5 Summer Hair Essentials

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What’s not to love about summer? There’s weekends spent at the beach, vacation time with the entire family and don’t get me started on all that BBQ food. But there’s one thing you can’t ignore: the elements. You may slather on sunscreen, but protecting your hair from the sun and heat is important too! Here are 5 summer hair essentials you need to stock up on for this summer and beyond.

Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Crème: I know you’ve heard of BB creams, but did you know they exist for hair now too? Pantene’s new version is the multitasking product we’ve all been waiting for. You can use the cream on either dry or wet hair (which I love) and  you’ll repair, protect again damage, and get lots of shine, softness and frizz control.

Suave Dry Shampoo: You know how the computer changed civilization as we know it? Well, dry shampoo changed my life just as significantly. A little spray saves a hair style, extends a blowout, or eliminates the need to wash my hair every single day. You don’t have to spend a lot either. Suave’s version is great — and available in travel size too so you never have to go without.

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Leave-In Conditioner: Using leave-in conditioners is a must when you spend the day at the pool or beach. Kerastase’s leave-in treatment nourishes dry hair while simultaneously  adding back in smoothness and shine. Love it!

Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Mask: During the summer, consider using an after-sun mask once a week. Redken has a great one geared towards replenishing lost moisture and restoring your hair’s natural shine. To apply, just use a wide-tooth comb to spread the product in your hair and leave it in for about 10 minutes.

Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray: I love using this shine spray because not only does it manage my frizz, but it also reflects light to give my hair a gorgeous gloss. Thanks to the argan oil foundation, your hair will be protected against the elements, including salt water.

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Hot Summer Hairstyle: Modern Twisted Updo

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We were blown away when actress Zoe Saldana wore this incredibly chic updo to the Star Trek premiere. With swept-back hair, soft makeup, and classic red lipstick, Zoe is the epitome of glamour. To recreate her style, start with hair that hasn’t been washed for a day. Although Zoe’s hair is fairly straight, this look works great with naturally wavy hair, too. Starting at the front of your head, take a strand of hair, twist it, and pin into place. Continue twisting piece by piece all the way down and back. Do this on both sides of your head. Once both sides meet, twist the hair up into itself and secure with bobby pins. It’s ok if it looks a little undone because you’ll finish your look with a delicate beaded headband. (We like this one from Anthropologie.) Add some light-hold hairspray, and you have a sophisticated new ‘do perfect for a summer soiree.

Looking for more hairstyle inspiration? See how to create an easy updo with this step-by-step guide.

Win a Haircut with Jennifer Aniston’s Stylist (& Meet Jen!)

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We sat down with hair icon Jennifer Aniston this week to talk all things hair—especially about why women battle with their locks (we’ve all done it!) and what she’s doing to change that. Aniston recently became part owner of the Living Proof hair care line and produced a mini documentary with the Living Proof team and her long-time stylist, Chris McMillan (he’s the man responsible for the famous Rachel cut) to explore our collective obsession with hair, and the lengths we all go to get our dream styles.

“I had great hair as a kid. My mom actually said you’re not allowed to touch your hair until you’re thirteen and she was right, I should not have,” Aniston says. “The first thing I did was cut it all off…I actually learned what my hair really was (which was not long and sort of cute) it was wide and unmanageable and a pain in the butt. I learned all my lessons in my younger years about what not to do.”

Aniston understands the desire for the latest gorgeous hairstyle but you won’t find her making any drastic cuts these days. “I usually just get a trim. I’ve always thought of going back to brunette but I think it’s more fun to play with it in movies.” (She admits her favorite movie look was the beachy, natural, long blonde look from Along Came Polly). “I think because of all the disasters I had as a kid. I don’t go to the ‘let’s cut it off or color it or shag it’ place. I’ve learned those lessons,” she says.

Now that she and McMillan have cracked the secret to those perfect, smooth locks we love so much on the red carpet, they’re sharing it with the rest of us (yes!). Aniston says Living Proof’s Nourishing Style Cream and Restore Mask have totally turned her hair around. She also says drinking water, getting enough sleep, and getting omega fatty acids in her diet help her iconic locks stay healthy from the inside out.

We also love that Aniston used the Living Proof products for several months before signing on to be a part of the company. She wanted see if the promised results would come through. “I gave it to my girlfriends, they love it. I gave it to Chris and he used it on his salon clients and they love it. So that was like, OK I will stand behind [this],” she says.

Next on Aniston’s beauty agenda is working with the company’s scientists to produce her fantasy products. “I can’t talk about it just yet!” she says. “It’s so exciting, being able to get in there and solve all the problems that girls have with their hair.”

To get a little of Aniston’s hair magic for yourself, enter by May 24th to win the chance to have your hair cut by her stylist, Chris McMillan. You’ll even get to meet Aniston herself! You can check out the first video in Aniston and McMillian’s Good Hair Day series today—and check back May 13th and 15th for more of the documentary.

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How To: Choose Between a Salt Scrub and a Sugar Scrub

October 1, 2012 at 3:53 pm , by

Surprise! You don’t have to choose between the two stellar skin polishers, because we found a product that uses both salt and sugar (and it’s DIVINE!). Mor’s Salt & Sugar Body Scrub harnesses the powers of smaller sugar particles and larger salt particles to buff away every manner of dry, flakey skin. Plus, it contains hydrating avocado and jojoba oils and elasticity-boosting vitamins just because. Oh, and the scent!? We’ll just say that we really wish smell-o-internet existed because you guys would die!

Do you prefer salt or sugar scrubs? Or, could you care less—as long as it leaves your skin feeling like silk?

How To: Find Your Curl Cure

September 24, 2012 at 11:53 am , by

No two curls are the same. And nobody knows this better than Shelley Davis, founder of all natural curly haircare company Kinky-Curly. Read on for her Fall styling/product tips broken down by twirl pattern.

If your hair is Wavy & Thick…

Combat frizz with a serum or oil that coats the hair and blocks humidity. Rub a little into palms and then distribute through soaking wet strands, suggests Davis.

If your hair is Curly & Thick…

Rake a bit of deep conditioner through wet or dry strands before bedtime. In the morning massage a few drops of warm water into your hair, working it into a gentle lather. Rinse and style as usual. Your curls will be beautifully defined!

If your hair is Wavy & Fine…

“Spritz a lightweight curl spray on slightly damp hair, then lightly scrunch or twist it,” says Davis. Pat down flyaways with a touch more of the curl spray. Try not to overdo it though, as it will weigh down the hair.

If your hair is Curly & Fine…

Embrace moisture! Hydrate your strands with a light leave-in conditioner. You can use  the leave-in on wet hair or to reactivate dry curls on day two, notes Davis.

If your hair is Tight…

Remember this: M.W.C.; moisture, weight and control. To achieve M.W.C., first apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to wet hair. Then top it off with a hydrating gel.

Do you have curly locks? What’s your styling secret?

How-To: The Avocado Face Mask That Will Change Your Life

August 6, 2012 at 1:09 pm , by

How do we love thee, avocado? Let us count the ways… From guacamole to California Rolls, the super fruit sure knows how to please a palette. Turns out, avocado is amazing for your skin too. It’s packed with good-for-you fats, which makes one of mother nature’s best moisturizers. And it doesn’t stop there. Avocados also contain large amounts of a specific protein called sterolins that has been shown to help repair age spots, scars and sun damage, says Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, a Washington, DC nutritionist and fitness specialist. For us, we just love how dewy and fresh our face feels after applying an avocado mask. Give this simple recipe a go and let us know what you think.

What you need:
1/2 ripe avocado
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 egg white
What you do: 
-Mash the avocado with a fork.
-Use a whisk to blend in the rest of the ingredients.
-Apply the entire mixture onto freshly cleansed skin and let it set for 15-20 minutes.
-Gently wipe away the mask with a soft washcloth, and rinse your face with warm water.
-Pat dry and apply your favorite toner, serum, or moisturizer.

Summer Nail Trend: The Ombré Manicure

July 9, 2012 at 12:18 pm , by

The summer season is all about having fun in the sun, and what better way to channel that sunshine than with orange nails? We love the ombré trend too. If you’re not an orange girl, try it in your favorite color palette like pink, green or blue. Check out some more fun nail trends here!