Throw-Pillow Talk

February 25, 2010 at 3:54 pm , by

pillowI recently added some bright punches of color to my living room (a hot pink mirror and an oversize orange canvas) and it felt like there was nothing to tie these crazy hues together—until I found the perfect throw pillows for my sofa!

The Summer Kimono pillow from Pier One instantly grabbed my attention when I found it online, and I just knew a couple of them would tie all of my color schemes together perfectly. The pillow gods must have been smiling upon me because they were also on sale, and that almost NEVER happens to me. In fact, it’s usually just the opposite and the pillow I want costs as much as a flight back home to Southern California.

For great prices on fabulous pillows check out, and the new home decor lines from Tracy Hutson and Genevieve Gorder on Happy shopping!

Festive Florals: A Quick How-To

December 17, 2009 at 4:08 pm , by

flowersI absolutely love the holidays! I try to have friends and family over every chance I get. Last weekend I invited my dearest friend Maya and her husband Nick over for a last-minute meal. Just because I made a quick salad and ordered in pizza didn’t mean I couldn’t throw together a quick flower arrangement and light some candles, right? Holiday tunes, some soft candlelight and this arrangement made the impromptu meal feel festive and special. Don’t let the details of a party or dinner stress you out to the point that you avoid it all together. All you really need are a few nice touches, and great people to share them with!

How to Make this Festive Floral Arrangement:

1. First get your flowers. Select a simple white flower—roses or small white carnations are affordable and work well. Then choose a green filler like plain leaves or pine branches. And of course you need a pop of red. I like these berries that I found at our local flower stall. You don’t need very many—just a couple of sprigs.

2. Then fill a wide-necked clear glass vase with lukewarm water. Take all of your flowers out of their wrapping and remove the rubber bands.

3. Place the white flowers in first, and make sure to remove any leaves that fall at or below the water level. Cut the stems* at an angle, and place one stem of flowers in at a time. This way you can vary the heights of the flowers as you build the arrangement. Next add the greenery. Again, remove the leaves that fall below the water level. Lastly add the sprigs of berries in, and you have a fun and festive arrangement!

*Tip: Just cut a bit off the stems to start, and then adjust the height as necessary. You can always make the stalks shorter, but you will find it pretty hard to make them taller again!

Let There Be Candlelight

November 4, 2009 at 6:44 pm , by


I’m a candle snob, I admit it. I see nothing wrong with spending a little bit of money on a great smelling, long lasting, fancy candle. Go ahead and drink your White Zinfandel and order your well done steak (ok, don’t) but really don’t buy one of those scentless teal drugstore numbers. Yuck!

I light a couple of candles every night when I get home from work and instantly feel more relaxed. Their soft glow and subtle scents force me to kick off my shoes and de-stress. Okay, maybe the candles don’t force me to do this, but they are an important part of my nightly ritual, and I love them. I’ve listed a few of my favorites for you here. Try a few, and light up your life!

Voluspa These candles come in a beautiful round shaped container that look great on any surface. The Japonica Collection is my absolute favorite—they smell heavenly as well.

Archipelago These candles burn for hours and smell fabulous! I dare you to not fall in love with the Stonehenge glass jar candle. I can’t get enough of it.

Tocca Elegant, simple, and quite possibly perfect. It adds a bit of class to any bathroom.

Illume A great selection that never disappoints. My new favorites are the retro tins (pictured above). These colorful over-sized tins are sure to put a smile on your face.

Your Go-To Home Decor Inspiration List

October 20, 2009 at 4:15 pm , by

courtney-smYour little guest bathroom (in need of a major makeover) looms beyond a slightly ajar door, begging you to face its bare and boring walls. You want to spruce it up, but you don’t know where to start. Should you give the walls a quick coat of paint, put up some trendy wall decals, or just a hang a few new pictures? The project suddenly becomes too overwhelming for a Saturday, and you find yourself turning to something like laundry—I mean an episode of The Real Housewives of Somewhere.

Too often we become frustrated with trying to improve a space in our homes (I’m not talking major renovation here people, just a bit of deserved attention) and we decide to abandon the task altogether. There is no plan, no inspiration, and you end up with something like nice new towels in a color that you will inevitably hate next month.

When I find myself in these predicaments, I turn to some of my favorite home blogs and sites for help. I spend some time with these friends, take some notes, and before I know it, I have tons of fresh new ideas! The list is short and sweet, because inspiration overload can also lead to excessive and unproductive viewing of The Real Housewives of Somewhere. Next time you find yourself in a state of home decoration confusion, (or on the couch for 3-plus hours) refer to this list for an instant shot of inspiration. This blog is always full of unique and fresh home decor ideas—a good mix of fabulous design and cheap decorating options. Great inspiration for small spaces! Got a design question? Glasgow-based editor Ronda Carmen hosts helpful Q and A’s with designers and trendsetters that are sure to help you find an answer. Don’t miss Steal This Look, and 10 Easy Pieces under “Inspiration.” These sections are sure to get your creative juices flowing! Check out this new site for some amazing deals on home products we all love. There’s nothing like a great sale to get a makeover moving—am I right? This site hosts private sales for members daily, and becoming a member is painless. So we have an exclusive deal for you: Click on the link above, and receive $10 instantly when you join, just for Ladies’ Lounge readers! The offer expires October 31st, so get on it, and get shopping. This site has more than 100,000 vendors who offer unique vintage and handmade finds, home decor included of course. If you’re looking for that perfect conversation piece that no one else has, chances are you will find it here.

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