Bachelor Pad

Tenley Molzahn Talks Episode 10 of The Bachelor

March 8, 2011 at 12:22 pm , by

During my season of The Bachelor I didn’t get to participate in the “Women Tell All” episode because I was one of the last two girls, so I didn’t get to have the reunion that all of the other girls had with each other. Watching this episode brought back different memories for me, and I also came to a special realization.

Women can really stir up some drama and sadly, it can be entertaining to watch. I cringed as the women fought back and forth, but especially when they singled each other out. It strangely took me back to a moment when I felt like I was in the hot seat at the Bachelor Pad finale. It never feels good to have someone pointing their finger at you or saying mean things to you, no matter what the truth is. I am a very sensitive person, and unfortunately I’ve been known to “emote” very easily. During the filming of the Bachelor Pad finale I was so blessed to have my boyfriend Kiptyn’s hand to hold.

Watching this episode brought that moment in the “hot seat” back to me, but I also realized how I had a new strength and confidence about myself as those hurtful words came at me. I hadn’t thought about that moment until now, and now I know that the hand I was holding enriched my strength, and for that I am so grateful. When you look at your relationships with the ones you love—a significant other, friends, family members—allow them to enrich you, and give them that gift as well.