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Angela Kinsey on Life as a Working Mom

August 12, 2010 at 6:13 pm , by


Though they share the same first name, Angela Kinsey, the bubbly, petite blonde star of The Office, is nothing like her stern television counterpart. I chatted with Angela when she came to New York City for an event sponsored by Post-it (her personal favorites are the tiny ones she can stick on her packed calendar) about her life as a working mom and the upcoming season of her hit show.

How do you balance life as a busy actress with being the mother to a 2-year-old?

I am very lucky that Isabel can come to set and visit me during the day, but that dynamic is going to change, because she’s very busy. She’s wanting to do activities, and now work might just be boring for her. She’s got quite the social calendar. Growing up, my mom had a magnet on the fridge, and it was this frazzled woman, and it said, “If a mom’s place is in the home, then why am I always in the car?”  I feel like that chapter of my life is about to begin.

I think as a working mom, you’re always balancing things. You’re balancing your commitments and then you’re having to work really hard to set boundaries so that you can be fully present in your child’s life. And that’s the thing I think I’ve learned the most - when to say no, and how to say no.

What are some ways that you Do Good?

Anything to do with kids is important to me. I just did this thing for Do Something 101. If you go to Staples, you can pick up a pack of pencils or erasers or whatever, and they have these bins right by the checkout and you can just put the extra office supplies in the bin and they go to students who can’t afford their school supplies. And it’s so easy, and inexpensive. A pack of pens is like $2. And every little bit helps.

What can we expect from the upcoming season of The Office?

I think the demise of Michael Scott is going to be really fun to watch. One story line is, supposedly Michael has a medical condition, and because of this condition he has to contact his former lovers, so we’re going to see Melora Hardin come back as Jan, and Holly [Amy Ryan] is going to come back as well. Read more