After The Makeover…Beware Of Compliments and Snoopy Neighbors

September 25, 2009 at 11:09 am , by

Mindy LeeIt’s funny when we approach women for makeovers. Often, a kind relative or friend has suggested to us that she knows someone who would look better without her mom jeans and a more flattering haircut. It then becomes my job to approach the woman and tell her how amazing she would look in the hands of our fashion and beauty teams. It’s really quite a thrill.

Getting to the salon for a transformative cut and color appointment is always fun, and working with a makeup artist to highlight beautiful eyes or great lips is exciting, too. But the most rewarding part of the process is checking in with our ladies after the makeover has happened. The confidence gained throughout the process carries over into real life and continues long after the shoot. Here’s a juicy little bit from one of our recent makeovers:

Mindy came to us ready for some big changes. Most notably, stylist Valery Joseph cut six inches of hair and a few caramel-colored strands. For the very happily married Mindy, she returned home, pleased with the results. Several weeks later, a pair of widowed neighbor ladies approached Mindy’s husband, inquiring about the younger woman with lighter hair that had been going in and out of the house. The neighbors were concerned that Mindy was “another woman,” when in reality, she had made a few style changes and had confidence through the roof.

Maybe it was time for the nosy neighbors to get a new eyeglass prescription.

I’m in the process of planning for our next makeovers. Think you—or someone you know—needs a style tweak? Send me a line and a few pictures at I’d love to hear from you.