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New Year’s Eve Bubbly

December 29, 2010 at 8:26 am , by

4 bottle shotCome New Year’s Eve, many of us look forward to toasting the new year (and all our well-planned resolutions) with a bottle or two of Champagne shared with friends and loved ones. A lot of us look for inexpensive or more reasonably priced sparkling wine alternatives both for the new year and to enjoy throughout the year for special occasions.

So I was happy to discover a flavorful set of sparklers from Georgia (the country, not the state) that are truly food friendly and very affordable: Bagrationi has been producing effervescent wines for a century and a quarter. Four are widely available in the United States: Bagrationi 1882 Classic Brut (look for citrus notes and a dry finish; $10–$14), Bagrationi 1882 Classic Extra Dry (citrus and melon flavors, very dry with a long finish; $10–$14), Bagrationi 1882 Reserve (complex peach and pear flavors with dry finish; $20–$26) and Bagrationi 1882 Royal Cuvée (regal citrus and melon with pear and extra-long finish; $35). At prices like these you won’t have to cash in any CD’s to afford them. And they are amazingly food friendly, whether served with hors d’oeuvres (any type of cheese and cracker, even fresh fruit), an entrée or dessert (think fruit and chocolate). Look for them in your wine store’s champagne or country section or log on to for more info. Cheers!