Episode 5

Anna Kournikova’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 5

October 19, 2011 at 10:35 am , by

This was a huge week for my blue team! We really wanted to keep our team intact and I knew I was going to have to push Bonnie and Becky harder than I had ever pushed them before.

The week started off with a big twist—one of the contestants would get to go home with their trainer. Even though I knew it would mean so much to Bonnie and Becky to see their families, I didn’t want to have to leave one of them behind. I was relieved when the board chose Sunny, especially after we found out that her weight would be the only one that counted for the black team that week.

During the challenge, I was shocked to hear that Joe drank 8-10 cans of soda every day! Hopefully now that they know how much sugar is in soda, the contestants will think twice about drinking it so often. It’s important for them to understand that nutrition is a huge part of losing and maintaining weight. Earlier in the week, Bonnie complained about being in pain, so when I saw her go down in the challenge I was really scared that she might be seriously injured. It was inspiring to see her fight her way back up and finish the course!

I decided to mix things up and do a workout in the pool to help take some of the pressure off of Bonnie’s knees. The pool is a great place to do high-intensity, low-impact exercises. Becky was really pushing herself, but I was concerned that Bonnie wasn’t focused. I pulled her aside to let her know that it’s okay to let her emotions out, even if it’s anger. Exercise is a great outlet to help you work through any emotion.

At the weigh-in, I wasn’t surprised to hear that Bonnie was upset with me. We weren’t seeing eye-to-eye all week and she felt like I was pushing her past her limits, but I wouldn’t have been doing my job if I let her slack off. I really care about her and I know she’s capable of anything, so I wanted to push her past her comfort zone and help her reach her full potential. And thankfully, with Becky’s eight pound weight loss and Bonnie’s four pound weight loss, our team was safe from elimination. All of our hard work and determination paid off this week—even if it meant Bonnie was upset with me. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next week!