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Alison Sweeney Pledges to Help Pets Lose a Million Pounds

May 10, 2011 at 3:02 pm , by

Alison and her pup Winky

Alison Sweeney spends a lot of time talking about healthy diet and weight loss (as host of The Biggest Loser and author of The Mommy Diet, it’s unavoidable!). But when her vet mentioned that her much-loved Boston terrier Winky was two pounds overweight, she balked.

“I thought, ‘Oh, great, she sounds fine,’ ” Sweeney says. “But then my vet made me realize that when your dog only weighs 20 pounds, two pounds is a lot. I really needed to take it seriously – our dogs count on us to be their owners and take charge.”

As America’s poster girl for healthy families, Sweeney certainly wasn’t going to leave her precious pooch in the lurch. By changing Winky’s diet and scheduling regular exercise, Sweeney was able to get Winky back to a healthy weight—and teach her six-year-old son Ben a few lessons to boot.

“I think Ben has learned a lot,” she says. “Most importantly, he’s seen that our responsibility as a pet owner is to take care of our pets. But also he saw firsthand the simplicity of healthy eating and exercise, and how that helps keep our bodies healthy. I have Ben note on the calendar the days we plan to take Winky for walks, and it’s become a big thing we can do as a family.”

And Sweeney’s not stopping at just her own family. Just last week she kicked off the Million Pound Pledge for pet food Hill’s Science Diet, a national campaign to help our chubby man’s best friends get healthier and (you guessed it) lose a million pounds. To take the pledge and jump-start your pet’s healthier lifestyle go to, where you’ll also find a bunch of fun interactive tools to track and learn more about Fido’s weight loss, and—bonus—some pet food rebates.

“It’s a great time to get your pet healthy,” Sweeney says—and we agree!

Fit For Life: Meet Our Weight-Loss Women

January 5, 2011 at 1:20 pm , by

Meet the lovely ladies from our February “Fit For Life” story. In this first series of video diary entries, they introduce themselves and share the reasons why they wanted to get involved in our Pound For Pound Challenge (as seen on The Biggest Loser), and some of their weight loss challenges. If you want to lose weight along with them (and hey, who’s not thinking about shedding a few pounds this time of year) check out our February story for the diet and exercise tips from The Biggest Loser’s pros.

You can also do good while you drop the weight! For every pound you pledge to lose from now until May, Feeding America will donate one pound of groceries to a local food back. Just sign up at Pound For Pound’s site.

We’re cheering for Renee, Melanie, Selena and Susan—and we hope you are too!

Ask the Trainer: Weight Training For Women

September 14, 2009 at 10:16 am , by

DSC_0322Before I get to this week’s question, I want to thank Bob Harper from the The Biggest Loser for stopping by LHJ HQ on Friday. (That’s me and Sally Lee, editor-in-chief of LHJ, with him at the right. Fortunately, we managed to contain our giddiness for the photo…we weren’t quite as successful for the rest of his visit.) He came with the Grain Foods Foundation to discuss the importance of getting six servings of grains a day. We chatted about how psyched we are that the carbs-are-evil thing is finally fading away. They’re your body’s major source of energy and they help you keep your weight in check—just two of their many perks. Click here to enter to win a training session with Bob—trust me, he’s just as nice and inspiring in real life as he is on The Biggest Loser (the new season starts tomorrow, woo-hoo!).

Now, for the question: By now I’ve a heard a million times that I need to incorporate weight training into my workouts. But I have so many questions: Are the weight machines as good as free weights? How many reps do I need to do to see results? Does weight training really help you to lose weight?

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