Burger Bash, Pie Mania…and a Recipe to Keep!

October 12, 2011 at 9:51 am , by

Time to Eat

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Sampling the tasty burgers!

Nothing goes so well together as a juicy burger and a sweet piece of pie and at the 2011 Blue Moon Burger Bash, (part of the New York City Wine &Food Festival) presented by Pat LaFrieda Meats and hosted by Whoopie Goldberg, tasters could get their fill of both!

The event was a gluttonous feast of burgers, cooked on the new Hamilton Beach outdoor grill, milkshakes (at a station manned by Duff Goldman) and of course, the ultimate in pie indulgence.

For the first course, chefs from 20 different restaurants dressed their burgers in explosively delicious flavors using jalapeño, bacon, cheddar and other secret ingredients and presented them for judging by some of the biggest names in food: David Burke, Adam Richman, Andrew Zimmern and Anne Burrell.

As tasty as the burgers were, I had my eye on the massive dessert table jam packed with endless rows of pies created by Dangerously Delicious Pies which were, in fact, dangerously delicious

I was in heaven going back for 2nds, ok maybe 3rds, and my favorite was the chocolate pie. It was just as creamy and delicious as the Ladies’ Home Journal Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pie. Check out the recipe for our amazing chocolate pie, along with many other tempting varieties, in the October issue and bake up some decadence. — Cathie Yun

The Burger Bible from Top Chef’s Spike Mendelsohn

June 15, 2010 at 9:08 am , by

Love making burgers, but want to get more bang for your bun? Spike Mendelsohn, Top Chef Season 4 contestant and owner of D.C.’s Good Stuff Eatery (a Michelle Obama fave) gives us a glimpse of his new cookbook and shares tips for preventing boring burgers.

What can we expect to see in The Good Stuff Cookbook?
“Everyone loves to have cookouts in the summer and make burgers and sides, but most need guidance… this book is about sharing what we do at the restaurant because we’ve worked hard to perfect our unique recipes and know they’re working.”

Where’s the Beef?
Most of us think burgers and beef are one in the same, but Spike’s Good Stuff recipes also include turkey, chicken, pork, and lamb! “The thing to know is that ladies love turkey burgers,” says Chef Spike (a man we can relate to!). “For one of my turkey burgers, I add celery, scallions, apples, and lemon juice – then it’s all about sauces and toppings, like avocado or carmelized onions. I also have a pork burger with a tamarind glaze that I top with red cabbage slaw and grilled pineapple. If you like lamb, try the ‘Big Fat Greek Burger’ with whipped feta and cumin scented yogurt. There is even a fried chicken burger which features gingered honey mustard and sautéed collard greens. In other words, if you’re going to try different meats, there are ways that will make it the best burger you’ve ever had and we’ve fine tuned every combination.”

Spike’s Taste Tips
1. After prepping, wrap your patties in wax paper so ingredients can mesh together.
2. Don’t press your patties while they’re cooking – why risk losing any flavorful juices?
3. Make sure the burger is done right – heat a large skillet over medium heat or adjust your grille accordingly: 1 ½ mins on each side to sear / 2 ½ mins  for rare / 3 mins  for medium rare / 4 mins for medium.

4. Make your own condiments – this adds another layer of flavor to any burger (ie: seasoned mayo)
5. Serving burgers on potato buns makes a big difference – butter both sides and toast them.
6. Go-to burger boosters:  fresh herbs, applewood smoked bacon, and daikon radish.

Photo courtesy of:  Joe Shymanski