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Guest Blogger: A Green & Gold Christmas

December 1, 2010 at 7:00 am , by

Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely is one of my favorite bloggers for her impeccable taste and always-inspiring design boards. While many of us use the same mix of heirloom ornaments on the Christmas tree year after year, it can be really chic to stick to a particular color scheme or theme. Check out Nicole’s “dream” tree below, and tell us about your tree decorating plans in the comments.

Nicole from Making it Lovely here. My blog follows my home decorating projects, and normally I like to go all out with my Christmas tree decorations. This year though, I have a very curious one and a half year old, so my tree trimmings will have to be of the unbreakable variety.

I started daydreaming about a green and gold bedecked tree, so I put together a design board for it. It may not be feasible for me right now, but hopefully some elements can make their way into your homes instead!

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