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Halloween Costumes: What To Be?

October 14, 2010 at 12:57 pm , by

sue blog - halloweenI feel a special kind of pressure this time of year — as I’m sure all moms do — when we’re trying to get our kids to pick a Halloween costume. In the age of the internet, we have access to everything. But if you don’t want to pay an insane express shipping fee, then you need to get on it now. So, what do you do when your 2-year-old changes her mind everyday?

Lily suffers from a serious case of second child syndrome. Her first Halloween costume was Sophia’s hand-me-down (a lion) and her second was something I picked up at a sale at the office. (It was pretty cute though, huh? See the pic at right.) So, this year, I’m determined to let her have whatever she wants. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what she wants. One day it’s “Dora” (Great idea but I know she won’t wear the wig and her strawberry-blonde curls just don’t say “Dora” to me), then Boots the monkey (Again, nice idea but apparently, the costume only comes in sizes up to 24 months. What? No kid over 2 watches Dora?), then Ariel (Sorry, kid. Your Ariel-obsessed big sister doesn’t get to parade around on October 31st in a strapless bra so neither do you), then — my personal favorite — “I don’t want a costume, I want to be Lily Belle.” Sure this is great for her self confidence but not so great when she has a fit on Halloween because she’s the only kid with no costume.

So, for now, I have no idea what she’ll be. I’ll probably end up ordering the Dora costume (her first choice) and as long as I can get a 15-second photo-op with the wig on, we’ll be happy.

Lily’s big sister, Sophia, has decided to be Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. She wore princess dresses from her dress-up collection for the past two years (read: free!), so I’m ordering her Tiana dress and not getting mad about the price. After all, Lily can wear it in a few years, right?

Read about last year’s costume hunt here. So, tell me…what are your kids going to be for Halloween?