Clif Shot Electrolyte Replacement Drink

A Hiccup in Marathon Prep

January 29, 2010 at 10:48 am , by

IMG_0167OUCH! Here I am, diligently (and at ever-greater lengths) preparing for my spring marathon (April 11, in Paris. I run two a year: in the spring and in the fall) and I just found out that Clif’s Shot Crisp Apple with Caffeine, my favorite electrolyte replacement, will no longer be available. I only have a half jar left and just ordered two more as backup but after that I’ll have to switch either to the CranApple or Lemonade flavors or — GASP — change drinks altogether.

One of the first things distance runners are told when training is to avoid sudden changes in diet. So here is my question, to any and all distance runners: What are your recommendations for electrolyte replacement drinks? Does anyone else like Clif’s Crisp Apple above all others? How about the GU2O product? I have tried this but prefer Clif. I see that the Vitamin Shoppe carries a few that also include protein—are they any good? Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you and good luck in all of your running . . .