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How To: Get Jordin Sparks’ Beauty Look From ‘Sparkle’

August 20, 2012 at 1:12 pm , by

To say that we were “excited” about the premier of Sparkle would be a gross understatement. We love girl groups—shouts out to En Vogue, Destiny’s Child, and the Spice Girls—so to be able to watch 116 minutes of one (even if it is fictitious) makes us an extremely happy bunch. We’re really looking forward to checking out all of the costume changes and makeup looks the actresses go through in the movie. Lucky us; we didn’t have to wait very long. Black Opal (the flick’s official makeup sponsor) sent us a how-to for a look inspired by one of the movie’s stars—Jordin Sparks.

The Look: “Spicy Ingenue”

Step 1

Start by applying concealer one to two shades lighter than your actual complexion. Apply in the center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, center of the chin, underneath the eye from the inner corner back to the hair line. Once foundation is applied to the skin and blended where it meets the areas you concealed you will have a achieved a dimensional canvas to build on.

Step 2

Use powder over the areas you used concealer. This will set the makeup and prevent it from creasing while leaving the rest of the skin to glow.

Step 3

Apply bronzer on the apples of the cheeks and across each brow bone.

Step 4

Line the lips with taupe lip liner and smudge the inner-corner of the lips with the same liner. Apply and blend a warm pink lipstick into the lips and lip liner.

Step 5

Using the Black Opal Gold Galaxy Eye Shadow Palette, apply the darkest color at the base of the eye lid, onto the lid and smudge the color into the crease of the eye. Use the lightest color in the palette on the brow bone.

 Step 6

Softly brush brow powder along the brow hair, shaping and filling in any holes. Start out light handed and build to desired shape and intensity.

 Step 7

Mascara the lashes by starting at the base of the lash line, wiggle the wand and pull through. Repeat several times.