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Do Good: The Secret To Being A Rockstar Volunteer

September 13, 2010 at 9:18 am , by

p_101560376_M_wWe talk about Do Good a lot here at LHJ, because we believe that if everyone does just a little good  (whether that’s volunteering or an act of kindness) the world can truly be a better place. We’ve run into so many amazing and inspiring volunteers over the course of our coverage, and I wanted to share what they all have in common. Whether it’s Ruth Crane, who turned her experience with cancer into a way to touch the lives of other cancer patients, or Shara Mondy whose own background has helped her realize how important it is to give people a fresh start on life, these ladies are volunteer superstars. But they’re also ordinary women, just like you and me. They have families, jobs, busy lives.

As someone who is only aspiring to help others like these women do, I wanted to look for the common thread. What made them get up and take action? I think it’s the decision to tackle a cause they truly cared about. Never underestimate the power of passion and a personal connection to your cause, whatever it may be. Of course it’s important to do good in many ways, large and small. Participate in your local school’s canned food drive. Help collect clothes for the needy at your church. Throw a few dollars into the tip jar. But if you’re looking to make that leap into volunteering more often, find a cause that means a lot to you and your family. Did a family member die of a certain cancer or disease? Raise money to find a cure. Do you have a skill or talent? Teach kids or seniors, and brighten up their days. Or turn your hobby (say, knitting) into something that gives back (donate knitted scarves during the holidays). You can even enlist other people to create and donate with you. Did you see first-hand the devastation after a disaster like Katrina? Get in there and help rebuild. Not sure where to start? Try a search with Volunteer Match for an opportunity near you.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the do good causes and campaigns out there these days. In the face of so much that needs to be done, sometimes we feel like we can’t change anything. But these awesome women that LHJ profiles every month prove that we can. Find your cause and go for it. When it means that much to you, it’s easy to make time in your life–and make a big difference.