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Tenley Molzahn Talks Episode 3 of The Bachelor

January 18, 2011 at 11:49 am , by

Aaron Young - 20100#139A62A[2]When in a dating relationship there is eventually that moment when you choose to reveal who you truly are, becoming completely vulnerable, and unmasked before the other person. On The Bachelor,  it’s hard to know when the right time to do this is, especially when you realize you’re sharing your deepest secrets and completely opening your heart to someone you may only know for a brief instant in your life, but not only that, you’re about to share your intimate life details to millions of viewers.

By week three of my journey on The Bachelor, I knew I needed to become completely vulnerable before Jake (my Bachelor), so that he would have a chance to know me, to know my story, and how it had changed my life and helped me become the woman I was sitting before him. While looking for my “right moment” to open up my heart, I wanted to play a little joke on him to break the ice. As the two of us finally found some good one-on-one time together I said, “I have something important to tell you… I’m pregnant.” I surprised myself, I couldn’t believe I could even keep a straight face, the poor guy; his heart was beating out of his chest! After what seemed like forever, but actually only seconds, I shouted out, “I’m kidding, I’m so sorry…” The poor guy… then I shared my personal story, because I found my “right time,” and became vulnerable not only before this man, but the world. I conquered.

As I watched this third week of The Bachelor, I couldn’t help but feel the butterflies for the ladies as they searched for their “right moment.” The personal stories each one shared brought tears to my eyes, a thumping in my heart and a sense of triumph for each of them for finding the courage to peel back the layers so that they could become vulnerable to allow the possibility of love. Even Miss Madison, “fang girl,” showed how vulnerability is such a beautiful thing.

Tenley Molzahn Talks the New Season of The Bachelor

January 11, 2011 at 2:36 pm , by

This week guest blogger and former bachelorette Tenley Molzhan weighs in on the current season of ABC’s The Bachelor, where Brad Womack returns as the bachelor to find love.

A year ago, I found myself on a very unique journey to find love on The Bachelor. He wasn’t the right one for me, but I know what it’s like to go through that, so as I watch the current season of this addicting reality show I can’t help but feel like I’m right back there.

On last night’s episode Ashley H. received the first one-on-one date with Bachelor Brad at a private carnival. They found it easy to talk, sharing similar family stories that shaped who they are today. Ashley H. is one of my front-runners, and I’m excited to see if she’ll continue to help Brad with his commitment issues.

Brad’s group date later with all 15 women was supposed to be about creating PSAs to bring awareness to Blood Donor Month, but between Michelle’s need for attention and Melissa and Raichel competing with each other, it was almost forgotten.

It was nice to see Brad take Jackie on a classic Pretty Woman date. He seemed smitten with her, and while he did say that he was nervous about her dating history, or lack thereof, he still wants to give her a chance.

Now on to the rose ceremonies—they are intense and emotions run high, as every girl wants to stay. In the end Brad chose the two rivals, Melissa and Raichel, and the leggy Rockette, Keltie to leave. But the drama is far from over and there’s plenty of love and romance to come. There are several girls we still don’t know much about yet, so get ready, it’s just the beginning!