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* If you’re like me and you spent the week of Thanksgiving eating pumpkin whoopie pies (oops), you’ll need this list of 25 shockingly low-calorie foods just as much as I do. (Fitbie)

* D’oh! Americans weigh about 20 pounds more today than we did 20 years ago. (Medical News Today)

* Working up a sweat may help you sleep a whole lot better, according to a new study. People who exercised at a moderate to vigorous level for at least 150 minutes a week had a 65 percent better sleep quality than people who exercised less. (HuffPo)

* Why mid-morning snacking could be sabotaging your weight-loss goals. (MSNBC)

* Which fitness gadgets are a waste of money? Check out SparkPeople’s 10 ways to spot a scam. (SparkPeople)

Anna Kournikova’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 10

November 23, 2011 at 11:11 am , by

It was Thanksgiving on the ranch! The blue team kicked off the week with a lot of momentum—at the last weigh-in, neither of my team members fell below the yellow line and Sunny was the biggest loser of the week!

Before we got to work, the contestants were faced with a temptation that most people can relate to—Thanksgiving dinner. The average American eats 4500 calories on Thanksgiving. It’s important to learn moderation, so I was glad that Sunny only ate one dish and Ramon limited himself to two. It showed me that they’re really embracing their new healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, neither of them won a challenge prize. Both of them would have a three-pound disadvantage at the next weigh-in, so our work was really cut out for us. At this point, both Sunny and Ramon knew how to work hard and eat right, so it was important for me to help them push even more in the gym. We worked out at the tennis court and it was incredible to see how much they have improved. They could actually rally with each other!

Bob, Dolvett and I decided to surprise the contestants by making healthy versions of their favorite holiday dishes for a Thanksgiving dinner. Going around the table and sharing what we were all thankful for was really special. It was nice to forget about the competition for a little bit and just enjoy each other’s company.

Judging by the contestants’ comments during the challenge, it was the hardest thing they’d faced on the ranch so far. Seeing the looks of sheer determination on Sunny and Ramon’s faces made me proud. They both gave everything they had and finished the challenge in second and third place. I was happy that Sunny won the six-month biggest loser meal plan and that Ramon also won $2,500, which I thought he truly deserved for pushing himself so hard in the challenge.

For the last chance workout, I had Sunny and Ramon do all of the exercises they were used to, but added resistance bands for a new challenge. Adding resistance to certain exercises is a great way to shake up a routine workout and take it up a notch!

At the weigh-in, it was great to see how happy Becky was when she lost five pounds. She was a completely different person than the woman I walked with on the first day in the desert. I was nervous about who John would pick for the one-pound disadvantage, and he chose Sunny, which was really devastating because she pushed herself all week. Unfortunately, because of the disadvantage, Sunny fell below the yellow line with Ramon. Ramon got eliminated, but he can go home with his head held high because he accomplished so much at the ranch and I know he will go far on his own. I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes at the marathon!

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* How will you get back into your healthy-eating routine after the Thanksgiving food fest? Follow EatingWell’s “1,500-Calorie Day-After-Thanksgiving Detox Plan.” (EatingWell)

* Many diets can help you drop pounds but they’re not necessarily great for your health. Find out which popular plans earn the highest marks for weight loss and health gains. (NY Daily News)

* Firm up in just 5 minutes with this workout from celeb trainer Rich Barretta. (Vital Juice)

* If you’re having a tough time losing weight, consider putting money on it. Check out how this guy made $700 by shedding 50 pounds! (MSNBC)

* Certain types of exercise build long, lean muscles, and four more strength training myths that just won’t die. (Spark People)

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* It is possible to indulge in Halloween candy without developing a pumpkin-shaped belly. The trick: learn to spot the healthy-ish treats. (FitSugar via Fitness)

* If the thought of joining a gym is intimidating, let Fitbie put all your fitness fears (“I look fat!” “I’ll get hurt”) to rest. (Fitbie)

* Ah, coffee—is there anything it can’t do? New research suggests that drinking more than three cups of caffeinated java daily may help reduce your risk of basal cell carcinoma (the world’s most common cancer) by 20 percent. (HuffPo)

* Treat yourself to new workout clothes at Sports Authority today. Download this coupon for 25 percent off one item. (Deal News)

* The healthy recipe we can’t wait to try: black bean and butternut squash burritos. (Oh She Glows)

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* Not all fall foods are unhealthy. These seven autumnal ingredients are slimming, satisfying and pack tons of nutrients. (HuffPo)

* Trying to lose weight? Tweet about it! Senator Claire McCaskill used Twitter to hold herself accountable to her slim-down plan and now she’s 50 pounds lighter. (CNN)

* If you can’t afford a personal trainer, don’t sweat it—just steal the pros’ get-fit tricks. (FitSugar)

* Eating several mini meals a day instead of three squares is best for weight loss, right? Here’s why that may be more fiction than fact. (EatingWell)

* Oh, KFC: I’m going to withhold my commentary on your new Cheesy Bacon Bowl—a combo of cheese, bacon, fried chicken, corn and mashed potatoes with gravy—and instead quote comedian Patton Oswalt’s now-classic riff on your Famous Bowls. (The NSFWish video is here.) “Stop right there! Can you pile all of those items into a single bowl and just kinda make them into a wet mound of starch that I can eat with a spoon like I’m a death-row prisoner on suicide watch?…Is there a way that the bowl can play This Mortal Coil’s It’ll End in Tears album while I’m eating it at 2:00 in the morning in my darkened apartment, just kind of staring into the distance?…If you could put my lunch in a blender and liquefy it and put it into a caulking gun and then inject it right into my femoral artery, even better. But until you invent the lunch gun, I would like a failure pile in a sadness bowl.” (Eater)


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* We ladies think about food more than sex, according to a survey from the UK. What can we say, sugar is awfully captivating. (Jezebel)

* A new study confirms what we knew all along: listening to music while you exercise makes you feel happier and more energized than sweating in silence.  (HuffPo)

* While we’re on the subject of music and exercise, check out this awesome all-one-hit-wonders workout playlist. (FabFitFun)

* Why you shouldn’t assume body fat measurement tests are 100% accurate. (CNN)

* Got 10 minutes? Hit all your trouble zones with this quickie workout video from celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins. (FitSugar)


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* Coffee = happiness? A new study suggests your java habit may lower your risk of depression. If my collection of Starbucks receipts is any indication, I’m the most gleeful person alive. (HuffPo)

* How your workouts boost your brain power, concentration, memory and much more. (Fitbie)

* Fun fact from CNN: Chocolate is fruit! If only that meant we had to eat several servings of it per day. (CNN)

* We know it sounds impossible, but scientists say you can actually train yourself to crave exercise. (Time)

* Is it Sunday yet? These healthy pancake recipes are making us way too excited about brunch. (FitSugar)