Episode 9

Anna Kournikova’s Biggest Loser Blog: Episode 9

November 16, 2011 at 11:11 am , by

It was a special week on the ranch because we introduced the yellow line at the weigh-in. From this point forward, the contestants would compete as singles, so my focus was on making sure that Sunny and Ramon were above the yellow line.

For the first time ever, the contestants competed in a biggest loser pentathlon. I wanted Sunny or Ramon to win because there was a huge prize at stake—immunity at the next elimination! It was fun watching the contestants compete in all of the activities, and my blue team members were definitely at home on the tennis court for the first challenge. I couldn’t believe Becky missed the math question in the nutrition challenge because she’s a teacher! I bet she’ll never forget that you have to cut out 500 calories a week to lose one pound.

Going into the last chance workout I was really happy because Sunny was in first place in the pentathlon. But at the same time I was nervous because Ramon was in last place. He knew he was going to have to work harder than everyone else to make sure that he wouldn’t get the one pound disadvantage at the weigh-in.

Eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno stopped by the ranch this week to motivate the contestants through the final pentathlon event—a one-mile run. It was incredible to see how far the contestants have come in such a short time. The first week, Ramon could barely walk one mile, and now he was able to run the race in under ten minutes! It was also great when everyone walked with Bonnie to make sure that she crossed the finish line. Despite all of the competition, the number one goal is to make sure that everyone gets healthy.

When the rankings were finalized at the weigh-in, Sunny moved to second place and Ramon was no longer in last place. Sunny lost 9 pounds, which was a great reflection of all of her hard work. Her body was finally accepting her new lifestyle. And Ramon lost more than he needed to be above the yellow line, so the blue team would be safe for another week! Bonnie volunteered to go home, but she has such a supportive family that I have no doubt she will come back for the marathon stronger than ever.