Cheat Sheet: 4 Things You Maybe Missed This Week

July 9, 2010 at 4:06 pm , by

1. Spies! Oh My!

In one of the more scintillating stories of the summer, actual Russian spies – including a woman making headlines for being as pretty as she is deceptive and a normal-as-can-be suburban NJ couple – have surfaced in the United States and were deported this week. They were released to Moscow after entering guilty pleas to the lesser conspiracy charge of failing to register as a foreign agent. All 10 apprehended agents were flown to Vienna and handed over to Russian authorities in exchange for the release of 4 men who have been held in Russian custody on charges of espionage. The Cold War may be over, but we’re still swapping spies.

2. Today is Cow Appreciation Day.

No, seriously. If you go to Chik-fil-A dressed as a cow, you’ll get a free meal. And you can enter photos of your “cowstume” on Facebook for a chance to win free Chik-fil-A for a year.

Look, even your pets can get in on the fun!

Look, even your pets can get in on the fun!

3. Lindsay Lohan Headed to Prison.

After a lot of back and forth in the courts, during which time Lohan and her lawyer have tried to prevent an order of incarceration, Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail, followed by 90 days in a rehab facility. She had violated her probation after being arrested for two drunk driving incidents in 2007. The unsympathetic judge pointed out that Lohan has repeatedly lied to the courts, believing that she would not suffer the consequences. Love her or hate her, Lohan represents a new kind of celebrity – we watch with fascination as she goes down in flames while Tweeting about it – and this new chapter in her saga is sure to ignite the blogosphere even further. But one question remains – is there Twitter in prison?

4. It Finally Happened: a Twilight Parody

While the country is in the midst of Twilight: Eclipse frenzy, the folks that brought you all those other parody movies are set to release their latest, a film called “Vampires Suck.” It looks pretty funny, even if you are a Twihard. Enjoy the trailer (which is OK for teens but maybe not the kiddos).