Do Good: An App That Gives Back

March 29, 2010 at 12:39 pm , by

screen-checkin-v15We’re psyched about CauseWorld, a cool new iPhone app that lets you donate to your favorite causes—without actually spending your own cash. Here’s how it works: Big-name sponsors donate money to the CauseWorld pool. You “check in” at local stores to earn “karmas,” unlock those dollars and decide where you want your contributions to go to. You can pick from a range of causes: ofsetting carbon, preventing child abuse, fighting cancer, helping students in need, providing clean drinking water, getting aid to Haiti, plantitng a tree, feeding the hungry, saving abused animals, and more. (That’s a heck of a list—there’s definitely a charity here for everyone.)

Download the free app and start sending your good karma out into the world!