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Fit For Life: Meet Our Weight-Loss Women

January 5, 2011 at 1:20 pm , by

Meet the lovely ladies from our February “Fit For Life” story. In this first series of video diary entries, they introduce themselves and share the reasons why they wanted to get involved in our Pound For Pound Challenge (as seen on The Biggest Loser), and some of their weight loss challenges. If you want to lose weight along with them (and hey, who’s not thinking about shedding a few pounds this time of year) check out our February story for the diet and exercise tips from The Biggest Loser’s pros.

You can also do good while you drop the weight! For every pound you pledge to lose from now until May, Feeding America will donate one pound of groceries to a local food back. Just sign up at Pound For Pound’s site.

We’re cheering for Renee, Melanie, Selena and Susan—and we hope you are too!

Get-Fit Clicks

December 14, 2010 at 2:10 pm , by

p_101030558* If you want to start strength-training, it pays to get guidance from a pro: weight-room injuries are on the rise. (NY Times)

* Will a tax on soda help Americans lose weight? Not so much, according to a recent study. (Yahoo)

* Legwarmer queen Jane Fonda is back in the fitness DVD game! I think my mom still has the VHS of Jane’s Prime Time Workout that we used to do together…ah, memories. (FitSugar)

* The Biggest Loser will be Jillian Michaels-less after the next season. We’re dying to find out who’s replacing her because really, who could? (Hollywood Reporter)

* Westin Hotels & Resorts is now lending gym gear to guests. While I trust them to clean the stuff I’ll still be packing my own sports bras, thanks. (Wall Street Journal)