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Gene Pool: Where Did My Daughter Come From?

November 30, 2009 at 10:25 am , by

Picture 3My oldest daughter, Sophia, looks like a perfect combination of genes from my husband and I. She’s got the brown hair that we both have. The shape of her brown eyes are a combo of his and mine. Her mouth? All mommy. And her long feet with the “finger” toes? Well, she’ll be blaming daddy for those later in life.

Before Lily was born when we found out we were having another girl, we wondered what she would look like. Of course, she would be just like Sophia, right? Little did we know that two brown eyed, brown haired people could have this:  a blue eyed cherub with wispy, curly strawberry-blonde hair. She does have a remarkable resemblance to my mom (the only person with baby blues in either of our families). But that wild mane? Where did that come from?

It’s even become a joke amongst our friends that perhaps Lily comes from another daddy—no chance. But I agree it’s funny…to an extent. I’m sure her hair color will change and it’ll probably straighten out a little. And I’ve been told that even though she’s almost 18 months old, those eyes could darken up a bit too.

But even if she outgrows those baby curls,  I think that my girls better get ready to endure a lifetime of “That’s your sister?”.

So, tell me…where did your kids get their looks from? Do they look like siblings?