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Amy Grant: Better Than A Hallelujah

July 20, 2010 at 7:00 am , by

Amy #1B

We’re so excited to be premiering your video on How did you choose “Better Than a Hallelujah” as your first single?
The first time I heard “Better Than A Hallelujah” I was completely blown away by it. A lot of hard things were going on in my life at the time, and I found so much comfort in this song. It’s all about honesty, vulnerability and not being afraid to come as you are—it’s okay to be broken.

What do you enjoy most about the process of making a video?
When it’s over. (Laughing) I’m being silly. I love making music. I love providing songs to be a part of people’s lives.

Can you share a funny behind-the-scenes story from filming the video?
The studio where we filmed had this unbelievable wig collection. I’ve always wanted to have long, blond hair. So, after we were done shooting, our guitar player Gene Miller and I enjoyed trying on the wigs. (laughing)

Your 17-year-old-daughter Sarah sings on one of the tracks of this album, which is very cool.
Yes! I’m excited.

Do you think you two will sing again together?
I hope so. I just saw the movie The Karate Kid, and I just kept thinking about Jaden Smith and what an amazing opportunity he has because of his mom and dad. And I thought, Isn’t that what we all do? When we have children, we try to give them opportunities to do the things that have mattered to us. Even if it’s a hobby, like when my Dad took me fishing as a kid.

But how would you feel if she wanted to get into the music industry? Obviously it can be a tough business.

Yeah, I know. She has been exposed to really talented people that still couldn’t pay the rent with their skill. I feel like she’s kind of seen it all and there’s no mystique there.

Do you and your husband Vince Gill sing together around the house?

Sometimes. It just depends if one of us is working on a song. He came home the other day, and I was working on a song and he said, This is what the house should sound like. Sometimes I’ll be putting my youngest daughter, Corrina, to bed, and Vince will be downstairs playing. And she’ll say, Momma, leave the door open so I can listen to Dad. And that’s when I think, Okay, this is the greatest thing in the world.

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Amy Grant Does Good

December 12, 2009 at 7:01 pm , by

When Amy Grant was asked to sing the song, “Give This Christmas Away,” forveggietalesstnicholas-1 the Veggie Tales movie, Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving, she was so moved by the message of the song that even though she was supposed to be taking some time off, she immediately hopped on board.

I got the chance to sit down with Amy to discuss how she hopes the song’s message, about turning the focus off of ourselves this Christmas to help those in need, impacts listeners. “I hope that the song sticks in somebody’s head,” says Grant. “And the next time they go to the grocery store, and they see someone from the Salvation Army ringing their bell, they think, I’ve never actually walked over and put something in there, but I think I’m going to give a chunk of change—I might even put in some paper money.” Check out more from my talk with her below.

And here is the video for the song, “Give This Christmas Away.”