Cooler Cleanse

5 Takeaways from Juice Cleansing

January 9, 2012 at 9:59 am , by

I’ll admit it, I was definitely a bit nutso to embark on a three day juice cleanse at the height of holiday party happiness. But following a major OD on Thanksgiving yumminess, I needed a fresh start. There are tons of cleansing options out there, but Cooler Cleanse seemed like a good choice. It’s recommended that you sort of wean yourself off of meats and dairy in days leading up to the cleanse, and honestly that was one of the hardest parts of going through with the whole thing. But after it was all said and done there were definitely some lessons learned from the whole experience.

The juices actually taste good! Seriously, the thought of drinking kale juice was nauseating, but surprisingly when mixed with apple juice and some other good for you greens, it was pretty tasty. And Brazilian nut milk? Who knew?!
You don’t feel hungry. On the first morning of the cleanse all I could think about was a big bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Instead of giving in I just sipped away on my juices and by dinner I surprisingly wasn’t at all famished.

You’ll realize how much you overeat. Once the cleanse was done I had thought up what my first solid meal was going to be, but when I woke up, instead of feeling incredibly hungry I actually wasn’t. Apparently one of the more known benefits to juice cleansing is a curbed appetite. That right there is enough incentive to do it again.

Leave the work to someone else. It takes a lot of discipline and will power to get up prepare six juices everyday. Seriously, who wants to do that? Also factor in the creativity needed to think up juice combos that are filling and taste good. Uh yeah, I’ll pass on that. So when three days worth of fresh squeezed and packed meals were delivered to my door, I was totally sold. It was all numbered so that I knew the order that I should drink them in. It’s all pretty genius.

It’s a good jump start: The first question people asked when I finished was if I lost weight. I actually wasn’t doing it to lose weight so I didn’t weigh myself beforehand. I was more interesting in the skin cleaning benefits. I feel a lot better even though the outside results weren’t major. My waist felt  trim, but that was likely from the water weight that I shed in 3 those days.