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Cheat Sheet: Four Things You Maybe Missed This Week

June 10, 2011 at 2:21 pm , by

1. Welcome to the Cheater’s Club, Anthony Weiner
After a bizarre attempt at denial, this week Anthony Weiner admitted to Tweeting lewd photos and sexting with women besides his wife. The jokes write themselves, and even though it is the mission of Cheat Sheet to bring you, fair readers, silly things you didn’t have time to go searching for, I can’t imagine you haven’t heard at least one good one by now.  But if you really need a dose, is keeping a running list. There. Everyone’s a Weiner!

2. Angry Birds Live!

3. Wave at the Bus
One of the best reason to have kids, of course, is to embarrass them. Dad Dale Price took this mission incredibly seriously, dressing up in costume just to wave at his 16-year-old son as he got on the bus every day. Parents of teens: the gauntlet has been thrown.

4. An Epic Battle
It’s a sad fact, but a war is being waged in America, right here in our own backyards. These photos come to you straight from the front lines, portraying acts of courage and valor from both sides: Dog vs. Sprinkler. May the best man (or man’s best friend) win.