Giant Gummy Bear

Go Ask Gab: Happy Holidays from Gab and George

December 20, 2011 at 4:15 pm , by

It seems that right now everyone is focused on giving and receiving gifts rather then going out and buying stuff for themselves. Therefore I decided to take a break from sharing my fashion advice this week. But have no fear — I will have plenty of wisdom to dispense to you next year so keep the questions coming!

Instead, I thought I would share the best gift I have received so far. My friend Eric sent me the World’s Largest Gummy Bear.  They are my favorite kind of candy and anything ridiculous always has my name on it (I love when people get me!). I call him George and he’s tasty yet quite heavy (4 lbs. 8 oz!) and sticky. I had planned to share him with my office but once I got my hands on him, he was all mine! (And I figured no one would want to eat him after that.) I can’t wait to take him on some adventures — like to a bar after work and then to my apartment where I shall eat some more of him. I might even take George home to meet the family…  if he makes it to Friday.

Hope your holidays are sweet and filled with fun! See you in 2012!