There’s Nothing Plain About Jane: Glee on DVD

December 18, 2009 at 10:52 am , by

glee_sc08_4016The always funny, always brilliant Jane Lynch wows us again as the diabolical cheerleading coach on the hit show Glee. (The first season will be released on DVD December 29.) I’ve been a huge fan since I saw her in Christopher Guest’s hilarious comedy Best In Show, and was so excited to get the chance to talk to her. Check out some of the highlights from our recent chat below.

I knew I wanted to play Sue Sylvester…
when they said, ‘She may or may not be on horse estrogen and she may or may not have posed for Penthouse.’

Sue Sylvester’s truth is…
that she’s aggressive, she’s a warrior and she’s always trying to take somebody down. This is a person who is only happy when she’s reigning supreme and every scene that I have is an opportunity for Sue to advance that.

I’m going to sing…
in the second episode of next season, and I am thrilled! But, I can’t tell you what it is…I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

Glee works because…
it is that perfect combination of sweetness, heart and on top of it—snark. The adult characters are kind of ridiculous and excessive, and then the kids are sweethearts. I think the balance saves the show from becoming sappy or High School Musical.

Ensemble comedies are my favorite because…
I love working with a group of people where everyone’s of equal weight and the best joke wins.

I realized I was funny…
in grade school by making people laugh. I don’t think my family thought I was particularly funny—I was just one of many in a witty family.

I look up to…
Meryl Streep. She’s one of my role models because of the huge choices she makes—they’re always grounded in a beautiful truth and a reality; Jennifer Saunders because she takes everything to the nth degree; and Carol Burnett too.

If I could star in any musical…
it would be Once Upon A Mattress. Maybe I could play the queen in that. I’d love to do Gypsy. Or Mame and play Mame or Vera. I would love to do Company—anything Elaine Stritch has done, I would humbly try to step into her shoes.

My playlist includes…
Right now, I’m into Andrea Mann. She’s this jazzy singer who sounds like she’s been around a billion years. I also listen to Joni Mitchell all the time. I like James Taylor, Carole King—I like all the stuff from the late ‘60s, early ‘70s, the folky stuff.

(For more Jane Lynch, check her out in the movie, Post Grad, costarring Alexis Bledel and Michael Keaton, which will be released on DVD January 12.)

Parks and Recreation: My Passionate Plea

November 20, 2009 at 3:50 pm , by


OK, TV watchers, I have a bone to pick with you: Why oh why are you all not watching Parks and Recreation? I will be the first to admit that it didn’t have the strongest start, but this season they’ve hit their stride, and it is truly one of THE funniest shows currently on television. The creators (who, by the way, are the same people who gave us The Office) have assembled a comedic dream team (see above) with the amazing Amy Poehler at the helm (my money’s on her come Emmy time).

Not convinced? Think about all of the great things we would have missed out on in life had we not given them a second chance: eating vegetables, Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler, our high school boyfriends (ok, not everything deserves a second chance). Because I have made such a flawless argument, I trust you will all head straight to or and catch up on all of Season 2.

While my staunch endorsement might at first seem benevolent—I assure you it’s not. I have seen too many great shows go before their time (Arrested Development, anyone?), and I can’t stand to see it happen again. So just as my Grandma said to me about her stuffed olives, I just ask that you try it. I personally guarantee that you will laugh out loud at least twice during the show. Then, please come back and we can discuss  our favorite parts!

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