Even Cats Get Cancer

January 20, 2010 at 11:12 am , by

IMG_0674My wife and I learned a term the other day, a term we wish we had come across earlier so that when we did hear of it—from our vet—it would not have knocked our happy family so hard: feline fibrosarcoma. This is a rare form of cancer in cats that’s malignant and fast-spreading; the tumor that hit our nine-year-old Lydia (at right), showed up in mid-December on her left side. The biopsy results confirmed our vet’s initial suspicion. He’s seen a few other recent cases, and since feline fibrosarcoma is caused by vaccination, he could read Lydia’s shot history in her medical file. The vet did surgery as quickly as he could and now we’re waiting for Lydia to heal. So far the sarcoma has not spread but the vet says it’s likely to.

Anyone else have this happen to their beloved cat? I’d love to find someone out there who’s been through this, so if you have any experiences to share, thanks in advance. Feline fibrosarcoma is not an immediate death sentence but its survival rates apparently vary widely. Lydia has used up a couple of her lives already so we’re hoping she has quite a few more to count on!