Dishing It: Gab’s Making Whoopie…. Pies!

October 21, 2010 at 1:44 pm , by

I know, I know it’s an obvious title but how could I not! We are starting a new column on our blog where LHJ staffers make the recipes we feature in the magazine and report on their experience. I’m the 1st victim, so here we go…

I choose to make the Halloween Whoopie Pies since I wanted to make something I have never made before. Plus it was the food and fashion department of LHJ that decided that whoopie pies were the new cupcakes… you heard it here first!

I love to bake and do so often. Although, I don’t recall ever receiving a negative accolade for my treats, I will ask all my “fans” to comment below on my baking ability so I can remain the “modest” girl I claim to be.

my stats:

# of times I wanted to call my mom but resisted: 4

# of times I got mad at Tara (the Food Editor): 2

# of times I dropped chocolate on my foot: 1

# of times I sang “Makin’ Whoopee”: 2

# of injuries: 1 (I slipped and bruised my knee)

# of whoopie pies made: 22 1/2

I like to start by lining up all the ingredients on my counter…

My yellow KichenAid mixer is one of my favorite things I own… after my shoes of course!

To note: whenever a recipe calls for shortening I always just sub in butter and when it calls for milk I use skim. Why? Shortening grosses me out and who drinks regular milk over the age of 5.

Within the first step I run into a problem. I do own 3 baking sheets (how many people living in a small NYC apt can say that) what I don’t have is a 1 1/2 inch circle cookie cutter. Star, heart, gingerbread man… yes but circle, no.  I skip that step and move on.

(chocolate batter… Yummy!)

My next OMG moment comes when I read ahead while waiting for my butter to soften and realize there’s piping involved in this recipe.  Once again, Gab, read the recipe before making! When will I learn. I wasn’t prepared for the mess that piping will cause! I thought this was an easy recipe I can make on a Monday night. Luckily I have a piping set thanks to a Christmas gift from my sister a few years back. I dig it out of the back of my cabinets and google “coupler” (yes! I have it) and proceed…. Read more