance is the struggle and the key all in one. Courtney will be missed, since she seemed to help bring that balance to this season with her positive attitude, yet very real vulnerability, which allowed many to relate and dream again.

And just a side note—Hannah you looked and are beautiful, I love seeing you own it!

Until next week,

Ali Vincent’s Biggest Loser Blog: Lucky 13

March 29, 2011 at 10:05 pm , by

We’d like to welcome Ali Vincent, the winner of season five of The Biggest Loser, to the LHJ Ladies’ Lounge, where she’ll be blogging each week to recap the current season of the show, and sharing insight on her journey to healthy living.

It’s been three years since I became the first female to win The Biggest Loser, and what a journey it continues to be! The Biggest Loser is such a personal experience for not only the contestants on the show, but also for all of you watching from home. I think we have all been at different points in our lives where we think, “I can do this, I got this,” whether it has to do with your weight, your job, your relationship or another important part of your life.

In the beginning of any journey there is a lot of emotion because it’s unknown and uncomfortable, but it’s that nervous energy that helps get us going. Trust me, I was scared every week on The Biggest Loser campus. But I also remembered times in my life when I would be three months or 13 weeks into another diet and eventually I stopped producing results and started to check out. This time, I trusted in myself to push through any plateaus.

Some lessons are hard to learn, but the good news is that we continue to have opportunities to learn them. Last week we saw Kaylee come up against her three month wall of “I should know better by now.” And this week, Jennifer chose to call her loved ones and get a little pampering instead of spending time with her trainer. And while the results for each were different, the lesson was the same: your body will quit producing results if you become too comfortable or less present.

Can you get through a weight-loss plateau? Absolutely—by continuing to do what got you to this point, and that’s living outside of your comfort zone, mixing up your workouts, and switching up your calorie intake while staying present in every moment. I guarantee you will experience the lifestyle change you long for and will be living the life you love. Sometimes the lucky part of 13 is learning and recognizing the lesson from others. :-)

I can’t wait till next week! -Ali