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5 Silly Kitchen Gadgets That Are Totally Worth It

July 1, 2010 at 5:59 pm , by

I am not a gadget girl. Even if I didn’t live in a space-challenged New York City apartment, I’d roll my eyes and sneer at most of them. A waste of money and storage, never mind the environmental cost of all that unnecessary, dust-collecting junk. Kitchen gadgets seem to be the worst, and most plentiful. A tomato slicer, really? You couldn’t slice an actual ripe homegrown tomato with one of those, anyway. And I mince my garlic with a chef’s knife, having never found a garlic press that didn’t take longer to clean than to use. But, despite my strident anti-gadget stance, I have to admit there are a few seemingly laughable kitchen gadgets and products I can’t live without. I just bought a terrific new one last week:

The Cupcake Courier

I know, a special container just for cupcakes? But my son just had his first school birthday party (4 candles!), and I’m about to embark on a decade or so of hauling cupcakes to classrooms. You can decorate your cupcakes in this thing (see photo, above), keep them fresh in it, bring 36 of them (or a cake) somewhere without messing them up, and it’s pretty, so you can serve right from the container. Brilliant!

The Rice Cooker
When my then-partner wanted to buy one of these at a yard sale years ago, I’ll admit, I mocked the idea. What’s wrong with a pot? Here’s what’s wrong: You have to watch it. Which I never did. So I always burned the rice. So I avoided making rice. A rice cooker magically knows when the rice is done, turns itself down and then keeps the rice warm for you. It’s like having a competent sous-chef on staff. I am addicted. And actually eating rice again. Read more